Hey guys … I hope everyone r doing gud Nd safe
It’s been long time since I didn’t write anything sry guys I couldn’t make time to write I was really very busy with my cute lil daughter ❤️❤️❤️
Today is the day Wer I got u all … Yes guys 4yrs back exactly on this I have joined Tu 😊😊 … So thought to give u a treat by posting this last episode …. Yes this would be my last piece of writing Nd sooo sry for disappointing u guys 😔😔😔
Ok enough of my buck buck Nd let’s go into the episode

Recap: Twinj’s wedding in South Indian style
After wedding both twinj enters sarna mansion ….
At night
Kunj was sitting in his room which is fully decorated with flowers Nd candles were litted everywer in the room Nd he was sitting on bed which is decorated with roses Nd den twinkle enters room with a glass filled with milk ( South Indian ritual). She gives that glass of milk to kunj Nd he sips half of the milk Nd gives to twinkle to have …. Kunj pulls twinkle near Nd hugged her tightly as if Der is no tomorrow
Kunj: muje yakeen nai hora ki tum mere sath ho sach mei … Mera Jaan hi Nikal Gaya tha jab tum muje chodke gayi tab tho muje samaj mei nai ara thi ki mei kya Karu , tuje kaise milu aur before he completes the sentence twinkle closed his mouth with her Nd had a deep kiss..
Twinkle: arey buddu Kitna bak bak kar Rahi ho tum aj k din v itna senti Hona zaroori hai kya ab hame koi alag nai Kar Sakta
Kunj: Han saying he slowly grabs her waist Nd kisses her forehead Nd den cheeks he captures her lips she too started to respond it was a simple den he started to kiss her neck all the while twinkle enjoying the moment she grabs his shirt color very tightly
Slowly kunj pushes her on the bed Nd he came upon her started to kiss on neck while taking of her saree den she pushed him came upon him Nd the room was filled with love..Nd finally they became one ….

After 2 yrs

Twinkle was screaming while kunj was crying looking at twinkle Nd she was sleeping keeping her head on his lap Nd kunj was shouting at driver to drive the car lil faster so that they can reach hospital Nd finally they reached the hospital , twinkle was soon taken to operation theatre Nd all the family members were waiting outside the ot… Usha comes to kunj Nd says ” kunj don’t wry everything will be alright ” Nd they heard a baby’s cry ( yes guys twinkle wAs pregnant Nd she had labour pain )
Everyone were very happy Nd congratulate kunj Nd finally doc comes out from ot Nd congratulate kunj saying twinj were blessed with baby girl
Kunj( smiling) : can we go inside doc??
Doc : not now we will shift her to beside room Nd den u can meet her
Kunj: tq doc
Den twinkle was shifted to normal room all family members entered
Kunj sits beside her
Kunj : tq sooo much twinkle .. I love u saying he kisses her forehead
Twinkle: love u too
Nurse get baby intl the room Nd twinj were very happy Nd had happy tears in their eyes…
Everybody spent some quality time with baby Nd had a family selfie twinj with their world, happiness in their hand❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️…


Ok guys I will wind up this FF Nd I know it was not up to the mark but plzzzz adjust
Plzz do read it Nd comments
Ignore grammar mistakes
Byeee guys
Stay safe
Love u allll❤️❤️❤

  1. Kya yr i was so happy when i saw your post i thought now you will continue your stories….but my all hopes get shattered after reading this….
    You end this ff….
    Shot was gud …
    I know you are busy with our little munchkin ….so it’s okay …
    Stay happy…stay blessed ….
    Luv you ❤❤

  2. Vibhu

    Heyyy I thought you’re back to continue writing…
    It’ really sad to read that this is your piece of writing.
    Wishing you luck for your future 🙏.
    Stay safe and healthy.

  3. after a long time
    sad this is last chapter
    nice one

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