My Desi Girl (RagSan) Episode-6

Episode 5
As soon as sanskar woke up..he goes downstairs for searching ragini..he heard anklet sound frm kitchen nd goes ..he comes towards ragini who was working in kitchen,he touched her forehead to check her temperature..he got relieved when he sensed it was normal…
Ragini jst looks at him blank blinking her eyes…
Sanskar:thank god ..u r fine.. hua ji..
Sanskar:vo..dadi told u got u r fine nahh
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini:sanskar jii
She said sweetly which makes sanakar heart skipped a beat..he looks at her smiling widely showing his 32 teeth..
Ragini:vo..your jacket..
she forwarded his jacket to him..
Sanskar takes it smiling..

Sanskar:not u..i should thank u for giving chance to my jacket to touch ur smooth skin..
Ragini:kya jii
Sanskar:kuch nay..vo..make coffee for me..i will get fresh nd come..
Sanskar goes staring at his jacket..

Sanskar comes to his room nd hugged it tight imagine ragini in it..he holds it near his heart nd dancing like a mad smiling at himself crazily…
Swara who was jogging in backyard of bungalow, dashed someone..she turns at him annoyed, as soon as her eyes got red seeing shiv there..
Swara:tum..u r d one right who messes up with me…i will not leave u this dare u to do like that..u stupid..idiot..bla bla..
She scolds him continuously…shiv got irritated..he lifts her..
Swara:what are u doing man..leave..
Shiv doesnt listen he took her to mud pool nd throws her into it..

Swara:what the hell
Shiv:if u again ,raise ur voice in front of me..i dont knw what will i carefull short ladaki..
Saying he goes ,leaving fuming swara there..
Swara comes to sanskar room nd hugged him..
Sanskar:kya hua swara

Swara(cries):plzz take me from here..i cant stay here..
Sanskar:what happend..y r u crying..
Swara told about he behaved with her but she doesnt tell how she behaved with him..
Swara sobs ,sanskar consoling her…
Ragini came to sanskar room nd sees this..she got nervous..sanskar turned his face hearing anklet nd sees ragini who looks down nervously…
Sanskar immediately parted away from swara..

Ragini:vo…vo..maaf kijiye..vo..vo..dadi calling u…
Saying she runs before sanskar could speak..
Sanskar:swara if u again see him inform me..i will warn him..u take going to dadi..
Swara nodded wiping her tears…
He goes nd searches for ragini first..
He sees she was going towards dadi’s room..
Sanskar:ragini ruko
Ragini:kya jii

Sanskar:vo..its not like that what u r thinking..
Ragini looked at him blank..
Sanskar:vo..dont u mistaken about us naa…
(he got tensed about where raginu mistaken him seeing their hug)
Sanskar:vo..u hav seen me nd swara hugging was jst friendly hug..nothing is there bw us..dont misunderstand..
Ragini:ji..but y r u telling me all these..
Sanskar in mind buddu then whom to i tell..
Sanskar:u should knw na..
Ragini:kyun jii

Sanskar:u will get to knw soon..
Ragini looks at him with puppy eyes,not understand anything..
Sanskar:omg those eyes..he squeezed his heart…
Ragini:vo..mein jaata hu

Sanskar:ruko meri cupcake
Hearing cupcake ragini blushes lightly..
Ragini:vo..dont call me like that(she said innocently)
Sanskar:kyun cupcake
Ragini:vo..mera naam ragini me with my name..
Sanskar:no..i will call u cupcake only..cupcake..cupcake..cupcake..

Ragini cheeks got red…she twisted her lips nervously..sanskar smiles seeing her blush..ragini looks at him nd runs ,feeling shy..sanskar brushed his hair smiling…
Sanskar came to dadi ,he passes a smile to ragini who stood beside dadi…
Sanskar:kya dadi.u called me..
Dadi:haan sanskar..u love cupcakes na..
Sanskar(looks at ragini who looks away):haa dadi..i love cupcakes so much…

Dadi:i hav bought cupcakes by ramu ur friends et..
Sanskar:wow..thank u so much dadi..ummah..
He kissed dadi’s cheek..dadi caressed his hair smiling..ragini smiles seeing sanskar who was exciting for cupcskes like a kid..

Sanskar,rohan ,ajay(swara mahan doesny cme as she was sleeping) sat to have cupcakes..ragini stood some inches away frm them with dadi…
Sanskar:ramu kaka give fast..u knw im craving to have cupcake(he said looking at ragini smiling)
Whenever ragini heard cupcake frm his mouth ,reddish shade comes over her face without knowledge herself..she squeezed her dupatta..Sanskar took one cup cake ,he looks at ragini face nd says how cute it is..

Rohan gives a what look..sanskar ignored him…
Sanskar licked the cream while looking at ragini…
Ragini suddenly feels butterflies in her stomach..she herself dont knw y sanskar words effect on her..she looks here nd there biting her nails..
Sanskar (looked at ragini cheeks nd bited cupcake):yummy..
Sanskar( looks at her juisy lips):how delicious those red rose buds..mein mara javunga
Rohan:what u r talkingi about
Sanskar:vo….vo..these cherries..

Sanskar:i wanna taste every inch of those juicy cherries…
Ragini:vo…dadi..i hav work in kitchen..
Dadi nodded..ragini goes..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini comes to kitchen nd holds her heart..
Sanskar stopped ragini who was going to her home..
Ragini:k..kya u need something..
Sanskar:will u give..what ever i want..he winked st her..
Sanskar sees her uncomfortable..
Sanskar:nothing..vo..go..good night

Sanskar:kya jii..say good night back to me.
Ragini(biting her nails):mujhe nahi pata jiii
Sanskar:im here na..tell..good bolo what i hav said..
Ragini:no…no..night..good night
Sanskar:i love u

Sanskar:kuch nay…
Their conversation brk by swara who came to drink water sees sanskar talking with ragini smiling..
Swara:sanskar what are u both doing..
Sanskar:ragini u go..
Ragini noddes nd goes..
Sanskar:kuch nay asking about dadi..havnt u slept yet
Swara:i came to drink water

Sanskar:oh..ok..good getting sleep..
Saying he goes to his room..
Swara feels something fishy…


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