Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Family learns Mansi’s lie

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi stopping Suwarna. She asks her to stop it, there are guests at home. Suwarna says let me talk to him once, why did he do this, how can he hide this. Dadi says stop it, I won’t let you ruin the family reputation, come with me. Devyaani looks on. Everyone likes the Sangeet. Naira says yes, it was fun. She thinks I genuinely praised Kartik and he turned away. He thinks I know its tough for you. Suwarna says this can’t be true. Dadi says he is married, he hasn’t done any sin, Naira is his wife, why are you making this an issue, maybe they want to unite. Suwarna says I will get Kartik married to Ashi, Naira will not come back in his life and our house. Dadi asks did you go mad, ask your son what he wants. Devyaani hears them. Kirti asks what happened. Devyaani asks did your mum get mad, she wants Kartik and Ashi to marry. Kirti stops her and says things will get worse this way, I know this, nothing is going to happen if she wants, Kartik and Ashi will just be friends. Devyaani says Suwarna can do anything, Kartik just listens to her.

Ashi cracks jokes. Everyone likes her comedy. Kartik thinks of Naira. Everyone claps. Kartik hugs Ashi says what a performance, amazing. Ashi says thanks, we shall have Mansi and Anmol’s dance now. Rukmani recalls…. She asks Mansi to lie about her pregnancy, else they won’t get married. Mansi says no, its a lie. Rukmani says just tell Naira, she will manage. Mansi says no, what will Kartik and Naira think about me. Anmol says I don’t like this. Rukmani says the family will never agree, Kartik and Naira’s fight won’t end, and your marriage won’t happen. FB ends. Everyone asks Mansi and Anmol to dance. Rukmani says no, they won’t dance. Surekha asks why, are you living in olden days. Rukmani says no, I m modern, I mean Mansi is wearing heavy clothes, jewelry and high heels. Kartik signs no to Mansi. Surekha says ask Anmol and Mansi if they want to dance. Rukmani says we elders should decide. Mohit says I m unable to understand this.

Naira says yes, Mansi is wearing a long gown, it will be a problem. Anmol and Mansi say we didn’t do right, we are not able to enjoy, if our lie gets caught, we will get scolded, everyone will get hurt. Rukmani says don’t worry, I will handle everything. Bhabhimaa asks everyone to have food. Dadi asks lady to see Naira once. Kirti says I can see you have enjoyed sangeet a lot, this is still incomplete, how would you feel if we complete the fun. Surekha says we will be glad. Kirti says we want you to concentrate on this angel’s dance. Dadi says where did Naira go. Naira gets down on the aerial ring, and dances with the group. Dadi says what is she doing in this condition. Everyone claps for Naira. Kartik smiles. She falls while dancing. Kartik worries. Naira dances. Kartik runs to her and holds her. Suwarna gets angry. Dadi says I m rally scared. The lady says you should have stopped her before itself.

Naira sees Kartik. They recall an old moment. Everyone claps. Naira thanks Kirti. Naksh asks what did Kirti say. Naira says Kirti said one who can’t walk can fly, I had to perform in sangeet, its imp. Kartik smiles and says I… Ashi takes him. Naira thinks he always stays concerned for me, he didn’t say anything today. Dadi takes Naira and asks don’t you understand or do you do this intentionally, what if you fell down. Naira says no, I was safe, so I chose aerial act. Dadi says what was the need to dance, you always do what you want. Kartik comes and asks what happened, what did you do now. Dadi says she is dancing in this condition and you are asking what’s wrong, when everybody knows about it… Naira signs about her leg injury.

Kartik says I didn’t tell you as I didn’t know this would happen, now its… Dadi asks did you go mad. Naira says I will take care, I will consult a doctor. Dadi says yes, what will happen when the news spreads in society. Kartik says its between me and Naira. Dadi says I m worried for your health, what if she fell down, doctor said one needs to be careful in initial months, she is pregnant and…. Kartik and Naira ask what, pregnant, who has told this. Dadi says don’t change that topic. Everyone comes. Dadi asks Kartik how did he let Naira dance. Manish asks what’s the matter. Dadi says nothing. Suwarna comes and says why don’t you say the truth, its a big matter, everyone should know. She asks Kartik is Naira pregnant with your child. Everyone gets shocked.

Dadi says this isn’t the right place to talk. Devyaani asks Suwarna to have some shame. Suwarna says I m talking to my son. She asks Kartik is this true. Naira and Kartik say its not true. Dadi says they aren’t accepting as they are shy, its true. Mansi says no, Naira isn’t pregnant. Anmol says Mansi is also not pregnant. Kartik asks Mansi and Anmol to say clearly. Mansi says sorry, it was a lie. Anmol says we lied so that we can get married. Mansi says sorry. Anmol says sorry, Rukmani had given this idea. Dadi says you did the limit. Mohit says I m ashamed. Manish says such a big lie. Rukmani says that’s enough Gyaan, you were ruining children’s lives because of your ego, you should thank me, I saved respect of three lives. Dadi asks her to stop it now. Rukmani asks her to think and talk. Dadi says you didn’t think, sorry to say, this marriage won’t take place. They get shocked.

Naira says Dadi, please think about Mansi. Kartik says Rukmani did this for Mansi and Anmol’s happiness. Mohit requests Dadi not to break the marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. stop showing karthik as spinless character who just blames naira and doesnt take a stand for her

  2. Hey I’m soofia I really hate kartiks Mam she is always being b*t*h towards naira kartik should be more nice towards naira he should take a stand support naira kartik is doing the opposite supporting his Mam I don’t like kartiks Mam anymore kartiks Mam should throw kartiks Mam out of the house I can’t wait until naira kartik patch up really soon

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