Muskaan 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ronak and Bablu fight

Muskaan 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bablu saying Muskaan you have to stay here, else you will be tortured by the cheap people. He says I will keep you with love. Inspector comes there and asks him to hand over Muskaan to Sir ji. Bablu says no, she is mine now. Inspector says you can keep her, but give her to me also, what will we tell Sir ji. Bablu says we will lie to him, she likes my touch, she will spend much time with me.

Ronak asks Tabassum to call Bablu and ask his whereabouts. Inspector says she likes my presence. Bablu says Muskaan, tell me whom do you like between us. Tabassum calls Bablu. He says I didn’t get Muskaan. She asks him to meet her. He says fine, I will come. Tabassum asks what’s the plan. Ronak asks where does he live. Tabassum tells address. Hanumanth says its half an hour away.

Ronak says it means Bablu will be there, Muskaan will be with her. He asks Tabassum to come and get Muskaan. Rakhi says you are doing big mistake. He shouts shut up, else I will shoot you. Rakhi says you don’t know power of Sir ji and Tabassum. Ronak says police and goons are after us, its all because of Tabassum, see my power now, and about Sir ji, he isn’t my Sir or father. Sir ji and Gayatri do Kanya pujan. Meera comes and asks won’t I get anything. He says you will be kid for me always. He gifts her. She says thanks. Lovely jokes on her weight. Gayatri asks where is Ronak. Meera says Ronak said he has some imp work. Sir ji says yes, he has imp work other than family.

Bunty comes and says I don’t know what work he has. Sir ji asks do you know where is he. Bunty says no, I tried to find her. Meera jokes on him. Sir ji says you stay back for work. He says I have to go for special meeting, I will come later. Gayatri worries for Ronak. Hanumanth takes Rakhi’s phone. Suzaine says keep Muskaan away from here. Hanumanth nods. He takes everyone’s phones. Ronak says shut them inside a room fast. Hanumanth locks them.

Bablu asks inspector to arrange a car, he has to meet Tabassum. Muskaan thinks I have to leave from here and find mum. Ronak reaches the place and sees goons. He reaches Muskaan. Bablu fights with him. They both point guns at each other. Hanumanth and Tabassum come there. Ronak and Bablu argue. Muskaan looks on. Ronak says I will take this girl with me, even if I have to get shot, come on shoot and end the game, else move aside and let me take the girl with peace. Bablu thinks he has come with a mood to die, he wants me to die too. Bablu thinks to do something. He says I m sure you started loving her, its your personal matter, I don’t interfere in anyone’s personal matter, if you want to go now, fate should support you, if you want to save Muskaan, you have to listen to me. Ronak says I can accept any condition.

Muskaan says no, you won’t accept any condition, just go. Tabassum thinks to take Muskaan with her. Hanumanth stops her and asks her not to act smart. Ronak asks what’s the condition. Bablu gives his gun to Hanumanth. Sir ji comes to meet Tabassum. He calls out everyone. He doesn’t see anyone. He hears sound. He opens the door and asks what happened. Rakhi says Muskaan’s college mate came here to find her. She tells everything. He asks where did they go. Rakhi says they went to Bablu’s place. Sir ji says Bablu cheated me and invited his death. Bablu shows an apple. Ronak asks did you go mad, tell me what’s the condition. Bablu keeps apple on Muskaan’s head. He asks Ronak to aim at the apple and then take Muskaan, what happened now. Ronak asks did you get mad. Bablu says its fine, I will give you demo. He takes the gun and shoots the apple. Ronak gets worried. Muskaan closes eyes in fear. Bablu smiles. Everyone gets shocked. Bablu keeps another apple on Muskaan’s head and asks Ronak to shoot now to get the girl. Ronak aims at the apple. Muskaan cries. Ronak gets tensed. She closes her eyes. Ronak shoots. Everyone gets shocked.

Sir ji says shoot them. Muskaan says no, its not their mistake. Ronak gets shocked seeing Sir ji. Muskaan asks Ronak not to anger Sir ji and just go. Ronak says what will he leave me, I have left him. He asks Sir ji to shoot his only son. He cries. Muskaan gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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