KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 38

The episode starts with Shahana and Aryan appalled with the sudden knock on the door, they never realised how close they had become in the last few minutes as both had unconsciously indulged to provoke the intimacy between them. Outside, Mishti calls out, “Aryan, are you there inside??? Aliyah auntie is looking for you!!!” Aryan asks Shahana to hide behind the curtains and come outside after he goes out. Shahana nods in agreement. Aryan goes and opens the door, while Shahana hides and peeps through the curtains. After he opens the door, Mishti asks him, “Aryan what were doing in there??” Aryan looks on confused and tells, “One of the buttons came out off my blazer, so I was just mending it.” Mishti tells him, “Chalo come on now, Aliyah auntie had been looking for you for so long!!!” Mishti catches Aryan’s hand and takes him. Shahana gets irritated, while Aryan looks back towards her before leaving. Shahana comes out and reminisces on Aliyah’s words, she thinks, “Is it possible that there could be something between Aryan and Mishti??” she stops herself for some minutes, then touches the side of her neck, where Aryan had kissed her and recalls that moment, she says, “Then what is happening between me and him, and how come he came so close to me and I did not even utter a word, if it would have been some other guy, then this sherni from HOSHIARPUR would have punched his face!!! What is happening to me??? Why am I being drawn to Aryan, why do I feel good when he is near and bad when is with Mishti???”

As soon as Aryan comes downstairs Ranbir asks him, “Where were you bro?? You were not here in the dance floor while we were dancing, and now Mishti got you from your room, what happened to you?? Are you not enjoying the party that you have shut yourself in the room??” Aryan replies, “I just went outside to get some fresh air, and when I came back, I went to my room to mend one of the buttons on my blazer, tat’s it!!” Ranbir asks him, “So, Shahana whom you call Miss. Unbearable has taught you something IMPORTANT, huh!!!” Aryan blinks on Ranbir’s statement. Ranbir continues, “Just chill, bro, I was talking about stitching, she taught you to stitch so well that you have started to mend your own clothes too!!!” then, Ranbir comes closer and whispers in his ears, “I know you don’t like her, but after all she is my SALLI SAHIBA, so treat her more friendly man!!!” Aryan nods. Ranbir continues his story, when Shahana comes down and Aryan’s eyes moves towards her, he reminisces his and Shahana’s close moments, and a smile passes on his face. Shahana smiles back, when Ranbir taps Aryan, “Since me and Prachi couldn’t make it, whom do you think will win?? Mom-Dad or Chief and Prachi’s mom???!!” Aryan jerks his shoulders.

Prachi comes to Shahana and asks, “Where were you??? I was looking for you all around here!!!” Shahana asks her back teasingly, “Oh really, you were looking for me all around here or didn’t look around at all, because you did not get time to leave Ranbir’s side!!!” Prachi blushes and hits her, “Stop it Shahana!!! Look, Ma is still in the game with Mehra sir, let’s go and cheer for her!!!” Prachi comes forward and unknowingly stands near Rhea who shouts out, “Come on Dad!!!” at the same moment, Prachi shouts out, “Ma!!! Come on!!!” Both are surprised and look at each other and give out a fake smile.

Priyanka sees Shahana and is surprised to see her happily cheering for Pragya. She remembers having torn her dress but get shocked to realise that her dress is completely alright. She thinks, “How come Shahana’s dress is completely alright, Did Rishi save her???” Priyanka fumes in her thoughts and says, “No this Shahana is coming too close to my Rishi, I cannot allow that!!!” Then she thinks of her plan and smirks, “This FASHION SHOW, when your sister will win the show, you will lose your GREATEST TREASURE OF YOUR LIFE, after which no man, not even my Rishi will raise his eyes towards YOU.” She looks frustratedly towards Shahana.

The paper dance is in the last stage, where the paper has been folded into one tiny square, first, Vikram lifts Pallavi into his arms, but due to his broken knee, he is unable to hold her for not longer than a second and falls down with her. All laugh. Pallavi scolds, “Vikram, you couldn’t even hold me for a SECOND??” Vikram tells her, “What to do, Pallavi, I’m not that young now!!!” At that very moment, Abhi lifts Pragya in his arms, all clap, Pallavi signs Vikram to look. Vikram tells her, “Oh come on Pallavi, Anuradha ji is not that HEAVY like you!!!” Pallavi frowns. Abhi and Pragya share a romantic eye lock in the position. Purab calls Abhi and tells, “You have won Abhi, now you can put her down!!!” As he puts her down, Prachi comes and hugs Abhi, while Rhea hugs Pragya. Abhi and Pragya keep looking at each other’s eyes smilingly with their children besides them.

Sarita behen comes and informs Pragya that must leave. Pragya takes leave from everyone. Vikram tells her, “Rhea was right, you are really an auspicious person, because this is the first party in our house where no nasty mishaps happened!!!” Aliyah and Priyanka get exasperated over his remarks. Purab continues, “Now next there is going to be FASHION SHOW and INTERNATIONAL CONCERT at children’s college, for which both RHEA and PRACHI are participating, so we will meet you over there!!!” Pragya nods and leaves while signing at Abhi, he nods. Prachi looks at Ranbir who sends her a flying kiss, while Aryan and Shahana secretly sign “goodbye” without being noticed by anyone. Soon, Pragya leaves with her family which fills tears in Abhi’s eyes. Dasi notices him and prays, “I just wish that there will be someone, who gets back Abhi’s whole family together!!!”


To be continued.

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    Thanks Sara!!!

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    oh still shahana is confused about Aryan mishti.I am waiting for aryana union.priyanka’s reaction seeing shahana alright was funny.vikram pallavi scene was funny.abhigya eye lock was romantic. wow abhigya won

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