My Desi Girl (RagSan) Episode-13

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My Desi Girl (RagSan) Episode-12

Ragini:sanskar jii aap mujhe kaha le jaa rahe ho..
Sanskar:u will get to knw Ragini:boliyena ji
Sanskar:keep quite
Ragini:sanskar jii boliyana Sanskar:i said naa..dont ask until we reach..
Ragini:par..i want to knw Sanskar:ok kidnapping u Ragini:kyun
Sanskar:kyun ki..u r not listening me.. listening ur all words doing whatever u said naa.. Sanskar:im talking about my love..u r ignoring my i kidnap u nd keeps along with me until u accept my love.. Ragini:sanskar jii..sach kahiyena Sanskar:sach mein..
Ragini looks at him with pout.. Sanskar smiles nd walks further.. Ragini(held sanskar ‘s wrist):sanskar jii
Sanskar looks at her hand nd smiles widely..
Ragini:where are u taking me Sanskar just staring at her hand which hels his hand.. Ragini looks at him nd at her hand then left immediately..
Sanskar:areh y did u leave my hand.. He pouts..
Sanskar:plz stop being nervous in front of all need to be nervous..did u get it..
Ragini stood biting her nails.. Sanskar:Tum kitni cute lagate ho while biting nails.. He said coming close to her.. Ragini:vo..vo..sanskar ji..
Sanskar moves close to her..ragini closed her eyes tight..Sanskar smiles nd covered her eyes with his hands..
Ragini:sanskar jii what are u doing Sanskar:chalo
Sanskar:if one word cme from ur mouth..i would kiss keep calm..did u understand..
Ragini doesn’t ans as she is afraid of his kiss.. Sanskar(intentionally):ragini ek baat batao
Ragini kept silent..
Sanskar smiles..nd walks closing her eyes..
Sanskar removed his hands from her eyes..ragini opened her eyes nd smiles surprisingly..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini:shiv ji (there is small shiv ling under tree which is surrounded by beautiful flowers,those flowers aroma filled over that place..people believe that ,this ling very powerful ,nd shivji grants their every wish.. Ragini:sanskar jii..u knw i.. Sanskar(cutted her words):i knw u wanted to come here..but ur bhayyu didnt allowed to go as it is very far away from village
nd that too in jungle.. Ragini:haan..aap ke kaise pata Sanskar:bcz i love u
Sanskar:matlab..if u loves anyone truly,they have to knw what in thier heart..
Ragini:sach mein
Sanskar nodded smiling nd recalled how chotu informed him about this temple nd ragini’s wish.. Ragini:but u should have told me before naa..
Sanskar:oh my cupcake..this is called surprise..
Sanskar:kuch nay..pray
Ragini nodded..she did puja to shiv ling while sanskar just staring at her lovingly standing over there.. Sanskar:what u wished..
Ragini:i cant tell u jii.. Sanskar:ok..atleast tell for whom about u had a wish..
Ragini:about my bhayyu Sanskar:only ur bhayyu? Ragini:nay aap ke liye
Sanskar face brighten.. But as soon as faded when she continued her list..
Ragini:aap keliye,dadi maa ke liye ..nd ramu kaka ,chotu ,rohan ji, ajay ji swara di..
Sanskar:wow great..y did u leave ur neighbors ,animals nd tress in this jungle..haan u should pray for aliens also naa.. (he mocks at her) Ragini pouts..
Sanskar:i knw u didnt wish anything special about me..i make my wish for our love..
He huffs..
ragini looks at him with pout.. Sanskar (makes a wish):chale ab Ragini nodded as no
Sanskar:still anything left
Ragini nodded as yes..
Ragini folded her hands nd walks around tree..
Sanskar:what is it..can i come along with u
Ragini:nay ji..u cant
Sanskar:y i cant
Ragini:kyun ki i will do 108 times.. Sanskar:what..why
Ragini:mein maanthi hun..if i would do ,my wish definitely became true..
Sanskar:but ur legs will pain naa Ragini:nay..mujhe aadat hain.. Sanskar:teeke i will also do Ragini:nay ji
Sanskar:kyun..i want my wish also will become true
Ragini:but sanskar ji..aap kar nay sakate..chodiyena..aap aaram se bytiye vaha
Sanskar:i can do baby..lets go Ragini:par
Ragini nodded unwillingly..After some time they completed 108 rounds..
Ragini:aap teek tho hain naa Sanskar:hmm..thoda tired..sit for
Ragini nodded..

Both sat there.. Sanskar looks at ragini,who is holding her stomach looking here nd there..
Sanskar:are u hungry
Ragini looks at him blinking her eyes..
Sanskar:i knw..u r feeling hungry.. Ragini:aap ko kise pata chalgaya Sanskar:i told u naa..if u loves truly ,u got to knw..
Ragini:sach mein aap ko pata chalta(she aaskd innocently) Sanskar(pulls her cheeks):my innocent cupcake..
Ragini(rubbing her cheek):sanskar jii
Sanskar(smiles):ruko..there is prasad at shiv ji..i will get it.. Saying he goes..
Ragini ate bannana nd turns at sanskar, who is staring at her without blinking his eyes.. Ragini:sanskar jii..aise mat dekhiye Sanskar:what is all this..aise mat dekhiye..aise mat kahiye..aise mat Kijiye..uff..i love u..nd i have all rights..did u get..
Ragini nodded with pout.. Sanskar:good girl..
Ragini:sanskar ji..ab chale.. Sanskar:y cant we stay somemore time here..
Ragini:chaliye naa sanskar jii..its became dark..
Sanskar:thats y im saying.. Ragini:matlab
Sanskar:see its became dark.look at this beautiful moon light nd those flowers aroma..nd here tum aur mein alone..we can do one disturb us.. He said coming close to her.. Ragini:sa..sanskar jii..aap aise baat mat kahiye
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar:we are staying here sometime..thats it..
Ragini before could speak.. Sanskar lied on her lap..ragini widened her eyes.. Sanskar takes her hand into his hand while sleeping into her lap.. Ragini heart beat increased..
Sanskar:want to stay like this forever..
Ragini held her thumping heart.. Sanskar:ragini
Ragini words got struck when he started playing with her fingers.. Sanskar:ragini
Sanskar:kua hua..y are u not talking anything Ragini:sa..san..sanskar ji.. Sanskar:haan..bolo Ragini:cha..cha..chaliye naa Sanskar:nay
Ragini looks here nd there.. Sanskar:ragini..meri taraf dekho.. Ragini slowly turns at him.. Sanskar:ragini
Sanskar:what are u feeling now Ragini:vo..vo..
Sanskar:bolo naa
Ragini:vo..vo..bhayyu must be worrying about me..we should go.. Sanskar (slaps his forehead nd got up from her lap):u are naa..
Ragini looks at him with pout.. Sanskar stood nd murmurs turning otherside always bhayyu bhayyu bhayyu..areh im here getting mad at her..she doesn’t even care about it..
Ragini who heard this smiles..
Sanskar turns at her.ragini stops smiling..
Sanakar(held her hand protectively):chale..
Ragini nodded..
Both reached home..
Ragini:sanskar jii..aap ko bahut bahut dhanyavad..aap ki vaja se my wish puri hogayi.. Sanskar:hmm..but u knw i want something else instead of thanks.. Ragini recalls when sanskar demands kiss whenever she said thanks to him..
Sanskar:are u ready baby..
Ragini:vo..vo..mein jana hoga
She turns to go..sanskar held her wrist nd pulls her into his embrace..
Ragini looks at him widening her eyes..
Sanskar:where are u going baby..u only wanted to thank me naa..give me one kiss instead of thanks.. Ragini:v..vo..
Sanskar:what..come on Ragini:vo..vo..san..sanskar jii Sanskar moves close to her,ragini words got struck aa he is so close to her..there is inch gap between their lips..ragini closed her eyes tight.. Sanskar smiles nd kissed her forehead.. Ragini opened her eyes nd looks at him..
Sanskar:gud night..mng jaldi aavo nd wake me up with ur coffee.. Ragini gives a nod..nd goes while blushing..
Sanskar smiles ruffling his hair.. @next day
Ragini comes to dadi’s house..she fastly made coffee for sanskar..seems she is eagar to meet sanskar..
Ramu kaka:ragini beta..where are u going..
Ragini:vo..sanskar ji keliye coffee Ramu kaka:but dadi said,do not disturb sanskar as he is not well.. Ragini:kya..kya hua sanskar ji ko(worried)
Ramu:he has pain in his legs..dadi gave medicine nd told he need rest..
Ragini in mind pain??i told him but he didnt listen .he hav done 108 rounds..kyun sanskar ji..

Ramu:ragini beti..
Ragini was lost in thoughts..she wants to see sanskar once..but how can she ?dadi told not disturb naa..
Ramu:ragini beti
Ragini(came to sense):jii kaka Ramu:kaha kho gay tum Ragini:vo..vo..kuch nay..
Ramu:its medicine time for dadi na..go
Ragini nodded nd walks..she stopped in front of sanskar room while going towards dadi’s room..she wants to go nd knw is he fine..but stops herself nd goes to dadi room sadly..
Its become evening ,ragini was very upset as she havnt seen sanskar..
Dadi sees ragini lost somewhere.. Dadi:ragini
Ragini:han dadi
Dadi:kya hua tum teek tho hain naa..
Ragini:vo..vo..jii dadi
Dadi:ok..i will go nd see sanskar once..
Ragini:i will take u there dadi
Dadi:no need ragini..u get coffee for me ..
Ragini nodded nd goes to kitchen.. ***
Ragini made coffee nd goes to sanskar room..she about to knock but stopped hearing dadi.. Dadi:ragini mein yaha hu..i came frm his room..
Ragini face fell..
she handovers coffee to dadi with sad face..
Dadi:haan ragini
Ragini(sadly):ji dadi
Dadi:take hotoil from ramu kaka nd go to sanskar nd massage his leg..he will feel better..
Ragini (face brighten):jii dadi Saying she immediately goes to kitchen to get hot oil..
Ragini came holding hot oil..sanskar looks at her then looks away..
Ragini:sa..sanskar jii..aap teek hu
Sanskar doesn’t say anything..
Ragini:sanskar jii
Sanskar (turns at her):what
Ragini:aap teek tho hain naa..
Sanskar:kyun..tume kya farak padata
Ragini:kya hua sanskar ji..aap naaraj hu
Sanskar:nay..mein naraj fact mein bahut kush hu..
Ragini:achha hain..aap kush hu
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini looks at him with pout..
Sanskar:dont make that innocent face..
Ragini:kya hua sanskar ji.
Sanskar:kya hua? Where were u since mng damit..
Sanskar(cutted her words):u kne how long i was waiting for u..where wr u..dont u think come to me once..
Sanskar(interrupts again):dont talk anything..u didnt come nd my idiotic friends didnt allow me to move from here…i was just mad to see u..but u never bothered..
Ragini(tried to say sentence between his talk):sanskar jii mein bahut parashan hu aap keliye..par
Sanskar stops talking nd looks at her..
Ragini:par..dadi maa told u need rest ,do not disturb Sanskar:wait..wait..kya kaha tum ne..u worried about me..
Ragini (realized what she said):vo..vo.
Sanskar(smiles):really u worried about me..that means
Ragini:aise kuch nay
Sanskar:matlab..didnt u worry about me..
Ragini:vo..chodiye..mein hotoil laga dungi..
Sanskar:first come sit near me..i missed u so much..
Sanakar:come naa
Ragini (goes sat near him):vo..vo.. Sanskar :kya hua
Ragini:hume maaf kardijiye..bcz of u me..u got pain naa..u should not have took me there (she looks at him feeling guilt)
Sanskar:areh ragini ,plz dont think like that..its not bcz of u..dont feel bad..dont let me feel bad.. Ragini:par
Sanskar:shh..thodasa will be ok..plz dont feel sad..
Sanskar:chodo na..
Ragini:jii..i will apply this oil to ur legs..u will feel better
Sanskar:ok my cupcake..first close the door
Sanskar:do naa..i dont want anyone come nd disturb us..
Ragini:par jii
Ragini nodded..Sanskar smiles..

Ragini massages his legs.. Sanskar looks at her lovingly.. Ragini:hogaya..aap aram kijiye.mein chalati hu
Sanskar(held her hand):plzz stay for sometime naa.. He said with intensity nd love in his eyes which makes ragini lost into his eyes.. Sanskar:plzz
Ragini nodded without knowledge herself looking into his intense eyes..they have eyelock..

There is a knock on door..sanskar makes annoyed face..ragini gets sense nd composed herself.. Sanskar:who is it
Swara:sanskar mein hu..
Sanskar:kya u need anything
Swara:are u is ur leg pain Sanskar:i have a pain still..i need rest..
Swara:i got a medicine the door once
Sanskar(looking at ragini):my medicine meri paas hain naa(he winks at ragini who is looking here nd there hiding her blush)
Sanskar:plzz swara..let me take rest
Swara:fine.. She goes.. Ragini:vo..vo..aap aram kariye.. She turns to go..
Sanskar:u said u stay here for sometime
Ragini:vo..vo..u need rest na..aap sojayiye
She turns to go..but sanskar pulls her holding her wrist ,she fell on his chest.. jii Sanskar:shhh Sanskar encircled his hand around her waist..
Ragini widened her eyes.. Sanskar looks at her romantically while removing her hair strands from her face..ragini heart flutters felling his cold fingers on her cheek..he cupped her face nd kissed her forehead..
Ragini looks on..
Sanskar:i love u ragini..u cant even imagine how much i loves u
Ragini looks at him..they have a eyelock.. She gets sense when she heard dadi voice.. She gets up from him.. Sanskar pouts.. Ragini:vo..vo..i need to prepare dinner..
Sanskar:fine..come after making dinner..get me dinner here for me.. Ragini nodded .. She turns to go but again turns at sanskar.. Ragini:aap teek tho hain na..meri matlab..ur pain kaisa hain ab Sanskar:u applied be fine soon.. He said smiling.. Ragini looks at him nd walks while blushing.. Sanskar smiles.. Swara who have seen ragini coming from sanskar blushing,clenched her fist looking at ragini angrily..

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