My Crush! My Love! (TwiNj) SS Part – 1

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Hi guys, i am Selsha. I already posted this part in Wattpad on another pair. I wish to write this on Twinj too. So, i am presenting it here. Hope you all will like it. Entire story is based on Twinkle’s pov.

Twinkle’s POV:

Today is going to be a long day because i am going to attend the 10 days students conference where my friends denied to come. So, i don’t know anyone there. I am a easy mingling girl, but also i am hell nervous. I wish i shouldn’t register my name to this conference when my friends denied. But this is too important for a M.B.A. student who wish to start a business.Hope there should be less number of students only. Oh God! This is too tough to going to a place where we don’t know anyone. I reached near to the conference hall, i just prayed no one should stand infront of parking. But there were students standing and surfing their mobiles. That too boys. I am not a girl who won’t speak with boys. I have so many boys as friend. But new boys means i will take time. If they speak i will speak, if they won’t means me too. By gathering courage i pressed horn, they moved aside. Then i parked my car and went inside with my bag. By God’s grace, i saw some girls sitting in bench near to hall. I smiled at them, they too smiled at me. I went near to them.

I told hi to them. They too replied back with hi. They are also unknown to each other until they meet here. Then i spoke a little with them and we all felt comfortable. Just then sir came and opened the hall. Then we all went in. Found seats together for us. I thanked god continuously for giving me som company as soon i entered. When students start come in i just shocked, there was nearly 50 students. Ok ok, 50 is less number only. But for me this itself like 1000 people. Then sir started speaking. He told that this conference will be more like classes, inbetween high level business officials will visit us and give us motivation and share their knowledge. He started speaking continuously. After sometime he told us to introduce ourselves to others. Then only my heart beats increased. I am a M.B.A. student but still i have stage fears. I am hell nervous to speak infront of unknown group of people. Then, students started introducing themselves. Now, it’s my turn.

I just said, ” I am Twinkle Taneja, from xxx College, xxxx place.” For telling this itself i struggled a lot. After to that also he asked some questions, i just replied in one word. Then few more people introduced themselves. Atlast, it is a turn of one small froup of people. 3 girls and 2 boys. When the girls started introducing themselves, Sir teased them. Then i guessed they know eachother already. Then a boy in that gang introduced himself. He is soo handsome, smart and yeah, chocolate boy. Till that i look into each and every person’s eyes when they introduced themselves, whether it is boy or girl. But this boy, i don’t know why i can’t able to look into his eyes.

He said, ” I am Kunj Sarna, from xxxx College, xxxx Place. ” He also spoke very well with sir. He teased that girls also. They are all laughing. I don’t know why but i am looking at him only. His voice, way of speaking and teasing, smiling everything attracted me. Till date i never felt for any single person like this. He casually turned to me, i turned suddenly in order to avoid his gaze. I felt like i was blushing when he saw me. But actually he not at all saw me. Then i cursed my brain for making me think wrongly.

As it is first day, sir didn’t mind us much. We all are sharing our college experience. But i am often looking at him through the corner of my eyes. His smile is killing me. I tried to control my mind but i failed. Just then sir started telling us about business structures, work, etc… it makes my heart put his smile out for sometime. After sometime again his eyes and smile came into my heart when sir announced lunch break. Me and my friends went to another hall to have lunch. Actually lunch will be provided by them itself. Before we go itself their group is standing in line. He was the last one to stand. I am the first one in our group. No, i can’t go close to him. But my friends rushed me to stand behind him. I am hell nervous to stand behind him. But he not even gave a look at me. I thanked god. We went and sit in one corner. While he went and sit in another corner with his friends. While eating also my eyes went to him automatically. But i controlled myself. We finished lunch and get back to our class.

He entered into class with his friends. I again start to lose in his smile. Sir asked two of his friends about their husbands. Without knowing to me my heart jumped in joy that two were married. Because i thought he might love anyone of them. Another girl called him bhai. So, i am in sea of happiness at that moment. Twinkle , it’s just your crush, why are you over exciting.

Then, sir restarted the class. It’s time for us to leave. Our gang is the first to go out. But i turned back when i went near to the door and look at him once and went out with smile. Then i bid bye to my new friends and drive the car to my house. My heart and eyes are filled with that Mr. Handsome’s smiling face. Kunj Sarna, nice name na.

I never thought on the very first day itself i will develop crush on anyone. This kind of feeling is very very new to me. As soon as i entered my house, i hugged my mom. My mom lost balance. But i released her before she fall. Then, she asked about my first day. I replied her that sooo beautiful. She gave me a cup of coffee. I took that and went to my room balcony. I look at sky, it’s very chill. Chill breeze is flowing. Nice climate. I sipped my coffee thinking about him. Suddenly, it starts raining. My happiness got doubled when i saw the rain. I wish to drive a car in rain to a lonely place. So, i took my car key and rushed out, my mom asked me that where i was going. I just replied that i would come soon.

I played a song in car. I don’t know whether it is coincidence or not but song which was played is Shayad yahi hai pyar. I blushed without knowing to myself. I was driving in a area where it was less number of crowd. Suddenly, i spot a ice cream vendor. I just wanna eat ice cream in this rain. So i stopped the car. I was literally running towards that vendor. Because of that i slipped. I just thought you are gone Twinkle, you are going to fall down and your skull is going to open. I closed my eyes tightly. But one hand hold my waist tightly so that i can’t fall down. I just opened my eyes slowly. It is a shock as well as surprise to me. It’s him, the same boy, kunj Sarna. I was lost in him. To make me stand properly, he pulled me towards him. I was still in his hold. He asked me, ” Are you ok?”. I just replied, “hmmm”.

He told, “walk properly”. For that also same answer from me. I don’t want to speak with him at all. Because i don’t know what to react. I not even told thanks to him. I just went to my car and left that place. I didn’t know what he was thinking about me. But i didn’t care. After i spent some time in some lonely place thinking about our sudden encounter. I am blushing continuously. Then i went home it was nearly night fall. I had my dinner and went to bed. I didn’t expect that this 1st day will be this much longer.


I am done with this 1st part.

How is it?

Comment your views on it.

Please ignore grammatical mistakes.

With love Selsha?

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  1. Amazing episode dear post soon

    1. Selsha

      Thank you dear? Actually i have exam next week, so i will update after to that

  2. Fantastic amazing mind-blowing

    1. Selsha

      Thank you dear

  3. Very nice starting twinj scene is too good waiting for next part

    1. Selsha

      Thank you dear? Actually i have exam next week, so i will update after to that

  4. Trivisha Choudhary

    Fabulous episode dear post soon

    1. Selsha

      Thank you dear? I have exam next week so i will update it later

  5. Amazing episode dear post soon

    1. Selsha

      Thank you dear? I have exam next week so i will update it later

  6. Sweet …

    1. Selsha

      Thank you dear?

  7. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Amazing dear…
    On wattpad… on which pair you have written…
    Post soon.

    1. Selsha

      Thank you dear? I have exam next week so i will update it later. In wattpad i wrote it on AdiYa, just 1 part

  8. Me_rp_27

    Wow epi is jst amazing……??
    Waiting for the next part…..??

    1. Selsha

      Thank you? next week i have exam, so i will update it later

  9. Vibhu

    Great one!
    I can relate to twinkle so much!
    She’s just like me. ?
    Post next part soon.

    1. Selsha

      Thank you? will post soon

  10. Shalu02

    Amazing episode dear please post soon

    1. Selsha

      Thank you? will update soon dear

  11. Wow ….amazing…
    Post next soon

    1. Selsha

      Thank you dear? i will update soon

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