Muskaan 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sujoy gets Aarti’s ring

Muskaan 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with cop catching Aarti. She throws sand at him and runs away. The cop gets her ring and says she left, but we got her sign. Aarti comes back to Shweta. Muskaan runs to washroom. Rakhi asks Muskaan to get water for her. Muskaan runs to get the glass. Sujoy says I will get it. He jokes on Rakhi. Rakhi says poor Muskaan of poor Aarti. She throws the water in a plant pot. Aarti wakes up and finds her ring missing. She thinks it will be a problem if anyone gets it. Rakhi breaks the slipper to trouble Muskaan. The cops arrive. Rakhi says I will see how Muskaan goes out, Tabassum won’t buy her new slippers. Muskaan walks with difficulty and shows broken slippers to Tabassum. Tabassum asks her not to make excuse.

She asks Muskaan to go for work. Sujoy runs after Muskaan and collides with the cop. Cop says we got some woman outside your door, don’t know who was she, we got her ring. Tabassum asks for the ring. Aarti prays that Tabassum doesn’t get that ring, else she will punish Muskaan. She cries. The cop doesn’t get the ring. Sujoy recalls picking up the fallen ring. He sells the ring for money. The man says its real, and gives him money. Sujoy gets glad. Tabassum asks cop to go if he has no ring. Cop says don’t know where did it go. She asks him to come when he has a proof.

Tabassum calls the man and asks where is Aarti, keep an eye on her. The man says she is here, I have a watch on her. Tabassum thinks Aarti can’t come here, as Muskaan is with me. Aarti thanks Maa. Muskaan is with the kids. The girl asks Muskaan to sit, as she can’t play. Muskaan agrees. She picks the rags. She refuses to have food and asks the old man to get her slipper stitched. The old man agrees. Someone informs Tabassum about Muskaan. The old man repairs Muskaan’s slipper. She thanks him and does her work. She gets some books and reads. She says I have a way to get saved from rains. She gets the plastic sheets and sticks. She makes a tent. Someone looks on.

The girl says you have made the house. Muskaan sits inside the tent and studies. All the kids see Muskaan’s tent. Muskaan says I will study well. She asks the kids to come and sit, but not stop her from studying. They agree. They hear Muskaan and laugh. Tabassum comes and takes the book. She tears it. Muskaan cries. Tabassum scolds her. Muskaan says I have made a small house, why are you angry, its a fake house. Tabassum says don’t think of making own house. She drags Muskaan to home. Muskaan cries. Tabassum says I want to become a big dancer, you will dream what I want, you should earn money every time you dance. Muskaan gets shocked.

Tabassum sells Muskaan to a man. The man says I will get the gift when Muskaan celebrates her 18th birthday.

Update Credit to: Amena

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