My Desi Girl (RagSan) Episode-8

Episode 7 Here

Sanskar was in his room thinking about ragini..he comes out from his toughts when he heard door knock..he opens d door nd widened his eyes seeing ragini in short dress..
She smiles seeing him..
Sanskar:u are looking so pretty in this dress
She smiles shyly , which makes him lost..
He moves towards her looking at her lovingly.she blushes..he about to touch her face
Sanskar looks at rohan irritating..
Rohan:swara u here ,im searching for u..
He turns nd shocked to see swara there..he realized he imagine ragini..
Swara:kya hua sanky
Sanskar:swara ,i..
Interrupted by rohan..
Rohan:u both talk later..sanky u told na we are going somewhere..chalo naa
Swara:we will go later..first sanky come with me..
Swara:i will tell u later..
Saying she drags sanskar along with her..
Sanskar:where are u taking me swara..
Swara:i told u ma ,someone insulted me..
Swara:see there he is..
She shows shiv ,who is talking on phone standing in front of his house(rag shiv house)
Sanskar:mera saalaa ji
Sanskar:kuch nay..
Swara:warn him..
Sanskar in mind swara kaha fasa diya tum side my bestie another side my ragini ka Bhai..
Swara:what are u thinking sanskar..go
Sanskar:vo..vo..swara leave na..i think there is misunderstanding..we will clear later..
Swara:y are u talking like this sanskar..u knw na how much i got hurt by him..
Sanskar:ok fine..u go home.i will talk with him..
Swara:i will come with u..
Sanskar:no need..u telling u naa go..
Swara nodded..
Sanskar comes to shiv..
Shiv disconnects the call nd looked at him confused..

(shiv first time seeing sanskar) sanskar..
parvati(dadi)’s grandson..
Shiv:aap dadi’s grandson..i thought to meet u many times but i didnt get time..
Sanskar:thats ok
Shiv:u came u need anything sanskar baba..
Sanskar:vo..vo..dadi sent me to ask y ragini haven’t come yet..
Shiv:she went to temple..but she went after saying dadi naa..
Sanskar:vo..i think dadi must be forgot nd sent me..
Shiv gave warm smile..
Sanskar:i should leave now..
Shiv nodded..

Sanskar comes to temple where ragini praying closing her eyes..sanskar stood beside her, staring at her..
Sanskar no response he is just admiring her..
Pandit tapped sanskar shoulder..sanskar looked at pandit..
Pandit:y u came here nd what are u doing beta..
Sanskar:vo..pandit jii
Hearing sanskar voice, ragini opened her eyes nd looks at sanskar who is smiling at her..
Ragini:sanskar jii aap
Pandit:ragini beti..u knw him
Ragini:haan pandit jii..he is dadimaa’s grandson..
Sanskar smiles..
Pandit gave prasad to ragini nd blessed her..
Ragini:sanakar jii y did u came here
Sanskar:for u
Ragini:for me???
Sanskar:vo..vo..dadi said to take
Ragini smiles nd gives prasad to sanskar..
Sanakar opend his mouth indicating her,feed him..
Ragini looks at him blinking her eyes innocently.. hands have some dust..feed naa..
Ragini looks here nd there nd feeds nervously nd looks down feeling shy..
Sanskar looks at her smiling..
Ragini sees one old lady who is unable to ascending the stairs..she runs to help her..Sanskar looks at ragini lovingly standing there…
One small boy came nd patted sanskar..
Boy:what are u looking at
Sanskar: y should i tell u
Boy:she is my didi
Sanskar:acha..then im ur jiju
Chotu(hugs her):didi..
Ragini( smiles):kya hua..sab teek tho hain na..
Chotu:haan dii..just i came to see u..but didi..u got married without telling me..
Sanskar widened his eyes..
Ragini looked at him questioning face..
Boy(pointed towards sanskar):he told that he is my j..
Sanska pulls him nd hugs him..that boy rolled his eyes..
Ragini:kya hua sanskar ji
Sanskar:this boy naa bahut cute..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar(interruptd again):ragini i forgot to tell u..pandit ji called u..go naa
Ragini nodded nd goes..
Sanskar relieved..
Chotu:are u really my jiju.
Sanskar:if ur ragini didi say ok..
Chotu:matlab..u love ragini didi.

Sanskar nodded..
Chotu looks at him from top to bottom..
Sanskar:y are u looking at me like this..
Chotu:phat phat tell ur details..
Chotu:im ragini didi k pyara sa chotu..she loves me can i allow to love her without knowing about u..
Sanskar smiles nd told about him..
Chotu:so u came from city.
Sanskar:ha tho
Chotu:u really love her na..
Sanskar:haan..i love her so much..
Chotu:how much
Sanskar:i cant say..
Chotu:will u make her happy lifelong..
Chotu:u seems good person..u r perfect for my didi..but it is not easy to make her fall in love..
Sanskar pouts..
Chotu:but..dont wry i will help u..
Sanskar:thank u so much chotu..
Chotu:ok..first get red Lilly flowers for her. She loves flowers..if u get them to ragini didi na,she will feel very happy..
Sanskar:where will i get..
Chotu:i will show u..but not now…we get only in night..
Ragini(who just came):sanskar jii,pandit ji said he didnt call me..
Sanskar:vo..vo..i think i heard wrong..
Chotu:ok didi im getting late for school..bye..
Ragini(kissed his cheek):bye
Chotu signed sanskar nd leaves..
Ragini nodded..

Ragini competed her work in bungalow..she supposed to go her home..sanskar called her..
Sanskar:close ur eyes
Ragini:ky..kyun jii
Sanskar:close naa
Ragini closed her eyes..
Sanskar smiles nd took flowers..
Ragini can smell the fragrance..she immediately opend her eyes…her face glowe seeing those flowers..
Sanskar:for u only..
Ragini took smiling widely…
Sanskar feels very happy seeing her happy face.
Ragini:khubsurath hain naa
Sanskar:Ragini Te quiero(i love u in spanish)
Ragini:kya jii
Sanskar:kuch telling thank u..
Ragini:y are u saying thank u..i should tell na..
Sanskar:then tell
Ragini(smiles):dhanyavad jii
Sanskar:not like this..tell what i have told
Ragini looks at him blinking her eyes..
Sanskar:tell Te quiero..
Ragini:i cant sanskar jii..
Sanskar:try na..
Ragini:t….te…te quiero
Ragini: te quiero
Sanskar in mind i love u too
Ragini:aab mein chaloo
Sanskar nodded smiling..
Ragini goes..

Ragini sat in corridor under moonlight holding flowers ,listening her fav songs in radio..she smell the fragrance of flowers..when ever she look at the flowers she feel the unknown happiness..
Sanskar comes to terrace not getting sleep..he sees ragini who is in moonlight ,brighten like a star..
Ragini closed her eyea humming the song which is playing in radio..
Sanskar imagined he is dancing with her…
Song has stopped..sanskar brushed his hair blushing…
Ragini says to herself ,sanskar jii got it for me but how he knws that i love these flowers..nd y did he bring for me..she lost in thoughts..
Sanskar sees ragini in thoughts..he came to ragini house nd sat beside her…
Ragini still in thoughts..
Sanskar tapped her shoulder..
Ragini jerks nd looks at him.
Ragini:sanskar jii..aap..when did u cme..
Sanskar:when u lost in thoughts..what are u thinking..
Ragini:vo..vo..kuch nay..
She bites her nails nervously..
Sanskar:im not getting sleep..i saw i came..
Ragini smiles wkly..
Sanskar stares at her ,ragini looks away nervously..
Sanskar smiles sheepishly..
Ragini looks at him nd found sanskar rubbing his eye..
Ragini:kya hua sanskarjii
Sanskar:something fell on my eyes..
Ragini concernd nd looks at him worried..
Sanskar:ah..kuch karo naa ragini
Ragini nodded nd stand to go..
Sanskar:ragini where are u going
Ragini:i..i will call someone
Sanskar in mind oh god this girl naa..
Ragini:kya jii
Sanskar:u are here naa..what is the need to call someone..
Ragini bites her nails..
Sanskar:ragini plz..
Ragini nervously moves to him nd held his face gently..sanskar heart beat skipped..she blows air into his eye..sanskar closed his eyes..
Ragini:sa..san..sanskar ,how can i see if u close ur eyes..
Sanskar opens his eyes nd looks at her very close..her breath touching his face..she again blows air..sanskar looks at her intensily..
Ragini:sanskar jii..aab teek tho hain naa..
Sanskar cant hear anything..he
can only see her face close to him nd her moving lips…he pulled her holding her waist nd placed his lips on her’s kissing her passionately..
Ragini:sanskar jii kya kho gaya aap..
Sanskar comes out of his imaginary kiss nd composed himself..
Ragini:aab teek tho hain naa ur eye..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar says in mind sanskar still how many days u live in is correct time tell ur feelings nd make ur dreams not sure how she will feel..first i have to get place in her heart..
He looks at ragini who is yawning..
Sanskar:ok ragini leaving..
Ragini nodded..
Sanskar turns to go..
Ragini:sanskar jii
Sanskar turns at her
Ragini(with shy):g..gud..gud night
Sanskar(smiles widely):wahh..u have learned it..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:good night..
Saying he goes smiling…


Next i will post i lv u  mrs rag san maheswari

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