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Nd IAM soooo sry guys for  this delay really IAM apologizing u all for making u guys to wait but guys I was hell busy with my exams , wedding nd my new wedding life  so couldn’t make time to write

Nd authors IAM Soo sry for not commenting on ur writings plzzzz forgive me guys
Nd IAM dedicating this episode to:

Yashika– my cutie frnd with whom I can share anything

Ananya– nanna muddina thangi nija Ani nanu bahala lucky ninnanta thangi sikkiddakke

Anusha – nanna muddina gelati ND ittichige navu bahala matadtilla adru u r my sweetest frnd anu

Putta: Meri bachi 😘😘 😘 u r the my jaan 😍😍😘😘❤️❤️❤️

Anshika: my lovely sisso😘😘😘😘

Venni : my cutiee sisso 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Ammu: na muddula chelli 😘😘😘 nd frnd

Baby : my sweet sis 😘😘😘

Lilly: my cutiee 😘😘😘😘

Sry guys I couldn’t write anything on ur bday ND plzzzz forgive me for this delay

So enough of my bak Bak …

Let’s start our episode with a smile
Recap : twinj’s haldi in South Indian style with lil romance


Sarna mansion was decorated beautifully.. there is hustle bustle in the mansion nd guests were present already.. all were waiting for twinj for mangalasnanam ( this is procedure same like haldi but it will be held at a time for both groom nd bride …)

Both twinj came (guys I said that in haldi rasam der will be a square made by keeping steel pots at four corners tying them with thread nd keeps a stools at middle for bride nd co-bride .. so here we will apply same procedure but in place of co-pride we will made groom to sit beside bride ….. Hope u guys understood ) so they made both twinj to sit in the middle of that square nd start applying haldi for both, they pours jowar upon twinjs foot nd den they made them to wear toe rings on their toes …. ( Guys like haldi rasam here also after applying haldi each couple comes to them orderly nd apply some haldi for both ,nd put some akshintalu ( rice grains mixed with Vermillion nd turmeric) nd gives aarathi after completing this they will pour water on them after this both sent to their respective rooms ..

All guests were sitting in front of mandap … Pandit is chanting mantras nd he asks kunj to come

Kunj is in white shirt nd white dhoti, white towel with a turban tying basikam (we tie a thread on either side of the rectangular shaped plate like structure made with gold ) on his forehead …Usha asks kunj to sit on a chair for a rasam nd asks chinki ( bride’s sis shud do this rasam nd that to a married woman … But twinkle don’t have any sibling so chinki does this being twinkles sis ) to come forward to perform it usha instructs chinki to first fill kunjs towel with rice nd den she keeps two dried half coconut pieces den beetel leaves with 2 beetel nuts nd dried dates nd ties that .. Usha asks chinki to give arati ND she gives …. Usha den asks kunj to go for mandap following chinki (here guys chinki shud be in front of kunj with arati plate in her hand nd he shud follow her until he sits in mandap )
Kunj along with chinki came to mandap nd kunj sits in mandap… after 15 mins pandit asks twinkle to come ….mean while panditji asks vinni nd Maya to hold a cloth in front of kunj so that he can’t see twinkle ( guys this is a rasam hope u guys had come across dis from many south films especially Telugu )

Twinkle is getting ready for her biggest moment of her life… She is wearing white silk saree with red border nd she wore a long plait with the help of hair extensions ( we call savaram ) nd at the end of her plait she wore kuchu… Usha comes der ND her eyes gets watery seeing twinkle as a bride which was her dream …. She goes near twinkle nd takes little kajal nd applied it on twinkle’s left cheek ND says kisi ki Nazar na lage Meri bachi par .. twinkle hugs Usha ND says thank u ma …. They broke the hug ND Usha asks Twinkle to sit on the chair for the same rasam which was done to kunj … She sits ND chinki comes in front of her nd ties susugam ( this is made up of Jasmine which is to be tied on bride’s head I hope the ppl who have seen my wedding pics remember it ) ND basikam .. nd den she fills rice nd all stuff nd gives aarti same as kunj nd ND all goes to mandap, as Twinkle comes to mandap panditji comes to her , asks her to do puja for mandap as he instructed ….after 10 mins twinkle came nd sits in front of kunj who is sitting other side of that cloth partition …

Manni( Maya ND vinni ) : no cheating u r not supposed to see my bro says teasingly …. Listening to this a small curve appears on kunjs lips ND twinkle becomes red due to blushing ..

Mr nd Mrs choudary came nd sit on either sides of twinkle as her parents to do kanyadhanam ( guys this is a rasam where couple shud wash would be son in laws leg … So as Leela is not der rt asked mr ND Mrs choudary to do kanyadhanam ) panditji keeps one plate in front of kunj nd asks him to keep his legs in it nd Mrs choudary starts to pour water on kunj’s legs while Mr choudary washing his legs …

After this rasam paditji gave a thread for both to tie for each other and den jeelakarrabellam( this is mixture of cumin seeds nd jaggery kept in betel leaves) for twinj nd asks kunj to keep that on twinkles head nd twinkle to do same after this paditji said Maya ND vinni to take off that partition … Nd den after sometime padit ji asks kunj to take mangalsutr ( guys here in magalsutr we will have two round shaped plate have curve at the centre, these r 1made up of gold these will be like kellogs chocos 😂😂 I know this is silly to compare but I don’t know how to explain u guys so……these r  tied to a yellow colored thread hope u guys understood) kunj stands up nd holds mangalsutr , shows it to God’s pic ND guests in front of him , bends in front of her ND ties mangalsutr to twinkle making her his forever…..he sits in his place ND panditji keeps a big bowl with milk in that nd puts a ring in that asks twinj to search( this will be played 3 times … The person who finds ring more than opp person den it says that person loves his / her partner more ) chinki sits near twinkle

Chinki : twinkle u shud win this

Manni : no way my bro will win wat bro

Kunj : yes baby definitely I will win nd winks at twinkle

Chinki : no way my twinkle will win

Vinni : oh really let’s c den

They starts to play nd all wear shouting twinjs name first twinkle finds the ring…

Chinki : see I said na my twinkle won.. loosers shows her tounge to manni

Vinni: hwww bhai wat is this u shud win this or else bhabhi ke samne hamare izat ki faluda hojayega plzzz Bhai do smtng ….

K: ok babes I will …. This time kunj finds the ring both twinj shares eye contact ND were smiling

Maya : see kunj found the ring so don’t underestimate us ok

Chinki :arey don’t fly still there is one round ok ND says twinki harna mat huh ….

Both twinj were starting at each other while searching for ring ….. Kunj gives victorious smile to twinkle nd twinkle understood this nd winks at him naightyly by seeing her he left the ring, taking this as a chance she took the ring nd screams loudly for winning … Kunj saw her like that nd felt very happy seeing his love laughing whole heartedly after such a long time

Chinki : see I told u write my twinki won this

Vinni : so wat she is my bhabhi hame koi farak nai padta ki a game Bhai jeete ya bhabhi….Both are my lovely Angeles saying she hugs twinj 

After this paditji places two big bowls one filled with small multicolored thermocol balls nd other with talambralu (rice mixed with Vermillion ND turmeric )

Panditji first asks kunj to take hand full of talambralu ND pours on twinkle’s head nd asks Twinkle to do same …. (Guys they first take rice nd then balls alternatively hope u guys got it ) ….. After this paditji keeps a coconut on twinkle’s hand nd asks kunj to keep his hand under twinkle’s hand nd asks couples to come one by one to pour milk on the coconut ….. After this rasam along with panditji both twinj ND others go out side for arundati darshanam ND ganga puja.

All came out nd do puja for arundati nakshatram ( a star actually it is invisible at day time but also they will do puja ) …. After that they will go to a tap ( actually guys this shud be done near well but now a days we find very less Wells that too in cities we won’t I think ) they starts doing puja nd after puja panditji asks kunj to remove the thread from twinkle’s hand which has been tied with single hand ND he does nd den asks Twinkle to do same….. After this all enters home ND both twinj goes to their respective rooms to get ready for reception.

Kunj gets ready in a blue suit looks stunning, he comes out of his room waiting for his love of life …. ND here come twinkle wearing blue saree leaving her hair open nd with lite makeup looking breath taking gorgeous … Kunj looks at her with his mouth wide open manni, chinki looks at him ND laughs at him.
Maya comes to him ND shakes him to get him into reality… Kunj asks wat..

Maya: wat wat u have life time to stare at her now let’s go all r waiting for us …. All giggles at him

Kunj glares at her ND went to stage along with twinkle … All went down to invite guests leaving twinj alone nd still der was time for reception to get started

On stage :

Kunj holds her hand goes behind stage  before no one notice them

T: Kunj tum e Kya Kar rahe ho ???

K: romance with my wife says winking at her Twinkle starts to blush … Vaise u r looking beautiful saying he wraps his hands around her waist nd pulls her more closer to him ND starts tucking her hair

T: ku….nj koi deklega

K: let them huh haq banta hai Mera  kyuki u r my leagally wedded wife  I can do whatever I want saying he kisses her forhead , den cheeks ND he was abt to kiss her lips but got Disturbed by Usha voice ….

Usha: Kunj aur twinkle kaha Gaye dono

Twinj comes from behind stage …

U: arey tum dono vaha Kya Kar rahe ..

Twinj : kuch nai ma bas aise hi says both

U: ok koi bat nai ab sare guests a rahe hai so tum dono yahi par raho ok twinj nodes …

All guests presents theirs gifts nd takes snaps nd left to their respective homes …
ND den all family members takes snaps nd selfies ….
So guys IAM winding up here … Hope u liked it …..
Plzzzz do read it ND comment guys
It’s my humble request

ND IAM posting this on my 6th month marriage anniversary …… So I thought to give u guys a gift on this SPL occasion of my life …

ND authors IAM really sry

Plzzzz avoid grammar or spelling mistakes

Ok guys


Take care

Love u all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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