Muskaan 22nd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Muskaan gets disheartened

Muskaan 22nd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan saying you have proved me wrong, I hate you and your doings. Muskaan cries and goes. Hanumant goes after her. Ronak cries. Muskaan shuts the door and cries. She sees Aarti’s pic and cries. She says I can’t fall weak, I have to fight alone, give me strength, I have to win, I have to find out why is Ronak doing this. Ronak cries thinking of the words he told to Muskaan long time back. He recalls Gayatri’s words and shatters. His alter self asks him how will he hate himself now, how will he face the truth and society, he also belongs to the brothel. Ronak shouts its a lie, no….. He breaks the mirror by his hand. He gets hurt.

Bua and Gayatri sit in the temple. Bua says sorry, I have hidden this truth from you. Gayatri says Ronak also knows this truth now, I don’t want anyone else to know this. Bua says I felt so. Gayatri says don’t feel bad, I want to stay alone now. Bua goes.

Muskaan comes to Gayatri and asks what has happened to Ronak. She says I have seen him like this for the first time, he is standing against me, you know him well, why did everything change suddenly, tell me, why are you hiding this. Gayatri refuses to say. Muskaan says I will ask Ronak until he answers me. Ronak says I felt proud that I belong to a good family, my pride shattered. He throws things in his room. Muskaan comes running there. He ruins his room and sits crying. Muskaan hears him and sits crying at the other side of the door. She says I know you are here and can hear me, tell me what happened that you took such a big decision, you always supported me and never left me, I m your Muskaan, I won’t go anywhere until you answer me.

Ronak says I don’t have to talk to you, go from here. He cries. She says you don’t need me. She runs to outhouse and packs her bags. She says I can’t live here, Ronak is not with me. Gayatri comes there. Muskaan says I m leaving the house, you and Ronak aren’t saying anything, he doesn’t need me. Gayatri asks her not to go. Muskaan asks what had happened. Gayatri says I can’t answer you, just don’t leave this house, Ronak and I need you. She cries and asks her to stay back.

Few goons catch Muskaan and take her in the car. Hanumant runs after her. Muskaan asks Ronak to save her. Ronak sees the video and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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