My life is your smile (Ek Deewana Tha FF) Chapter – 36.. nishi in heartbroken..


Nishi in shock ..

She looks at Karan..

Ni:- you…you… How.            Karan:-(smile evilly) shhhh don’t shout . I’m back but didn’t expect you to this party..          nishi:-???? idiot wait I’ll tell everyone about you..

Karan holds her hand tightly…

Nishi looks on shock..

She is about to slap but he holds her hand..

Ka:- calm down if you tell about me then what’s the benefits for you but if you agreed to me then I’ll give you the full benefits..

Nishi in confused.

Nishi:- how will you help me?

Ka:-good girl then listen my plans.. you should watch Varun and never allow him to see me until marriage and I’ll help you to come here regularly to see akash..

Ni:- akash?

Ka:- not bad.. good acting but never work to me .. I know you love him I noticed this not only Today but also when you come first time here and help aki … You now know aki love Shivani only thats why I reveal my plans to help you and help me…

Nishi:- I don’t want your help they are just my friend ok… I’ll tell everything to Shivani..

(She walks fastly)

Karan:-hey stop.

When nishi leave Madhavi calls Karan ..

Karan:- ahhh coming mummy ji.. (in mind..if she reveals anything to Shivani then my all plan will get spoil…)

……….in other side..

Aki:- yes.. Varun and anshi love each other..

Ra:-how you know?

Aka:- I know anshi when she meets him she lost her self I noticed this in shivrathri and their Jodi also good but know everything in danger..


Aka:-anshi accept to marry Karan but her face is always sad after that so I decided to find the truth first we should inform this to Varun Bhai..

Ra:-yes… I’m so happy if they married then ..

Aki:-they will be happy..

They smiles…

Aki:-RG come I should show you something…

Radhu nods and Fallow him..

They goes to terrace…

In Terence..

Radhu is happy to looks at the clear vision of stars..

Ra:-its amazing..

Aki:- I know if I have sad that time I come here. It’s my favourite..

Radhu smiles…

Aki:- If you get fine now na..

Radhu:- what?

Aki:- I know you get sad about kk’s behaviour but you know the shining star is me ..  I always reveal my feelings and talk much but kk is like moon  he is silent but not always he have the other side very caring loveable if he accept you then you will be see that so please wait for that full moon day for that mental..

Ra:-I know (smiles) he is the no.1 mental…

They smile

……in hall….

Kk colidoils with Shivani..


S:-its ok are you fine na

Kk:-yes(smiles) I search for aki..

S:-I also search for radhika…

K:- I search everywhere in this site…

S:-I also seen other side fully…

They think..

Si/kk:- Terrance..

In Terrance..

Aki:- Shivani also dumbest gay ..

Ra:-she is cool and responsible that why she behaves slow but absorb everything..but your brother never absorb anything specially love..

Aki:- if you’re sister absorb this never .. she never now the word of love ..

They looks eachother..

Aki:- if we talk about then they’ll became like them as fighters..

Ra:-likes angry birds..

They smiles and turns they gets shocked to she Shivani and kk with angry shoot eyes..

Aki:- hi.. we discuss about dialogues in movies..

Ra:- mmm chinnies movie..

Kk:- your speech is better than this lie…

Shi:-radhu anshi Di calling you ?

Radhika leaves slowly and kk looks at her..


Kk:- ?

Ra:-(chuckle to think about the angry bird name…)

Kk turns and she run fastly…

Aki laugh..

Shi/kk:-enough …


Kk:-dadi called you come fast..

In out side..

Nishi comes to radhika ..

Nishi:-if you see Shivani I should talk to her…

Ra:-she in Terrance (smiles and leave)..

In Terrance…

Kk:-come fast (he leaves)

Aki and shivi walk that Time Shivani slips and aki holds her he looks into her eyes and lost in that and speak like old aki..

Aki:- I love this eyes and fall for you .. I know I’ll lucky if you accept me else I’m unlucky..

Shivi in tears ..

Nishi looks that in shock… someone drag her to other sites..

Episode ends with nishi’s shock face….

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