My Desi Girl (RagSan) Episode-10

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Ragini who is coming into sanskar’s room dashed sanskar who just coming out from his room.. sanskar ji
Sanskar:its my pleasure
Ragini:kya jii
Sanskar:kuch nay
Ragini:ji ,dadisa told to clean ur room..
Sanskar:ok come.i will help u
Ragini:nay jii..mein karlungi
Sanskar:no..we will do together..
Sanskar:no but nd vut come..
Ragini nodded
Sanskar feels happy as he got some time to spend with ragini..
But his smile faded when he heard dadi’s voice who is calling him..
Dadi:sanskar .sanskar
Ragini:dadi sa calling u sanskar jii..
Sanskar makes a sad face nd goes to Dadi..
Sanskar:kya dadi
Dadi:come sanskar..i got ur mom nd dad marriage album nd ur childhood photos from store room..
Sanskar:ok dadi..i will see later
Dadi:later kyun..we see now only..come..
Sanskar:ok Dadi
Dadi smiles..
Sanskar says in mind i always wants ragini in my room..bur now she is in my here..he pouts..
Ragini cleaning his room..she looks at sanskar photo ,where he smiles..
Ragini says aap bahut achha lagaya hai muskrarto mein(u looks so good when u smile)..
She smiles but as soin as she realized she composed herself nd continues her work..
Sanskar came to his room..ragini looks at him with worried face..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:vo…vo..aap ka watch toot gayi..i didnt see watch on ur bed..when i pulled blanket, it fell on ground nd broken..mujhe maaf kardeejiye..
Sanskar:its ok need to say sorry
Ragini:vo..vo..sanskar much it cost
Ragini:tell naa
Sanskar:20 lak
Ragini:kya.. bees lak
She faints..
Sanskar( held her):ragini..ragini
Ragini slowly opened her eyes..
Sanskar:are u ok..
Ragini:jii..u bought one watch for 20lak..
Ragini:itna expensive..meri vajah se toot really sorry sanskar jii..
She feels guilt..sanskar sensed her feeling..
Sanskar:vo..vo.. ragini i just kidding..its only 100 rupees
Sanskar:haan sach mein
Ragini:ji..i will pay u 100rs(she said cutely)
Sanskar smiles seeing her cuteness..
Ragini:mein kal dedungi
Sanskar:no need
Ragini:nay ji..if u would take ,mujhe achaa nay lagata..
Sanskar:ok give something else instead of money..
Sanskar:will u give what i ask
Sanskar:sach mein..
Sanskar:u cant back off
Ragini:boliye naa
He forwarded his arm..
Ragini smiles nd about to keep her hand on his’s,stopped hearing swara’s voice..
Ragsan turns at swara who stood at door..
Swara:whats going on here..
Sanskar:ragini u go..
Ragini nodded nd leaves..
Sanskar:kuch nay swara..just talking normally..
Sanskar:haan..btw where is rohan ajay
Swara:in their room..
Sanskar:chalo we will go to them..
Swara:u go..i will come..
Swara comes to kitchen where ragini preparing lunch..
Swara:what u r cooking
Ragini:aloo nd cauliflower
Swara:u cant cook cauliflower..iss se sanskar allergic hain..
Ragini:teeke..i will not cook that one..
Swara:im telling u again..if u cook ,keep away it from sanskar..he cant spare that smell also..

All sat for lunch except dadi who was in room..sanskar smiles at ragini who is serving food..
Swara fumes seeing this..
Ragini serves food to sanskar while sanskar looking at her lovingly..
Swara clears her throat to make him sense..
Sanskar composed nd eats his food..
Suddenly sanskar gets heavy cough..
Ragini mives to him but swara pushed her nd patted his back..
Ragini looks at him worried..
Rohan:kya hua sanskar
Ajay makes him drink water..
He breathes heavily nd could not able to talk..
Swara in mind sorry sanskar
Rohan:what happened suddenly
Swara(looking at sanskar plate):gobi(cauliflower)!!
Ragini sees gobi in sanskar plate nd shocked..
Swara:sanskar had gobi..he was allergic by this na..ajay u go nd take medicine in my bag..
Ajay goes to get medicine..
Swara looks at ragini who is worrying about sanskat..
Swara:u did it naa..
Rohan:kya swara..
Swara:i knw ragini did it intentionally..i have told her clearly that he had allergic of gobi.but she mixed it in aloo..
Ragini:nay..i didnt..
Swara:i told u right
Swara: But u didnt care about it..u mixed..what does meant..
Ragini eyes got moist..
Sanskar feels helpless as he was not able to talk..
Swara:tell ragini..y did u do this..u wanted to hurt him..
Tears rolling from her eyes..she is nodding no..
Swara:i knw about u people ,u just act being nice but u people always thinl to hurt someone..
Sanskar held chair tight being angry..
Rohan:stop it swara..she is not like that..might be happen mistakenly..
Rohan:stop it first think about sanskar..
Rohan made sanskar eat medicine which ajay brought..
Ajay:rohan chaliye..he needs rest..
Rohan ,ajay taking sanskar to his room ..but sanskar looking at ragini only who is crying..swara glares at ragini nd followed them..
Sanskar came to ragini after getting fine..seeing sanskar she gets cry..
Ragini:plzz trust me ,i didnt do anything..such mein
She cries…
Sanskar:ragini dont cry..
Sanskar:shh..i knw ,u didnt do anything..i trust u ragini..u plz dont cry,im not able to see ur hurts me alot..
Ragini looks at him..
Sanskar wiped her tears..ragini keeps on looking at him..
Sanskar:no need to cry for everything..u should be strong..
He cupped her face..ragini looks into his eyes..
Sanskar:always keep smiling..
Saying he kissed her forehead..
Ragini closed her eyes..
Sanskar smiles he says on mind it is right time to tell his feelings..before he could speak ,rohan called him..
Ragini opened her eyes nd looks at sanskar..
Sanskar:vo..vo..i will talk to u later..forget about that happy..
Saying he leaves..ragini stood blank,touching her forehead..
Swara came to sanskar room where rohan nd sanskar talking..
Swara:how are u sanskar..
Sanskar:what u did swara..
Swara:what i did
Sanskar:what is d need to talk like that with ragini..u knw howmuch she hurts by words..u did very wrong..
Swara:sanskar she hurted u..
Sanskar(shouts):who said..she cant hurt me..not only me ,she cant hurt anyone..but u hurted her..
Swara( started crying):i thought about u sanskar..i felt she hurted u thats y i behaved with her like that..i dont spare if anyone hurts u..i cant see u in pain..
Sanskar:but swara u should have think before u accused her..
Swara(hugs him):sry sanskar..meei se galti gogayi..i will tell sorey to ragini..plzz dont angry..
Sanskar melts seeing her fake cry..
Swara in mind sorry my foot..
Sanskar:thats ok..leave it..
Swara:u r not angry on me na..
He nodded faintly..
Rohan:guys plz forget about that matter..
They nodded..

@next day
All sat in hall..ragini serves carrot halwa to them..
Ajay:wahh ragini ,kya halwa banaya tum ne..i want to eat food daily made by u..i became fan of ur cooking
Ragini(smiles): danyavad jii
Ajay:rohan when ragini smiles she looks pretty na..
Rohan:haan ajay
Sanskar who heard that irked..
Ajay:ragini can i hav more..
Rohan:mujhe bhi
Sanskar:enough of u both eating..chalo
Ragini:kyun jii..let them eat naa
Sanskar:u first go into kitchen
Sanskar:what are u looking at both.chalo..
Rohan ,ajay nodded..
Sanskar was searching for ragini ,but he doesn’t found her in home..
Sanskar:ramu kaka,have u seen ragini
Ramu kaka: jii she went temple with Ajay ji…
Ramu kaka:jii..just before 5mins only they left..
Sanskar gets angry hearing this..
Ajay,ragini walking towards temple..
Suddenly ajay held ragini’s hand..
Ragini:kya hua ajay jii
Ajay:see there is some incect
Ragini:are u scaring of that small incect..
He makes a scared face..
Ragini smiles seeing him..
Sanskar who reached them sees this nd called out ajay name..
Ragajay turns at sanskar..
Ajay(left ragini’s hand):sanskar u here..
Sanskar:y did u take ragini..
Ajay:rohan told temple view looks awesome..i dont knw where is temple so i took ragini..
Sanskar:if u want to go..u should have told me..i would have come with u..
Ajay:but i didnt find u that time
Sanskar:i was in my room only..
Ajay:might be i forgot to see u there.vaise y are reacting like this..
Sanskar:vo..ragini should be with dadi ,what if dadi needs anything..
Ragini:par sanskar jii dadisa only sent me..
Sanskar:u dont talk..u go home..
Ajay:let her come naa sanskar..
Sanskar(strictly):ragini u go
Ragini nodded nd thinks y sanskar gets angry..
Sanskar:rohan chalo..i will take u..
Ajay:are u ok
Ajay:kuch nay..chalo
Sanskar comes from temple nd directly goes to kitchen where ragini was..he pins her to the wall.. hua sanskar jii..
Sanskar:y did u went with ajay..
Ragini looks at him with blinking eyes..
Sanskar:im asking something ,tell.
Ragini:vo..he asked me to take..
Sanskar:so u went..
Sanskar:u cant go like that with anyone
Ragini:kyun ji..he askd help so..
Sanskar:u should have told me..before u went..
Ragini:aap kyun itna gussa ho raha hai..
Sanskar:kyun ki..i didnt like that…
Ragini:kyun sanskar jii..kya hua
Sanskar:pyar hua
Sanskar:matlab..tum se pyar hogaya..i love u..i could not able to see u with someone..
Ragini looks at him shocked..
Sanskar:sach mein ragini..mein tum se bahut pyar karata hu..
Rohan ,ajay who are watching them hiding behind the wall looks at eo..
Rohan:so what we thought is right
[Rohan ,ajay suspects sanskar behaviour towards ragini..they have seen when sanskar consoles ragini nd when he kissed her they thought to make him jealous nd make blurt oMut his feelings.]
Rohan:but ajay..we knw naa swara loves sanakar..
Ajay:haan yaar..but sanakar always wanted the girl like ragini who is traditional ,innocent,honest..i feel ragini is good choice for sanskar..
Rohan:but swara
Ajay:we will think about later..
Rohan nodded nd then looks at ragsan nd waiting for ragini reply..
Sanskar:ragini tell .u too loves me naa..
Ragini looks at him with blank..

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