My first love -Twinj ff Episode 1

Hii friends.How are u all. After a long time writing an ff on twinj. Hope u will like it ,if not bear my crap….

Character sketch :

Kunj :male lead

Twinkle : female lead

Leela : twinkle mother

Usha : kunj mother

Manohar : kunj father

Yuvi , mahi :twinj classmates

Bebe : kunj dadi

Let’s start the story….

Kunj was studying 8th standard in xyz school. He was nerdy type. His focus was only on studies. He won’t mingle with others easily. Then, twinkle entered in his life. She was new to the school. She was bubbly and talktive. As she came late for some days, teacher made her to sit beside kunj to cover her lessons. First he didnt talked with her much, but he was changing in twinkle’s company. Both became best friends. Even they used to stay at each others place for studies. Both families also liked their friendship. By seeing their closeness mahi and yuvi are burning in jealousy. Mahi have crush on kunj where yuvi has on twinkle. Twinj both are possessive for each other. They don’t like whether the other talking with someone. They both have feelings on each other but was not ready to admit them. They think that it was not right time for all these. First they want to focus on their career. During their 12th standard farewell they both decided to confront each other about their feelings. But yuvi proposed twinkle infront of whole school but twinkle said that she already love someone. Kunj misunderstand that she already love someone and went from there heartbroken. Twinkle searched for him in the whole venue but didn’t find him. Next day kunj family left to another city for business purpose. He didn’t informed twinkle. She was heartbroken when she heard the news. Later she joined college and yuvi was also in same clg. He was trying his best to woo twinkle but she was least interested. Both twinj were missing each other badly. Leela was a single mother and brought up twinkle nicely. After completing studies twinkle wanted to do job. Now twinkle and yuvi became friends. Both applied for several jobs. Yuvi without knowing kunj surname applied for job for both of them in sarna industries. Within a week both got their appointment letter. Yuvi came for twinkle house and inform that they got job. Both are dancing in happiness. When twinkle heard the company name she became pale and tears welled up in her eyes. Later yuvi convinced her for the job to forget the past.

PRECAP:Twinj meet

And one thing I forget to mention twinkle is in amritsar and kunj is in mumbai.

Don’t bash me now. If you guys want me to continue pls comment below.

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