Muskaan 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Bablu kidnaps Muskaan

Muskaan 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti spending time with Jaya’s daughter. Muskaan wears a saree and comes. Ronak sees her. Music plays… Ronak drinks tea. He says we shall leave in some time. The old man says you are like my son, you can stay here. Ronak says we have already troubled you a lot. The old man insists. The lady asks Muskaan is she really married or not, where is sindoor and mangalsutra. Hanumanth says we are christians, that’s why no sindoor and mangalsutra. Ronak slaps him and asks him to get some money and new clothes. He asks him to get some fruits also. The lady says get an anklet, we will make Muskaan wear it, she is newly wed. Bablu asks for Muskaan. Hanumanth sees him and runs.

Bablu sees him. He follows. The old man and his wife ask Ronak to make Muskaan wear the anklet. She

asks Ronak why is he shy now, when he can elope and marry. Ronak makes Muskaan wear anklets. Bablu stops Hanumanth and asks why did you run seeing me, do you know the girl. He threatens Hanumanth. Hanumanth says I will not say anything. Bablu says you made my doubt certain. He calls police there. Muskaan cries seeing anklet and talks to Aarti by heart. She gets a phone from the lady. She calls Suzaine. She asks how is Aarti. Tabassum informs Sir ji about Muskaan’s call. He says police is tapping Suzaine’s number. Inspector traces number. Muskaan says I m staying between good people, they made me wear anklet, its mum’s dream. Inspector says we shall know the address soon. Suzaine asks where is she. Muskaan recalls Ronak’s words and ends call. Tabassum gets angry that call didn’t get traced. Muskaan helps the lady. Ronak sees her. A dupatta falls over them. The old man asks them to control their love. Ronak goes with him.

Bablu comes as a saint and asks for some food. Muskaan goes to give him food. He gets stunned seeing her and thinks she is very pretty. She gives the food. He holds her hand. The bowl falls. She asks him to leave her hand. He removes the fake wig and beard. She gets shocked and shouts Ronak…. The people asks what’s happening. Bablu says you have made me wait a lot. Ronak and old man hear Muskaan screaming. Ronak runs. The lady says we know its about family, but marriage happened now. Bablu says what marriage, this girl is a dancer. He shoots a man and says I don’t like crowd. He takes Muskaan. Ronak follows the jeep and comes in front.

Bablu says your friend is missing, you want to save him or this dancer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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