Bepannah Aashqui FF 16th epi

Greetings For The Day My Lovely Readers
Thanks alot dear arunima,Lavanya, rimjhim,Fenil ur words truly mean alot thank u so much.A big thank you to my silent readers
I will not wrap up soon but will not go very slow will go in moderate manner.
Will that be fine?
Recap-zoya tries alot to convince adi Infact she writes sorry Adi with mehendi cone on her hand.Mahi puts kerosene in store room n does something with wires but that falls loose n mahi herself is caught up in fire Zoya jumps to save her
Adi too jumps n save both mahi n zoya
Adi feels bad for being angry with zoya

Sanchi n Veer check mahi n zoya in a room
Dr Malhotra -God knows whats wrong everyday something or other is happening So many accidents so many mishaps.
This zosh events is a omen

Veer feels angry
Veer- DAD come on u r such a famous Dr n u believe in all this omen n crap .Dad marriage preparations are going on there is chaos Things go here n there n it happens very normal.

Adi is looking at Veer treating zoya He is panicked
Zoya notices a burn mark in adi’s hands
She gets up from bed
Zoya-Veer Pls check adi’s hand look adi show ur hand Adiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Adi (sternly )-zoya lie down first get ur treatment done am fine it’s nothing just a small mark
Zoya forcefully takes adi’s hand

Sanchi cannot control her smile she winks at Veer

Adi-zoya u r very stubborn
Zoya-less than u

Sanchi is treating mahi
But mahi is deeply lost in thoughts

Adi tries to have an eye contact with mahi

Mahi takes her eyes away

Adi’s pov- my heart feels mahi is behind all this something is wrong this cannot be a mere accident it was well planned
Pls God prove me wrong
Zoya Willnot be able to take this but I will have to find out.
Who did all this.

Mahi is resting
Flashes of she throwing kerosene n zoya coming to save her keep coming before her eyes
Mahi feels restless

Adi is shown talking to guards of malhotra mansion
Guard-Sir come to clone room in evening  n check ccTV footage

Adi thanks  guard he notices zoya carrying  a basket of flowers

He rushes to her

Zoya is unable  to  balance  the basket her hand is injured

Adi holds her hand n provides support  zoya looks into his eyes She is lost in his eyes

Adi(angry tone)-Zoya we have over 15 employees  to do all this Y do u need to interfere in everything  cannot  u just rest.

Adi is scolding  zoya while  she is lost in his eyes.

She sets basket free as she trips

Adi is unable  to hold basket

He holds zoya by waist

N all rose petals on them

N they are lost in each  other’s eyes

Bepannah  Pyaar hain Aaj aa tera  intezaar hain Aaj aa plays


Haldi ceremony  preparations  Are going  on

Adi is tensed

Adi’s pov-I just hope Mahi is not involved  in all this Zoya is very sensitive  she Willnot be able  to take it.

Zoya is mixing  haldi

With her hands as there are lumps

Her hands are full in haldi

She is going  to  wash it

Adi is walking  hurriedly

N bumpp

Adi’s shirt gets stain of haldi

Zoya-Adi am sorry

Adi (irked)-zoya u know  na I hate this haldi n stuff

Zoya (making  puppy face)-I didn’t  do purposely  adi but now because  u scolded me I will do purposely

She touches his cheeks

It becomes yellow

She laughs n runs away

An irked adi smiles-Anything  for ur smile zoya

Adi runs behind her

He holds her n from his face puts haldi on her face

Anjana  n Arjun  smile watching  them

Arjun -Ma they look so good together

Anjana -I wish they realise  it too

Somebody takes adiya’s pic


Adi is going  through  ccTV footage  he is shocked

Haldi is being  applied  to sanveer

Adi  makes an announcement

Adi-Ladies n gentleman I have something  very important to share Pls look in the screen

In screen its shown that mahi enters store room with kerosene bottle

mahi is spilling  kerosene

N doing  something  wire


Zoya is dumbstruck

Tears fall from her eyes

Mahi hides her face

Adi-So now everybody knows this wasn’t  an accident  It was well planned by mahi She had disconnected  only one connection  of ccTV camera She didn’t  disconnect the back up.

Zoya runs out of hall

Mahi tries to talk but zoya but she leaves

Adi goes behind  zoya

Zoya sits on a bench alone

Its raining  Adi sits beside  her

He places his hand over her

Zoya instantly  hugs him

N breaks down

They tightly  hug

Somebody  takes their  snap


Mahi is telling  something  to adi

Adi-Mahi am not a fool to believe  u

All this too might be ur some new master plan

Mahi(teareyed )-Trust me Adi  i saw with my own eyes

Adi-Trust u get lost

Mahi is hurt.As

Mahi’s pov-Adi I will not let any problem  happen to zoya I will have to be vigilant  n protect zoya

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    Hey what is bepanaah ashiqui FF. Is it happen on Bepanaah or it is extra work.Tell me.

  2. Fenil

    Fabulous…enjoyed a lot…finally m
    mahi turned positive.

  3. Jasminerahul

    flower petal scene as romantic.haldi scene a cute.liked adi exposing mahi.poor zoya.the last adiya hug was emotional n romantic. nice precap.mahi turned positive.liked it.eager to know who is stalking it rajveer?

  4. It was awesome, at last zoya got to know about mahi s intentions , post the next soon ??

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