Band Baaja and Swapped…!! Episode 2

(shivaay marries Anika…. argument between Anika and pinky.. shivaay interfere)

Pinky:- shivaay….tu mujhe mere naam se bula raha Hai…vo bhi iss sadak chap ladki ke liye…
Shivaay:- Haan what else should I do….aapke saare kartoot dekh ke toh aapka muh bhi dekhne ka Mann nahi karta…..aree aapko maa bolne ka Mann nahi karta….
Shakti:- shivaay what are u saying….are u in ur sense???
Shivaay:- dad I m in my whole sense…..but this lady have blindfold u all….u know this lady….(and he tells all the proof and planning she had done against anika) and now u all tell whether she should have respect or not….??
Dadi:- (shocked) but billu how did u got to know all this…???
Shivaay:- actually Dadi…after that divorce fiasco u know I had went to jail…at that time in jail I met mahi….and he told me everything about the meeting and planning of pinky oberoi kamini and ranveer…..after meeting with mahi I had went to confront kamini and ranveer…and there I got to know that the Mastermind of all those planning was Mrs. Pinky Singh oberoi and kamini….from making ranveer believe that om and prinku had done the accident of her sister,then blackmailing both of them,then Gayatri murder, then rishta for prinku,my kidnapping that double shivaay problem, gun shot on anika, nainatara’s false acclamation of being Anika’s mother,my false dna match with mahi and the most worst thing blackmailing Anika about me being illegal child of dad and that kamini….all these planning we’re done by this lady standing here….who claims to be my mother….this lady who blackmailed my om, prinku and Anika…poor om and prinku..they are like my children and they didn’t told me anything so that I won’t get weak…and my Anika….she took all the insults all the pain to herself so that I won’t break down…..Dadi I used to think that I m great Wall of this family but the truth is that this great Wall is so weak that my siblings and my wife are there to protect me…. I failed in my duties Dadi….i failed……(and he started crying vulnerably in dadi’s lap while all where standing there shocked after all the revealtions)
Pinky:- no shivaay…I did all these for u my baccha….so much planning plotting I did all these to protect u from this chudail Anika
(Thud…a tight slap was given by Shakti to pinky which made everyone come out of their trance and get shocked)
Shakti:- not a word against my daughter… Everytime u do mistake pinky Everytime I forgive u thinking u are loud speaking, childish but know…u are so cunning that u planning against my family….how dare u…. U know what I mean enough with ur nonsense now….get up and get out of my house…I don’t want people who harm my family in dia of 10 m
Pinky:- Shakti ji…what are u saying….i m ur wife…u should be supporting me….
Shakti:- (angrily) I always supported u in ur good things and even in ur bad things…but now u have crossed the limit…u called our own son illegal…how could u pinky….enough now…(he holds pinky’s hand)Now u will go out of the mansion
Tej:- Shakti what are u gonna do…??
Shakti:- no bhaisaheb I always took wrong decision but now I m taking correct decision and no one will stop me….
(He drags a crying pinky outside the mansion and throws her)
Shakti:- don’t come near me or my family or else consequences will be very bad….(and he closes the door. He comes near anika)
I m sorry beta…because of her u had to suffer so much…but now I would never let u cry….
Anika:- no uncle no need to say sorry….
Shakti:- uncle nahi beta dad bolo…
Anika:- main kaise dad???
Shakti:- see u r my daughter now na so u would call me dad only na…and if u won’t call me dad then I would think that u haven’t forgiven me….
Anika:- no no…I will call u dad only…
Shakti:- good girl(and the side hug each other)
Shivaay:- Anika….i m sorry too….i couldn’t understand u…I doubted u…I troubled u so much….this sorry is very little word to forgive the sins I have done….
Anika:- it’s ok shivaay..fault is mine also… I should have talk with u about the matter….
Rudra:- Chalo now it’s all equal equal….chalo it’s time for family photo….
Dadi:- why??
Om:- are Dadi at last we had the shivika wedding….
(All realised that our shivika had got married)
Shivaay:- Haan now u r Mrs. Shivaay Singh oberoi….
Anika:- oh hello I don’t accept this marriage???
Shivaay:- why…??
Anika:- what why….u cheated marrying me….I was to marry Vikram….
Shivaay:- Haan u were toh so Happy na marrying that 6 ft girraffe didn’t thought about me also…
Anika:- how would I know what u want…did u proposed me…are u didn’t even give me a hint that u love me….i m not a mind reader na…
Shivaay:- aise toh badi tadi maarti ho…yeh sab time tadi Kahan jaati Hai…
(And they start fighting again)
Rudra:- Dadi I don’t think our family photo would happen if they fighting like this….i imagine how would their suhagraat would happen….
Om:- it won’tbe a would be wwf fighting ring…
Dadi:- that’s why it is called takkar ki ishqbaazi…..


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    Awesome..Cute ending..

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    It is nice and cute..

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