My Desi Girl (RagSan) Episode-12

Sanskar heard knock on his room door..
Sanskar:come in
Again he heard knock..
Sanskar:its open..
Again he heard knock..
Sanskar annoyed nd came out nd sees ragini who stood with coffee in her one hand nd biting her hails of another hand..
Sanskar:y are u knocking door..
Sanskar:come inside
Ragini nodded as no..
Sanskar raised his eyebrow.
Ragini:coffee lijiye
Sanskar nodded as no..
Sanskar:kya hua.
Ragini:kuch lijiye na..
Sanskar looks at her nd hold ragini hand nd slowly pulls her inside nd closed the door..
Ragini widened her eyes..
Sanskat takes coffee nd kept aside..
Ragini:san..sanskar jii..i have so much of work..
she about to go sanskar held her hand nd pins her to the wall..
Ragini jii plzz kuch mat kijiye.
Sanskar:kuch mat matlab
Ragini(recalls how he kissed her yesterday):vo..vo..
Ragini:vo..kal aapne fumbles to say kiss word)
Sanskar:u mean kiss
Ragini nodded
Sanskar:u want kiss(he winks at her)
Ragini:nay.. nay..aap aaise mat kijiye
Ragini:plzz sanskar jii
Ragini gets relief..
Sanskar:i will not kiss u..u just stay like this for sometime
Ragini:but mujhe bahut kaam hain..
Sanskar:i agreed for what u said..u have to agree for this..
Ragini:teeke..thoda time(she said cutely)
Sanskar nodded smiling..
Ragini stood lowering her head..
Sanskar:look at me..
Ragini heads up nd looks at sanskar who is staring at her lovingly..she blushes lightly..she feels nervous ,she biting her nails for sometime nd playing with her dupatta for sometime..he is admiring her cute antics..he just looks at her without blinking his eyes..
Ragini feels butterflies in her stomach feeling his intense gaze..her heart beat increased..her cheeks gets pink.. she looks here and there..
Sanskar: look at me not able to see ur face..
Ragini:vo..vo..sanskar jii
Ragini:aap aisa mat dekhiye(dont look at me like this)
Ragini:vo..vo..aap bas aise mat dekhiye
Ragini:kyun ki..mein..mein
Sanskar:dont hide ur feeling..tell naa..tell that u r feeling something when i see u
Ragini:vo..vo..its noting like that
Ragini:vo..vo..nothing..sanskar jii plzz..aap mujhe se pyar mat kijiye bas(she said cutely)
Sanskar smiles seeing her cuteness..
Ragini:sanskar jii,im telling u seriously..
(again he smiles)
Ragini looks at him with pout..
Sanskar:how cute u are..i just not able to control myself..he took a deep breath..
Ragini:sanskar jii
Ragini kept quite kyun ki he neard her..ragini heart beat races again..
He moves very close to her..ragini closed her eyes tight breathing heavily..He moves to her ear nd said huskily I love u..i will love u my whole life..
Ragini feels numb when his lips slightly touched her ear lobe..she closed her eyes tight..
Sanskar steps back nd looks at her ..he smiles seeing affect of his touch on her..
Sanskar:now u can open ur eyes..
Ragini opens her eyes nd looks down..
Sanskar:look at me
Ragini nodded as no..
Sanskar hold her chin nd makes her look at him..ragini closed her eyes.. naa
Ragini:vo..vo..i have to go sanskar jii..dadi ma ko medicine ka time hogayi..
He opens the door.
Ragini took a deep breath nd leaves..
All sat for lunch..ramu kaka serving food..sanskar looks for ragini..he doesnt found..he stood up..
Dadi:kya hua sanskar..kuch chahiye kya
Sanskar(looks around the table):vo..vo..water
Ramu:i forgot to get..aap rukiye..i will get
Sanskar:no..thats ok kaka..i will get..
Saying he goes without waiting for ramu kaka reply..
Sanskar came to kitchen nd sees ragini who lost in thoughts..
Sanskar(stood beside her):what are u doing here
Ragini(jerks from her thoughts):vo..vo..mein
Sanskar:uff ragini..y u always fumble with ur words..u can feel free infront of me..u can talk whatever u want..u no need to hesitate..vaise im going to be ur husband u should feel free in front of ur pati
Ragini:kya bate kar raha hain sanskar ji

Sanskar:sachhi bat hain naa..
Ragini looks at him pout.
Sanskar:but ragini..after marriage u should be todasa romantic
Sanskar:matlab..u will have to kiss me daily whenever i want..
Ragini widened her eyes..
Ragini:bas kijiye aap..
Rohan(from dining):sanskar what are u u get water..
Sanskar:haan rohan coming..
Rohan ajay looks at eo nd smiles..swara just observing all..gritting her teeth..
Sanskar:im going..u come nd u should only serve me food..and u should be in front of me while i hav food..orelse i wont eat though im hungry..
Ragini nodded innocently..
Sanskar came back to dining..
Rohan:this much time u took..did u make water..
Sanskar:very funny..i just gt cll nd had some late hogaya
Rohan:nice cover up
Rohan:kuch nay..sit..
Sanskar sat..
Ragini comes there..
Ramukaka about to serve sanskar..
Ragini:kaka aap rukiye..mein karlungi..
Ramu:thats ok beta..
Ragini:nay kaka..u go nd take rest..
Ramu kaka nodded..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini served food for sanskar nd stood straight to sanskar..sanskar eats while looking at her..ragini looks here nd there except sanskar as she feels nervous..
Sanskar ,rohan ajay in hall..ajay rohan sees sanskar lost somewhere..they both looks at eo nd smiles mischievous..
Sanskar jerks from his thoughts hearing ragini name..
Ragini:jii rohan ji
Rohan:yesterday u made kheer naa..will u make for ne now..
Ragini:teeke rohan jii
Sanskar looks at them knitting his eyebrows..
Ajay:haa raginni mujhe bhi halwa chahiye..
Ajay:haa suno ragini..thodasa sugar dalo as it will already have sweetness of ur hands naa..over sweetness ho jayagi..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar looks at them angrily..
Ragini goes to kitchen..sanskar stood up..
Rohan:where r u going sanskar
Sanskar doesn’t reply, he goes..
Rohan ajay hi fi eo..
Rohan:u will get teasing like this until u tell about ur love to us..
They smiles..
Sanskar comes to kitchen..
Sanskar:im telling u dont smile thst much cutely infront of anyone..
Ragini:cant i smile..
Sanskar:u can..but do u knw how dangerous ur smile is..anyone can fall into that..
Ragini looks at sanskar blinking her eyes ,not understanding anything..
Sanskar:dont look at me like this..nd haan..u should have resist to make whatever they said..
Ragini:par kyun..
Sanskar:i dont like..nd u no need to make all those..
Ragini:kyun jii..
Sanskar:i said no
Ragini:aap kyun gussa ho sanskar jii..
Sanskar:u cant understand..i dont want u make those sweets..make gulab jamun only for me..
Ragini:i can make 3 items..
Sanskar:no..u should only make what i said
Before ragini could speak ,dadi calls sanskar..
Sanskar:dadi calling me..i wil come later..remember i said..
Ragini just looks st him helpless..
Sanskar goes..
Rohan ajay sees sanskar who is coming from dadi’s room..nd they takes kheer nd halwa bowl which are on table nd start eating while appreciating ragini cooking skills nd talking about ragini ,how good she is nd how sweet she is nd some cheesy talk about her..
Sanskar gets angry..he goes to his room..
Rohan ajay smiles..

Ragini comes out holding gulab jamun bowl..she is about to go dadi’s room..rohan told her that he was in his room..

Ragini comes to sanskar room..
Ragini:sanskar jii aap ka gulabjamun
Sanskar:i dont need
Ragini:kya hua..u only said to make naa..
Sanskar:haan..i also said dont make those items ..then y did u make…
(its not like that he doesnt like ragini made something for his friends ,he doesnt like when they talked about ragini in flirty way)
Ragini:vo..vo..sanskar jii if i wouldnt, what they will feel..
Ragini:aap gussa ho very happy(he said sarcastic)
Ragini:sach mein
Sanskar slaps his forehead..
Ragini:kya hua sanskar jii..
Sanskar doesnt reply..
Ragini:khalijiye aapka sweet..
Sanskar(he said sternly):i said..i dont want..go
Ragini face fell when she heard’ go’ word as he always want her in front of him but he first time said go..some unknown pain occurs in her heart..sanskar looks at ragini who looks at him with sad face..sanskar was not able to bear it..ragini about to go..sanskar calmed himself nd held her hand ..ragini looks at him..
Sanskar makes her sit beside him..
Ragini sat looking down..
Sanskar:feed me
Ragini(looks at him):k..kya jii
Sanskar:no need to shock for everything..feed me with ur hands..
Sanskar:if u r not..u can take them with u..he turned his face..
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini:dekhiye naa
Sanskar turns nd sees ragini who forwarding spoon..
He smiles..ragini feeds him nervously..sanskar looks at her lovingly..ragini looks down feeling shy..sanskar takes bowl from her nd forwarded spoon full of jamun..
Ragini nodded as no..
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini pouts nd opened her mouth..sanskar smiles nd feeds her..


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