Bigg Boss 12 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: KV fights alone

Bigg Boss 12 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 37
Saba says to Romil that KV wants Urvashi to become captain so he looks good.
Sristy says to Sree that KV was stupid. Sree says he wanted to look good as referee so started disqualifying all.
Rohit says to Surbhi that Megha is clever too. Romil says We should nominate her.
Deepika says to Urvashi that if we are favoring her and making you win then you have to play tomorrow. Sristy says you should mend relation with Deepak for game, Urvashi says I will talk later.

Sristy says to Rohit that they wont let you be captain, they have preference, you are the new guy so they can target you, I would suggest to stick to eliminate, he will be loyal to you, you are not here to sacrifice. Rohit says you are right, I will support Deepak’s defeat and change game.

Rohit says to Romil that we should eliminate Deepak. Romil says you talked to Sristy? Rohit says she was not talking about this, I am thinking to play the game and not let Deepak win. Romil says dont play game, he calls Deepak and says Rohit doesnt want you as captain, he wants to support Saba and Somi. Deepak says he can support whom he wants. Rohit says we can eliminate Saba and Somi. Rohit says we can start with Sristy, Anup is not an issue.

Somi whispers to Sristy that Deepak has been eyeing me a lot, he is not bad but I feel uncomfortable, I dont know whats in his heart. Sristy says he might like you. Somi says eh.. no please.

Day 38
Inmates wake up to song bach ke rehne re baba. Megha hugs Jasleen. They all dance and enjoy.

Deepak says to Saba that I am stuck. Saba says they have targeted me a lot, I have told clearly that I will not support Urvashi at any cost.

Urvashi says to KV that yesterday’s refereeing was bad, Megha tries to look very clever, I will not support her, we are not fools to not see her strategy. Deepika says she is trying to snatch eggs. Urvashi says I will show today, if Sristy gets ball then fine otherwise I will snatch from all.

Deepika says to Urvashi that Deepak says you are weak and then he didnt support you yesterday. Urvashi says I felt bad earlier when he didnt support me.

Romil says to Deepak that if Saba and Somi remove Urvashi then you cant do anything, we have to remove Sristy first then Anup, we have to remove people who are on KV’s side then we can see who to choose in end, try to get balls from Saba-Somi and give it to Megha.
Urvashi says to Deepika that I will snatch balls from everyone, we came as a couple but now we are enemies.

Deepak says to Romil that I was supporting Urvashi then we had a fight yesterday, she felt bad.
Saba asks Urvashi if she is upset with her? Urvashi leaves from there. Saba comes to Deepak and says Urvashi is on edge of crying, she is sad, talk to her. Deepak says okay.

Urvashi silently weeps in room.
Romil says to Deepak that we can support Urvashi. Saba says I will not support her, Rohit says we are ready to support her. Saba says I am ready to support Deepak. Romil says first preference is Deepak but if he out of task then we can see. Deepak says we will not eliminate anyone else before Anup and Sristy then we can play on our own.

Surbhi says to Somi that Megha said that she will make food today to Deepika got tensed, Deepika gets involved in task but her attention is on kitchen and gets image conscious. Somi says she doesnt do tasks and worries for kitchen only.

Deepak says to Urvashi that I have been playing for you for captaincy, I have tried to make everyone support you, Rohit and Romil are playing for themselves, if you want to be captain then talk to people. Urvashi says if they support me then why I have to talk to them? Deepak says why dont you understand that they are killing your options? you are not going to talk to Romil, Saba, Somi and others. Urvashi says they didnt come to me so I wont go to. Deepak says if you want to be captain then you have to make relations with people, you cant just stick to one team. Urvashi says I am not part of any team. Deepak says Sree wants footage only and use people for his advantage, he will make everyone eliminate, the person who is not mine, is not of anyone in this house, if you want to be captain then put in effort. Urvashi says all are ready from my side, only Saba and Somi opposed it. Deepak says how would we know your support? you should come and talk to us. Urvashi says why should I come to you? did you come to me? Deepak says you have to change your behavior, you asked Sristy to not throw your statue, Urvashi says Saba and Somi will never listen to me. Deepak says you dont listen to me, I will not make you understand anymore, its a game, play with your mind, I swear I will not be with you, Urvashi says sit and talk to me, dont swear, you forgot with whom you came in. Deepak says I didnt forget, you have to take efforts to become captain. Urvashi says person can live without captaincy in this house? Deepak says then why you want to be captain. Urvashi shows her bottle and says I dont want to. Deepak throws her bottle too and says you have to come to us if you want to be captain. Urvashi says how dare you throw my bottle? he throws his bottle at him. Urvashi shouts at him, Deepak says you will not win without our support, he leaves. Jasleen asks Urvashi to calm down.
Jasleen says to inmates that Deepak cant do this, he cant act like this. Romil comes there. Sree says Deepak was showing violence. Romil says Sree showed violence too but nobody said anything. Urvashi says he broke my bottle. Romil says Sree broke sipper too. KV says Deepak was wrong. Sree says I broke my sipper. Romil charges at him and says if Deepak is wrong then Sree is wrong too.
Surbhi says to Deepak that you cant help people who dont want it.
Urvashi says to Romil that Deepak broke my sipper. Romil shouts that Sree can do anything but others cant. Sree says get lost, I dont have time. Romil says you are invisible for me, dont show your aunty act to me. Sree glares at him and laughs.

Hen gives egg, all rush to it but Rohit gets egg. He takes Anup’s statue and says sorry Anup, Anup says no worries, its a game. Rohit crushes his statue. Rohit says to Romil that I will eliminate Sristy next.
Anup says to Jasleen that I can rest now.
Rohit says to Sristy that I will eliminate your card as you are supporting Urvashi. Sristy says but you promised me.
Rohit says to Deepak that I will not eliminate Sristy, I might eliminate Urvashi.

Sristy says to Rohit that you are not letting us get the ball, you didnt do anything out of box, you did what we all expected. Rohit leaves from there.
Rohit says to Deepak that I will eliminate Sristy now, Deepak says okay. Deepak says to Saba that you are not supporting us so I will eliminate Somi. Surbhi says we decided something else last night. Deepak says Saba is not following it. Saba says to Rohit that you said you wont remove Sristy and now you are changing, I will remove Urvashi. Rohit says you do what you want. Saba asks Megha to not remove her. She asks KV to not remove her so she will not remove him too. Deepak says she is changing her side now. Megha asks Somi to remain calm, Deepak changes his decision in anger. Saba says I dont have a problem with Sristy.

Hen gives egg, Rohit runs and gets egg. He takes Somi’s statue and crushes it. KV takes egg from Rohit and gives egg to Sristy. Sristy gives a hug to Rohit.
Urvashi holds Deepak’s hand and says I am sorry, he says I wont do it, he hugs her.
Somi cries and says who is this Rohit? he came yesterday only. Surbhi says he did wrong. Saba says to Deepak that you people did a mistake. Somi says to Saba that you should control your tongue, it destroys things. Saba says I wanted to remove Urvashi for Deepak. Somi shouts that why you want to become great? this happens because of you all the time. Saba cries and says I didnt do it deliberately. Megha consoles her.

Romil says to Deepak that remove Sristy now. Saba says guys I am sorry, I will support Urvashi, lets not make KV win.

Deepak gets egg from hen. Saba requests to ask for egg. Deepak says no, I dont have to give it to you. He asks for Saba’s statue but Romil asks him to think. Saba says to Deepak that promise you wont support KV so I will give my eggs to you. Deepak asks Sristy if she supports Urvashi? she says yes. Saba says I am not supporting Sristy. Deepak takes Sristy’s statue and crushes it.

Sristy says to Sree that Deepak eliminated me for Urvashi? I have been playing since last day for Urvashi. Urvashi says he removed my trustworthy person. Sristy says he removed person who is supporting Urvashi and kept person who is not supporting her?

Deepak gets egg again. Sristy says why they are not fighting with Deepak for eggs? I hope he removes Rohit.
Deepak takes Rohit’s statue and crushes it. Rohit supports it. Sristy says now I know what to do.

Saba says to Deepak that lets play for ourselves. Deepak says I want to support Urvashi. KV says play for yourself, not listen to people. Saba says we are talking about friends, not people, you would support Deepika too. Urvashi comes there. Surbhi asks her if she will support Deepak as captain? she says yes I will but I want to be captain for now. Deepak says to Romil that Saba is playing from both sides, Kv tries to convince her too. KV says I dont need her support. Surbhi says oh nobody is supporting KV, his own team is not playing for him. KV says my family and fans support me.

Hen alarms. Surbhi gives egg to Megha and takes Deepak’s statue, all are stunned, she is about to crush it but then stops and takes Urvashi’s statue and crushes it. KV says you people go back on your words. Deepak says dont put fire in this, you are a cheap man. KV shouts at him. Surbhi says why are you coming inbetween us. KV says you people go back on your words. Surbhi says to Deepak that I wanted you to learn that you should be captain so I did it.
Sristy says to Urvashi that Rohit kept showing he supports you but planned to eliminate you.
Surbhi says to Deepak that you wanted to make Urvashi captain out of goodness but now you know these people?

Urvashi asks Surbhi to that if you wanted to remove me then why take Deepak’s statue first and do drama? Surbhi says I have been captain two times so I dont need it, I wanted to give a lesson to Deepak and did it. Urvashi shouts at her.

Urvashi says to her team that I wont work in Deepak’s captaincy, Sree says we will all boycott him.

Megha says to KV that they didnt say all that you to provoke you. Megha says since Urvashi was here, Sristy and Shiv was showing support but now they are not here, you are alone here thats why I am standing with you, KV thanks her. Megha says you support people here but no one is here to support you, we are without family here so they should support you. She pats him.

Jasleen says to Deepika that eggs are being stolen from here.
KV takes Megha’s eggs from rack and tries to protect them by standing infront of them. Deepak and Surbhi tries to attack and steal it from him. KV alone tries to fight them but nobody from his team comes to support him. KV says sorry to Megha and says I dont have a choice, its okay. Deepak takes eggs from him and gives it to Megha.

Hen gives egg, Deepak takes it. Romil asks to remove Surbhi. Deepak says I am supporting her. Surbhi says I am asking you to remove me. Deepak crushes her statue.

Deepak says to Romil that KV is alone now. Somi gives a hug to KV. Deepak comes to him. KV stops him. Deepak says I am sorry for calling you cheap man. KV says I wont let you hug me. Rohit gives him a hug. Romil pulls Deepak and hugs him. They all hug him tightly.

PRECAP- KV says to Jasleen and Sristy that it feels good when someone stands for you and support you.
KV sits alone in washroom and says this is how they play game for themselves only? they are of no one, I am alone now.
Megha says to Somi that emotions are good for captaincy. She eats spices in captaincy task. She says to Deepak that I am giving you chance to become captain.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I support surbhi in destroying Urvashi’s doll. But Deepak should not have Called Kv cheap.

    1. @Aditi.. correct..

  2. I find this season strange as everyone has a sense of right or wrong but Romil, who has just one sense and he with or without reason just strikes at singles, he does it immaterial who is at fault. It’s good to see clever and smart people but this one has no sense of judgement. Most of the time he lacks reason and is instigating.

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