Muskaan 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Sir ji troubles Muskaan

Muskaan 29th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sir ji scolding Muskaan. He says Roshni is mine, she will dance on ghungroos, be ready, you will have to dance on my sign now. He laughs. Roshni asks him to come fast, she has to talk. Sir ji says I m coming. They leave. Nisha comes to the room and lies beside Ronak. She holds him. He wakes up and gets shocked. He goes to sleep on the other bed. Nisha thinks I will change this distance into closeness, I will make you mine soon. Muskaan worries all night and waits for Roshni. Its morning, Sir ji brings Roshni home. Muskaan runs to Roshni and scolds her. She slaps Roshni. Sir ji and Roshni get angry on Muskaan. He asks her to control her motherly love, else it won’t be good for her. They go. Muskaan says what did I do, how did I raise hand on Roshni. She cries.

Nisha sends the mail to principal from Ronak’s name. He says now Khushi’s school will get changed. Ronak comes. She says Khushi isn’t being good in the school, I want to change her school, I have mailed the principal from your phone. Ronak gets principal’s call. He gets angry and says Khushi is much bullied there, my wife is so worried. The principal says give me one chance, please. Nisha thinks he called me wife for the first time. Ronak says matter is over. He ends call. Gayatri asks what happened. Ronak says Khushi isn’t fine there. Gayatri says no need to make it a big issue. Ronak says I know there is never a guarantee of anything. Gayatri says don’t get hyper, let her be in same school. Rani says if Ronak reaches Muskaan, what will happen. Her mum says we have to support Nisha so that she rules. Muskaan thinks how will I convince Roshni, she isn’t looking at me. She sings Chalo janedo… and dances. She hugs Roshni and tickles her. Roshni smiles. Muskaan makes food for her. She feeds Roshni. She apologizes for slapping her.

Roshni says next time, if you do this, you have to pay big penalty to convince me. Muskaan says this won’t happen again, like your Babu ji took you to circus, I was thinking to take you to picnic. Roshni asks what’s this. Muskaan says you will know it. They get ready. They leave in the taxi. A boy calls Sir ji. Sir ji stops the taxi. He asks where are you going. Roshni says Muskaan is taking me on picnic. He does a drama and asks how were you going without me. He acts to get sad. Roshni asks him to come with them. Sir ji says principal called at my office, she called Muskaan urgently, you can go there in my car. Muskaan says I will go school by taxi. Roshni says its big thing that Babu ji is asking you to come. Muskaan says fine, Roshni will come with me. He says okay. He takes them in his car. He asks driver to take them to school.

Sir ji asks Roshni to dance, change the lahenga and come. He threatens Muskaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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