My first love -Twinj ff Episode 7

Both got ready in formal attires and left to raichand’s company. They attended a meeting which lasts for nearly 3 hours. Twinkle was continuously yawning as it was really boring. At the end of the meeting they asked kunj to prepare a presentation regarding his ideas. When the meeting and other discussions on it completed it was almost night. Twinj came to hotel and had their dinner. Later they changed into night wears. Twinkle was looking cute in her mickey mouse night dress.  she was about to sleep.

Kunj: what are doing

Twinkle : sir I am hell tired pls spare me

Kunj: miss.taneja as half of the ideas on this project are yours, you have to help me

Without any option she went to kunj and both started doing the presentation. Sometimes they used to argue on silly things. When they completed it ,sleep over took them and they slept in the sofa only.

Next day they presented it, all the people in the conference room liked the presentation and confirmed the project. Twinj are hell happy. They are about to hug each other but composed themselves. Now they are leaving to hotel.

Kunj: driver go to chamko cafe.. .

Twinkle : why sir….

Kunj : twinkle we cracked the deal so treat from my side…

Both had normal conversation. Just then kunj got a call from Mr. Raichand that they have a party at evening ,so invited twinj to it. Kunj informed it to twinkle.

Twinkle : I had no dresses to wear for the party.

Kunj : don’t worry now we are going for shopping…..

Twinkle : shopping!!!!!!

Kunj:only one hour…. Otherwise I will leave you there only….

Twinkle twitched her nose. Both went to shopping. There kunj selected a beautiful evening gown for twinkle while twinkle selected a nice tuxedo for kunj. At evening they got ready for the party. Both are looking breathtaking. Twinj complemented each other and left to the venue. When they entered the party all the eyes went on them. Some are complementing them as perfect couple while some are feeling  jealous. Kunj was busy in business talks while twinkle is in gossips group.

Host : now l request all to have a couple dance.

Kunj asked twinkle for a dance and she readily accepted. Both danced well on Gerua song. Later twinkle went to corner place for some fresh air. Suddenly someone dragged her into a room. She screamed for help but due to loud music nobody heard it. Three guys are misbehaving with twinkle.

Guy1: hey hottie wanna dance with me

Twinkle : just leave me

Guy2: why what happened you are dancing happily with that guy why not with us….

The third guy was moving closer to her but received a hard punch on face. Obviously from our kunj. Kunj was beating them blue and black.

Kunj : how dare you touch my twinkle

Guys ran from there. Twinkle hugged kunj tightly and he rubbed her back to comfort her.

Twinkle : kunj…. Kunj… (Sobbing)

Kunj : just relax

Both left to hotel. Kunj made her sleep then he too slept.

Ignore grammar mistakes.

  1. Saumitra

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  2. Superb
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  5. Nice one Di really loved it
    I really like the possessive side of kunj .
    And how twinj fight with each other on silly things . I really like ur ff Di please post soon love u take care Di

  6. Awesome episode

  7. Awesome superb.
    Cute one and Kunj saved twinkle

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    It was superb ?
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