My Desi Girl (RagSan) Episode-7

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episode 6

Ragini comes to dadi’s house,where she found no one in home..she goes to kitchen to ask ramu kaka,but she was surprsied to see sanskar instead of ramu kaka in kitchen..
Ragini:san…sanskar jiii..aap
Sanskar turns nd smiled widely seeing ragini..
Sanskar:haan mein yaha.

Ragini:where is ramu kaka,dadi maa
Sanskar:all went out..
Ragini:kya..dadi maa went out,how could she go without me,even without telling me..(She pouts sadly)
Sanskar:so cute
Ragini:kya jii

sanskar:vo..vo..kuch nay..vo..i only sent her with my friends..she said she would take u with her..but i only stopped her..
Ragini:kyun(she asks innocently)
Sanskar:kyun ki i want to spend some with u alone..(he said slowly)

Ragini:kya ji..
Sanskar:vo..vo..actually today is dadi’s birthday hain naa..i planed surprise for i sent her out with my friends..i need ur help in aarangeemnts so,i need u..
Ragini(smiles widely):kya,aaj dadi maa ka janmadin??
Sanskar:haan..dont u know

Ragini nodded as no..
Sanskar:now u knw na..come we will plan together(he stressed last word)
Ragini nodded..
Sanskar:first ,i want to make cake..see i have already kept ingredients.i will instruct u,how to make..u do..
Ragini was doing as per sanskar saying..she is mixing batter for chocolate cake,Sanskar stares at her lovingly..suddenly Whisk fell down from ragini’s hand when sanskar back hugs her..
Ragini:sa..san..sanskar ji..aapp kya..

she stooped her sentence in middle,as her breath hacked at moment when sanskar passed his hand through her waist sensuously..she just stood numb..sanskar pulls her close by pressing her waist nd brushed his lips on her back..ragini close her eyes tight..He entangled his right hand with her hand nd dipped her hand into batter..

ragini breaths heavily leaning her back against him..he takes her hand from batter nd started to lick the chocolate frm her hand.. he licks nd sucks her each finger sensously making her numb..he makes her turn towards him.ragini closed her eyes still..he smiled at her cute face,he dipped his hand into baater nd smread on her face nd neck..Ragini gripped his shoulders tight..
he pulled her even more close nd nuzzles her neck with his face…ragini digs her nails into his skin..he cups her face nd looks at her chocolate lips..he leaned to her lips…
Ragini:sanskar jii(called him loud)

sanskar jerks ,he comes out from his dreamland,he looks at her blushing..
Ragini looks at him confused..Sanskar smiles sheepishly..
Ragini:aa..aap ko kya hogaya
Sanskar:tum se pyar hogaya
Ragini:k..k..kya(she shocked)
sanskar(came to reality):vo…

Sanskar:vo..dont u knw,there is a movie with this name,vo i jst remembered that..
Ragini looks at him not understanding..
Sanskar:vo..vo..leave it.. kya karoo

sanksar:i wil keep it in oven
Ragini nodded nd goe sto clean her hands..
Sanskar took bsatter into his hands,nd closed his eyes recalling his stupid dream,he again lost in his dream nd dancing holding the batter..he slipped while dancing,nd hits ragini who is coming towards him after cleaning her that process the batter which was in his hands fell on ragini..sanskar widened his eyes..Ragini looks at him innocently with puppy eyes…

Ragini:aap ko kya hogaya sanskar ji.. really sorry
Ragini:koi bath nay..mein abhi ghar jaake saaf karlungi
Sanskar:wait ragini,how can u go like this..clean here only..
sanskar:vo..u clean ..i will borrow it from swara

Ragini:its ok ji..i will go my home
Sanskar:no ragini,do u knw how u r looking like this ,plzz saaf karo..

Ragini nodded hesistantly nd goes to wahsroom…
Sanskar knock the washroom door nd give some dress to her..
Ragini eyes widened seeing short sleeveless dress

Ragini:sanskar ji..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:will u give another dress..bahut chota hain..
Sanskar:i found this only..kya hain naa, swra wears this type only naa
Ragini:i cant wear this..
Sanskar:if u wear this,nothing will happend wera this,later u can change..
30 min passed..
Sanskar:ragini,did u wear

Ragini:haan nii
Sanskar:then come
Ragini:nay jii
Sanskar:areh come na..its getting late,we have to do arrangements na..
Ragini:sanskar ji..will u give bedsheet
Sanskar:no..first u come..dont u want to celebrate dadi birthday..come..
Ragini nodded,she comes out of washroom nervously..sanskar eyes popped out seeing her like that..she is looking very hot in black short dress..sanskar fainted…ragini shocked ,she immediately rushed to him..
Ragini:sanskar ji,sanskar ji..

Sanskar slowly opened his eyes..
Ragini:aa..aap teek tho hain naa
Ragini:kya hua
Sanskar pointed towards his heart..
Ragini:kya hua appke dill ko..
Sanskar:geeting crazy for u

Sanskar inhales a deep breath..ragini looks at him confused..sanskar got up nd looks at ragini intensily from bottom to top,Ragini rushed to washroom could not able to bear his intense gaze on her…Sanskar squeezed his heart smiling at himself..
Ragini who was in washroom blushing recalling his gaze on her.but she composed herself..she removed that dress nd changes into her dress which was filled with chocolate batter..
she comes out nd sanskar rolled his eyes..

Ragini:vo..vo..mein change kar ke aata hoon..
Saying she runs to her home..sanskar smiles at her act..
Dadi nd all came to home..dadi looks confused seeing those decorations..
Ragsan comes towards her smiling..
Dadi:sanskar what is all this..

Sanskar:happy birthday dadi
Dadi( eyes gloomed with happiness):it had been so many years i forgot this day..
Sanskar:but now ur grandson is here to remember..
Dadi looks at him emotionally..
Ragini( hugs dadi):janmadinb mubharak dadi
Dadi smiles
Sanskar:hope u like my surprise..

Dadi:i loved it..u did it alone
Sanksar:no ragini helped me..
Dafi smiled nd caressed ragini head..
But some one face fell ,u knw who was it….obiviously swara..
all wished dadi..
Sanskar:come dadi..cut the cake

Dadi nodded..
Ragini took dadi..
Swara(holds sanskar hand):u said no to me ,when i asked i will help u..u said u want to do alone..
Sanskar:haan swara..but..vo..vo..i could not do it alone,so i took ragini help
Swara:but sanskar
Sanskar:we will talk later..first let me celebrate dadi’s birtday first..
Saying he goes..swara feels bad..
thery had a celebration,making dadi happy…swara who was sad after observing sanskar who gave more attention to ragini in whole party…

Ragini:sanskar ji..
Sanskar looks at her smiling widely heraing her..
Ragini:aaj Dadi maa bahut kush lag rahi hain,aap ki vajah se,i have never seen dadi maa like this….bahut bahut dhanyavad..
Sanskar:but i dont want ur thank u
RAgini:then what do u want
Sanskar:something else
Ragini:kya,do u need coffe
Sanskar slaps his forehead nd murmurs meri dumbo..

Sanskar:kuch nay,i will ask later..
Ragini:ji..mein jaata hoon
Sanskar:good night
Ragini smiles nd goes..
Sanskar smiles nd ruffled his hair..

Hii guys,im sorry if it was bad..i wrote in hurry as im little busy..I will be busy for one My next update will be after MAY 20th….if i get free time i will try to update 1 or 2 updates before 20th but not sure..will miss u u all..plzz remember me

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