KAATIL ~{A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 46


Episode 46 …
The Episode starts with twinj arakshi kush and sidmin moving towards the cars while sidmin were looking at each other …while others coughed to gain their attention ..

Chale Jasmin ??? Kunj and kush asked teasingly breaking her eye lock with Sidhant while both looks on the other side embarassed …

Haan papa let’s go jas said while Sid make faces ..

Toh we will meet up soon Sakshi said all nodded twinj let with kush and Jasmin while Sidhant left with arav and Sakshi ..
After sometime twinj reached their house while kush left to complete some work Nd jas went inside her room ..
Next scene :
Sakshi reached their house with arav while both looks on emotionally after so many years they were together Sidhant notices their faces ..went inside called Shweta and Raj there ..

What happen Sidhant Shweta asked Sidhant points towards arav and Sakshi while they were shocked too .
Arav tum ??? Raj said he was equally shocked ..

Sakshi ??? Shweta noticed her tears she hugged tightly crying her heart out narrating her everything what happen just now while they listened ..

So if you both have decided to reconcile we don’t have any problem Raj said while all smiled ..

Wait don’t enter inside arav Shweta said while he looked on ..she went inside bring Aarti plate for them and did their welcome in house together .. Sidhant smiled seeing them ..

You all continue I’ll be back in some time he said and excused himself and went back in his room …
He looked at his phone and found n number of messages from jas and smiled ..

Sidhant ??
Reached ??
How’s uncle and maa
Do reply yaar ..
Sidhant ..
Mummas boy huh ?

Are wait meri desperation queen he messaged her while she smiled blushing endlessly ..he called her she picked up within a second ..

So missing me so badly Haan he asked teasingly
No why I’ll miss you mr Gupta she said biting her nails Smiling like maniac ..

Oh ho that I can see by your messages Sidhant said and laugh .
Huh whatever she said and pat her head
So…he asked

So ?? She asked back
Ahh Nothing when you are coming back home ??? He asked ..

Which home ?? She replied
Our home which feels so lonely without you he said in sensuous way making her blush more ..

So your home is missing me not you she asked ..
No I am not missing you who will miss you he said teasingly

Whatever ..bye huh she said ..
Are wait I am only missing you yaar meri queen he said while both smiled ..

Why you never told that you love me ?? Jas asked him finally ..
I wanted to tell that in your birthday itself but you know what happen that day everything ruined I prepared so many things he said regretting ..

Don’t Sidhant I know this was not a easy journey for us but a beautiful life is waiting for us ahead jas said while he smiled ..

Yeah and I promise to make it more beautiful mrs Gupta he ended ..while they again smiled and continued talking and blushing ..
Next scene ::
Twinkle was calling avni as she checked so many miss calls from her and got worried while Kunj came from behind and backhugged her .

What happen mrs Sarna ?? Why so tensed today ?? Now everything is sorted right Kunj said while she looked at him irritated ..

No still avni is left she gave me so many miss calls don’t know if she is fine or not I am happy for jas but still frustrated because of avni twinkle said while Kunj looked ..

Don’t worry twinkle she will be fine too Neil is there na he will sort it out Kunj said
I know Kunj but you know avni very well twinkle said ..

I know twinkle let them handle somethings we have to leave them on too Neil understood his love soon avni will too understand she is our daughter she needs time twinkle Kunj said ..

Still Kunj you are not understanding pls leave me for sometime she said still worried about them ..

Okay Kunj said and left from there while twinkle calls avni again she picked up her call ..

Sorry Mumma I was downstairs she said
It’s okay now tell me what happen are you fine ???? Is everything fine ?? Twinkle asked worried ..

Yes Mumma I am fine you all are fine how’s kush and Jasmin ?? Avni asked ..
They are fine too twinkle said ..

I called you so many times but you didn’t picked up my call Mumma avni asked ..
Yeah wo .. twinkle narrated her everything while avni was shocked and even happy about sidmin ..

Is Jasmine fine now Mumma ?? I am happy for them I knew it that this jas is falling for Sidhant let me call and bash her she didn’t share it with me avni said .
Yeah even we all are happy for them avni just worried because of you twinkle said
Me what I did ?? She asked ..

I know Neil is there avni can’t you forgive him ??? Twinkle asked back ..avni stayed quiet for a second ..I know avni it’s really tough when someone breaks your trust I even had a bigger issue with Kunj much more than this but still we are together I also missed so many things with him avni and I don’t want you to go with the same pain ..I am suggesting you just one thing baby ..

If you can live happily without him without any regret without any guilt leave him once and for all ..
And if you can’t live without his love forgive him because Nothing is important than being together ..

Everyone does mistakes no one is perfect eventually everyone does mistakes either due to misunderstandings or helplessness it doesn’t mean If they had done anything you will punish them because you are hurt you have to heal them …if you can’t understand what your soulmate feels and can’t support them then there is no point in claiming to love them …twinkle told her..

You have to decide now Neil and your future is in your hands your happiness is in your hands and I know ..my baby will take what is right for her and we will eventually accept that thing twinkle ended her talks while avni was crying on the other side ..

Avni ?? R you there ??? Twinkle asked ..
Hmm yeah yeah Mumma she weeped ..
Don’t cry avni just stay strong accept what your heart says twinkle told ..

Thank you Mumma I’ll call you in sometime avni said..
Yeah take care twinkle ended the call ..while.avni cried cuddling herself .
Twinkle looks at the phone I hope you take a fair decision avni I don’t want you to through the same pain which I felt by staying away from Kunj …

Kunj Kunj …she rememberrd how she talked with Kunj …she pats on her head .
You are such a duffer siyappa queen created a new siyappa making your children not to hurt their love I have hurted my devil only where are you my sadu Sarna she smiled ..and left to see Kunj …
Sidmin were still talking ..while jas was tired ..uff I am ending the call now she said ..

Huh so bad wait let us go for dinner I want to be with you Sidhant said ..
Dinner or date ?? Jas asked..

Someone being so romantic today …Haan he teased her I never saw your this Romantic shade baby he said ..
Huh you haven’t seen my many more shades she said ..and smiled ..

Huh but I have seen your khumbkaran wala shade he said ..
You are so so bad Sidhant she told him while he laughed ..

I know he smiled ..
So yeah I am asking you for a date officially our first date Sidhant said proudly ..

Uff I am so excited jas said and blushed ….while both of them smiled ..
But I am tired today she said ..

Huh then we will go next time he replied
Now we will go today only she stated
Okay meri maa get ready I am coming to pick you he said while she was going to cut the call ..

I think you are forgetting something Sidhant said in serious tone ..
And what’s that ??? Jas asked stunned
What my ears wanted to hear desperately Sid said ..

I won’t say let’s see mr Gupta first date then I’ll think to make your ears happy or not she said ..

Such a cruel lady you are he stated gritting his teeth while she laughed and ended the call ..
Sidhant called someone and was doing arrangements for their date while jas was selecting dress to look the prettiest today

Twinkle went to Kunj who was sitting sadly she kept her hands on his eyes
Guess me ..twinkle said
Leave me Kunj replied

This is not my answer twinkle said still her hands not moving away from Kunj ..
Huh go from here Kunj said removing her hands ..

Oh my god so much angry …I love this anger very very very much …today my devil is back in his Tashan mode the way you were beating that Viraj hard I was shocked twinkle said Kunj turned his face…and got up from his place

Ufff I am so in love with this tantrums she moved infront of him and pecked his lips while he was shocked ..

Twinkleeeeee his eyes widened while she smirked at him ..
What happened mr Sarna ?? She asked slipping herself more closer to him ..

Stay away from me I don’t find you alright today Kunj said while twinkle laughed ..
Yes I am not alright today the devil is back so his angel too she winked at him
I love this angel alott man Kunj finally ended his anger while both of them laughed …Kunj pecked her nose..and pulled her more closer to him …they looked at each other smiling ..

I am sorry Kunj I talked to you so rudely she apologized ..
Yeah I am angry on you but if I get something upto my standard then I can forgive you Kunj whispered in her ear biting her ear lobe …

Now I don’t find your actions alright twinkle said while he laughed ..
Siyappa queen he teased her ..

Sadu Sarna she said ..while they were still standing after so many days if tension they are spending their quality time together ..their love never decrease with each passing day they fell for each other more n more n more thy doesn’t care about age and anything all matters to them that he loves twinkle and twinkle love him …and they will be the same till their breathe stops …

But as any happy moments break their too when jas lands there she wanted twinkle help she looked at them…
I have seen you both she said and turned to other side while twinj looks at each other ..

Twinkle tumhare bache na Kunj said arching his eye brow ..
Haan mere hi hai tumhare kuch nai lagte she asked him ..

Aise time pe mere Dushman hai ye I am jealous of them always comes to destroy my perfect moments with my wife ..jas giggles listening to him ..

Huh that because of you only twinkle whisper slowly not audible enough for jas to hear …while Kunj looks at her …
Shameless he said ..

Same to you she replied back ..
If you both are done with your Romance can I turn now jas asked ..

Oh choti siyappa queen don’t act smart with me or else I won’t let that fuss pataka to take you Kunj said ..

Papa don’t call him fuss pataka he is very romantic and loving jas said ..
Oh really Kunj and twinkle asked together making her blush …

Why you came here waise ??? Kunj asked ..
To destroy your lovely moment pa jas said while twinkle laughed seeing Kunj expression ..

I came here …wo papa I have to take your permission I want to go on dinner ..jas said ..
Without whom ?? I will call your husband and tell this to him kush said coming from behind ..

Huh bhai I am going with him only jas said ..
Ohhhhhh kush twinj said together making  her blush again ..

Can I go ?? Jas asked worried ..
What if I say no ? Kunj said jas expression turned into crying ..

See this cry baby papa kush said and laughed ..
Don’t teased my daughter jas ? You need my help ? Twinkle asked ..while jas nodded in yes ..

Come I’ll make you ready twinkle said helding jas hands ..
Papa should I go ? She asked with pupy face while all burst out laughing…

Are go baby when I stopped you Kunj said and laughed ..enjoy have fun kush said ..

Twinkle left with jas …while Kunj and kush sat trying to call avni but she didn’t noticed her phone ..

What about a match ? Mr Sarna kush said..
Again kush ?? Kunj asked ..
Yes he replied..

Okay I’ll come back in a minute till then you also gets freshen up mr junior Sarna Kunj said while they left ..

Next scene (London)
Avni was crying Neil who was passing from her room saw her he ran upto her quickly ..

Avni what happen look at me ?? He said and hugged her tightly rubbing her back while she was crying badly ..

I am not able to decide what exactly I want Neil ..she said in between sobbing and weeping ..

Shhh calm down avni don’t think much Neil said and passed her a glass of water and wiped her tears it’s too long rest now he said while she smiled ..seeing him .
I am so bad na she asked ..

No you are not Neil replied .
I can’t decide what to do I am so confused she said while he rubbed her back ..

Shh sleep now you need to calm your heart and mind Neil said and put her head on his chest while she closed her eyes …
Next scene
Twinkle helped jas in getting ready while she was looking cute they both smiled while twinkle pecked her forehead ..
Looking the cutiest she said ..

Thanks Mumma for everything jas said ..and hugged her while both of them smiled …

Sidhant reached their to pick up jas while he was scared to go inside ..Kunj and kush was playing in the back yard finally after thinking alott he decided to go ..

What’s is this yaar Sidhant how will you will get scared not they are also your family let’s go he said and entered ..

Where is everyone ? He asked servant ..
They are in basketball court he replied while Sidhant went there he saw kush and Kunj competing and smiled seeing their enthusiasm ..

While kush noticed him and stopped playing and Kunj did the basket ..
What happen kush ?? Kunj said ..

Damad ji papa Kush whisper Kunj looked at Sidhant they decided to tease him ..
Are Sidhant you are here ?? At this time Kunj said looking at his hand even though he didn’t had watch ..

Wo jas didn’t informed you uncle we are going for Da ..I mean dinner Sidhant replied ..

Ohhhhhh dinner ya date ? Kunj asked
while kush was giggling silently ..

Dinner Sidhant replied ..
Kunj enough don’t tease him twinkle said coming from behind while jas was behind twinkle ..

Are I was just asking twinkle Kunj said and they all laughed ..

Sidhant sees jas and was lost in her while Kunj looks at them go don’t waste time he ended ..

Thanks uncle Sid replied ..
Uncle ?? Twinkle laughed seeing Kunj ..
Why you are so scared of us Sidhant even you are our family now Kunj said ..

Haan Sidhant feel free to be with us twinkle told him while he nodded…
Let those desperate creatures go now papa kush said while they laughed and send them ..

Take care twinj shouted ..
Now enough of playing come with me I am getting bored we will watch a movie twinkle said ..
Okay they replied and went with her .
It was a long journey sidmin finally reached somewhere far away from the city where no one can disturb them she came out of car while Sidhant blindfolds her eyes …

What’s this ??? She asked ..
It’s a surprise he whispered in her ears while she shivered at his touch ..

He guided her some foot steps and took her inside and opened her blindfolds she smiled seeing the view ..

This is so lovely she said
I know he said praising himself ..
Huh self obsessed she replied ..

Waise you are looking cute today he pulled her closer to him ..
Even you aren’t looking less and this place you proved you are not a fuss pataka she said and laughed ..

Who said I am a fuss pataka ?? He asked ..
Papa ..she replied cutely

Ohhhhhh sasur ji he said and they laughed ..
Come he said and guided her ahead taking her to the table ..it was near the lake with an amazing view while she smiled ..it started breezing making their moment more romantic while she hugged him tightly …

Uff you should have told me we are staying out I wouldn’t have wear this dress she said ..

Haha ???now stay like this it’s really good that you wore it my half work is done he winked ..
Huh means she asked ..

Don’t be so innocent I know you very much and your hormones too he teased her ..

Shut up she said blushing endlessly
Hayeeee he pecked her forehead while they both sat in the table enjoying their date …
London :::
Avni slept within no time while Neil was still beside her he pecked her forehead you are so much stressed avni I can’t see you like this …you have decided to stay away from me and came here…I won’t disturb you more if your happiness lies in staying away from then I happily accepts it he said and pecked her cheek ..

He covered her with duvet and turned to go when she held his hand ..
Neil stop she said while he turned and looked at her ..
Screen freezes …
So how was the shot ???
Thanks to all who commented on last ..
Hope you enjoy the last episodes ??
Ignore errors no proof read ..
Bye allahafiz ??

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