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Episode starts.
At railway station.
Sanskar stood still .
Swara signals laksh to speak to sanskar.
Laksh: bhai. (And touches his shoulders)
Sanskar turns back with a sad face..
Laksh: why you are here ? I didn’t see u driving faster than 2day.. is this all for ragini? Whom u know only 7 days..
Sanskar: no.. I know her before u know her(to laksh)
Swara: so u know her 5 yrs ago in Kolkata… right????
Sanskar look at Swara shockingly..
Laksh: yes bro we know .. what happened bt u and ragini 5yrs ago.. karan bhai told everything to us..
Sanskar: (smile little) he only told u what he knew..there’s alot which he didn’t knew..
Swalak look confusingly..
Sanskar says something to swalak (mute)..
1 MONTHS LEAP….. ???
The same farmhouse, where swalak engagement held, is now decorate like a marriage hall.
One girl wearing red lehanga, covered her face with flowers sat on a mandap. Beside her, one man sat with a sad face.he is none another than our sanskar.
Sanskar looks around them..
There are ap,dp,rp and sujatha who seems more happy than any other day..
Sanskar thinks himself atleast you are happy with this marriage..
And he look at laksh and swara who stand beside him. They also seemed very sad like him and smiles at him..
But they hardly smiles..
Sanskar look at other side there is so many relatives are happily chatting with eachother. Suddenly he saw Shekhar and dadi..
Rituals begins..
Happily sanskar marriage finished..
At Next day morning,
At maheswari mansion, sanskar room.
Sanskar sleeps on his bed..
Suddenly one girl comes and places coffee cup force on a table beside sanskar.
Sanskar get up and sees her…
That girl turns towards sanskar . That girl is none another than our ragini?.
Suddenly someone knock the door..
Ragini goes to open the door and sees laksh..
Laksh: ragini..(suddenly sees sanskar) ..oh. sorry sorry Bhabhi..
Ragini: you can call me ragini.. that is more comfortable than Bhabhi(sees sanskar)..
Laksh: k ragini… mom calls u both..
Ragini nods.. Laksh turns and think for a second and leaves..
Ragini looks at sanskar and left…
Sanskar sees the coffee cup on the table and smiles a little…

At kitchen,
Ragini enter the kitchen and get blessing from ap and sujatha…
Ap: ragini beta,today you cook sweet for us..
Ragini nods.
Sujatha:don’t worry ragini.. we will help…
Ragini smiles…
After some times
Sanskar comes down and sees ragini arranging the plates on dinning table. He continuously sees her without blinking .
Uttara comes near dinning table and sees sanskar watching ragini.. and giggles..
Uttara comes near ragini..
Uttara: bhabi, see there ur husband looking at u without ur knowledge.. and smiles at her..
Ragini sees sanskar..
Sujatha calls uttara so she goes to kitchen.
Sanskar came to sense and sees ragini watching him and turns around..
Everyone gathered at dinning tables and had their breakfast.. and then ragini serves them a sweet.. everyone praises her and gives gift to her..
Uttara: sanskar bhai, what will u give to ur wife for this spl sweet?
Sanskar sees ragini
Everyone smiles.
Laksh look at sanskar sadly.
Sanskar: ok mom I’ll go to office.
Sujatha: what..? U go to office today also…

Sanskar: i have one important meeting.. s i have to go..
Ap: k beta, 2day we have pag phere for ragini.. so you have to pick her in the eve from swara house..
Sanskar: ok mom.. (about to leave)
Shekhar comes in..
Dp and rp welcomes him..
Ragini hugs him..and have little tears in her eyes..
Sekar console her..
Sanskar came and take blessing and said he have an important meeting so he must go immediately.
Shekhar nodds smilingly. sanskar left.
Everyone sat on a living room
Ap gives coffee to Shekhar.
They talk for sometimes. ragini comes down..sekar and ragini left…

At Swara house..
Swara sit in a bed on her room..
Suddenly swetha calls her saying ragini is here come down beta..
Hearing ragini’s name, swara runs down and hugs her.. they both hugs each other.. everyone sees and smiles at them.
Shekhar and neil sat on sofa and have causal talk.
Dadi: am so happy to see u 2day.. r u happy ?
Ragini nodds and smiles at dadi.
Swara sees her..
Dadi :oh! I forgot everything in kitchen after see u.. beta u both talk 4 some tym.. i’ll come soon (saying this dadi left for kitchen, swetha also follows her)
Swara hold ragini hand and drag her to her room…
At sanskar office..
Sanskar sit on his cabin amd thinks about last night and closes his eyes..

Flash back begins…
After marriage everyone comes to maheswari mansion and after completing rituals sanskar comes to his room.
Before entering into the room, Uttara comes and teases sanskar and gets money and leaves..
Sanskar enters the room..
Bride(ragini) stand near the window.
Sanskar: ragini…..
Ragini turns and sees him angrily..
Sanskar is about to say.
Ragini interrupt and says,
Ragini: R u happy now? You did what u want to do? Why are u dng this 2 me? U betrayed me.. I hate u.. I hate u more than ever. This hate 4 u never ends..
Saying this ragini took bedsheet and pillow throws down and sees sanskar.
Ragini: we r husband and wife for outside only.. in the room we are complete stranger..
She lays down and sleeps..
Sanskar stood till and thinks for a second and he lays on bed..
Flash back ends…
Suddenly someone touches his shoulders. sanskar came to sense sees Laksh..
Meanwhile at swara house,
Swaragini are in there room ..
Swara: r u really happy ragini?
Sanskar: definitely not laksh, I’m not happy, but I have to act like that.
Laksh: bhai.. may I talk to ragini and compromise her…
Ragini: I’ m not going to compromised for anyone. You don’t need to explain anything to me.. i know everything.
Swara: you know nothing ragini.. but now you do everything wrong.. once u know everything, definitely u ll feel for what u do 2day
Sanskar: I don’t want to see her guilt. Thats y I didn’t confess her anything. So plz for my sake don’t tell her anything..
Ragini: what i have to know? Tell me swara???
Swara looks…..
Episode ends on faces of ragsan and swalak….
Note: I know u r confused abt this.. what happened before this are consecutively shown as Flash backs in upcoming Episodes..

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