Last Breath – Last Wish (Horror Stories By Samayra) Episode 11

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Another new episode of my fan fiction….

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After coming back from Sara’s funeral Shanaya calls Dr.Aryan…. Which is answered by Dr.Aryan within few seconds….Dr.Aryan asked her that ,how she is doing now…. Shanaya tells him that, now she is fine and absolutely normal….but she is feeling sad for Sara and her family…. She really wants to find out that who had done all that….Dr.Aryan Aryan says that even he wants to find out that who did that Sara…. Sara is his neighbor and more likely to a sister….after some more time of conversation Dr.Aryan and Shanaya decides to meet at next day….they ends they call….

Natasha comes there and asked to Shanaya that with whom she was talking…. Shanaya told her that, it was Dr.Aryan, who treated her after her accident…. not much digging the matter, Natasha asked her to come and have some food as she had not eat anything since morning…. Shanaya eats food and goes to sleep after a heavy day….

When Shanaya was in deep sleep someone came in her room and tries to woke her up ,and when she didn’t woke up….someone make her fall from the bed by which Shanaya wakes up, and tries to see who make him fall….The person who did make her fall was behind the curtains..Shanaya goes to find that who is behind curtains, but as she pull of the curtains she found no one there… She hear someone’s footsteps going towards balcony from the back door….She goes to check there but as she found no one there she turns back and than Suddenly Sara comes from behind in front of her and she was in that worsen state , in which she was than,when she found dead..the blood is coming our from him stomach and she was asking for help….

After seeing Sara in such state after returning from Sara’s funeral , Shanaya terribly scared and as she moved behind, her foot slips and she falls down from the balcony, at the floor….:)

To be continued….:)

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