Saam Daam Dand Bhed 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Mandira’s Deceptive Inentions

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 21st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananth comes to meet Vijay and says he is very distress and does not know if Mandira loves him or not. Vijay asks him to relax and says he is worried about arranging funds for party. Ananth asks not to worry. Mandira smirks seeing Tesjaswini following her and tricks her by driving car on different routes and finally reaches Vijay’s house.

At Vijay’s house, Angad shows his helplessness in front of Sadhna. Sadhna tries to console him and says she will speak to Vijay. Angad says Vijay does not care about their feelings at all, he served Vijay like Hanumanji served Ramji, but Vijay deceived him, he will not work for Vijay from hereon.

She walks into Vijay’s house and touches Sadhna’s feet. Sadhna warns not to touch her feet after her heinous act and betraying whole family. Mandira says Prabhath had accepted her as bahu. Sadhna warns dare not to take Prabhath’s name, he did not know Mandira’s true colors. Gayatri interferes and asks Sadhna to scold Bulbul instead because of whom they are facing problems and asks Mandira to sit. Bulbul walks in and warns Mandira if she did not hear what Sadhna told and asks to get out. Mandira leaves. Gayatri returns and asks Sadhna not to create any issues now as Ananth is at home. Ananth walks in and asks Sadhna if Mandira had come. Mandira walks in holding sweet box. Ananth asks when did she come and why did she come here. Mandira says she came to invite Vijay and his family for holi celebrations from Kaushalpur Royal Family as Vijay is Ananth’s best friend. She touches Sadhna’s feet and asks her to bless her that she should get what she deserves. She then gives sweet box to Bulbul and invites her. Once Ananth leaves, Mandira warns Bulbul dare not to act oversmart, she will get Vijay at any cost. Bulbul also challenges that she will not let anyone snatch her mangalsutra.

Vijay with his family attends Ananth’s holi celebrations. Mandira does pooja with Bulbul and prays loudly to get what she deserves. Bulbul challenges not to ask what god does not want to give her. Their argument and confrontations continue….

Precap: Mandira asks Ananth to take her home soon. Vijay walks in correcting his kurta. Tejaswini notices it. Mandira shows her self-inflicted injuries to Ananth, alleging Vijay did it for rejecting his love.

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