Muskaan 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ronak doubts Muskaan

Muskaan 27th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak and Hanumanth walking on road and talking about food. Ronak says you won’t be hungry, come. Hanumanth jokes that he has no money. Ronak asks him to come and have prasad in marriage hall. Hanumanth says this is not a temple, we have no invitation. Ronak asks him to come along. Guard stops them. Ronak lies to him. They get entry. Muskaan and Sapna dance on Pinga….. Muskaan sees Ronak and thinks what is he doing here, if he sees me here, he will tell everyone. She turns and puts ghunghat on face. Ronak asks Hanumanth to get food. Ronak sees Muskaan and thinks what is Muskaan doing here. He asks Hanumanth to see, that’s Muskaan.

Hanumanth asks what will she do here. Ronak goes to see. He asks her to lift ghunghat and dance. The men agree. Ronak says you aren’t

agreeing when I said with love and respect. He jumps on the stage and holds Muskaan’s hand. The man asks why did you cover face suddenly. Muskaan thinks if he sees me today, I can’t see a good future, he will tell everyone in college, I won’t be able to go college. Muskaan asks Sapna to help her.

Ronak goes to lift ghunghat. Muskaan says I don’t think this man is nice, Tabassum taught us not to tolerate anything wrong. Sapna says don’t create scene here, we will lose respect. Ronak asks shall we listen to you. He threatens them. Sapna laughs and says fine, come to our house and see our face. She flirts with Ronak. The men praise Sapna. Ronak says I have an answer. He does shayari. Muskaan gets tensed. Ronak insults Muskaan and Sapna for having no respect and still acting to shy. Hanumanth asks Ronak to come. Ronak says no, she gave me this wound, I have to see her face. Hanumanth says anyone can see us, come. They leave.

Back at home, Tabassum asks how was the function. Sapna says Muskaan spoke about business and acted smart, I acted more clever. Tabassum asks what do you want to say. Sapna tells everything. Tabassum praises them and asks them to go to rest. Muskaan prays for herself. Ronak makes his friend emotional. Muskaan tells Aarti about Ronak. Suzaine hears her. Hanumanth says I saved you from big problem. He asks Ronak to get money from bank. Ronak asks anything else. Hanumanth says your anger didn’t cool down, your dad is rich, your heart is more rich. Ronak says I want my dad to become poor, then he will become dad and know relations. Hanumanth says I m your family, don’t get senti. Ronak says yes, maybe my dad doesn’t have my love in fate. Suzaine asks what happened. Muskaan says I was going to say. She tells everything what happened. She says I had to stop Ronak. Suzaine says your mum used to solve all problems this way. Muskaan asks why isn’t she here with us, maybe I don’t have mum’s love in my fate.

Ronak asks Muskaan did you go to dance yesterday. He removes her bangles. He throws the bangles and says I have seen same bangles in dancer’s hand yesterday.

Update Credit to: Amena

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