Bestie to my best partner – Characters Intro

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Rishabh Luthra

A lovely kind hearted a nice guy, doing business & stays in London, due to some problems he is living away from his family for last 8 years married to his bestie 7 years back , have cute twin daughters , love his daughters, wife to the core

Nakshatra Luthra( nee Iyer )

A charming , naughty cute girl , a pucca South Indian , wife of Rishabh , lawyer by profession stays in London can do anything for her cute little family loves her husband and kids a lot , knows Rishabh’s past supporting him in coming out of the taunts , but trying to join him with his family , have a secret contact with one family member of the Luthra family
( The person will be revealed later )
Anusha Luthra & Dhanusha Luthra

( Ignore the guy else think Rishabh instead of him )

Anusha Luthra – a cutie pie of 6 year old , loves her Mom, dad, sister lot, loves music, she is 3 mins elder to Dhanusha , silent & matured like her dad , don’t know anything about her dad’s past , fav of her Mom
Dhanusha Luthra – a smart , naughty & a charming baby of 6 year old, loves her Mom, dad, sister lot , loves to cook chocolate , cookies , 3 mins younger than Anusha , naughty like her Mom , favourite of her dad, she heard that her dad has big family ,but don’t know about the real reason or problem

Luthra family

Mr. Sameer Luthra & Mrs. Shrishti Luthra

Mr & Mrs Sameer Luthra – younger & matured couple of the Luthra family , Sameer & Shrishti are married 3 years back & having 1& 1/2 year old boy named him as Sathya Sameer & Shrishti loves their family a lot, miss their brother Rishabh , Sameer hates his Mom Kareena for sending his lovable brother Rishabh away from him treat & loves Rakhi & mahesh as his own parents, both are continuing the business left by Rishab
Sathya Luthra

Sathya Luthra – the youngest & pampered child of the Luthra family, wants everyone’s attention , loves his family , favourite of every one including his brother

Mr Karan Luthra & Mrs Preeta Luthra

Karan & Preeta now the loveable couple of the Luthra family, Karan has become strict & kadoos person after Rishabh leaves him , awaiting for his arrival , cricketer by profession , loves his family, wife & son a lot , Karan & Preeta married 6 years back & have 4 year old son named him as Aarav , Preeta remains as a darling of the family, a responsible & caring Daughter in law , phsyiotherapist by profession loves her family, son very much miss her friend Rishabh a lot , both hates Kareena for sending their friend / brother away from them

Aarav Luthra

Aarav Luthra
First & understandable kid , his basic characteristics are like his dad naughty , but his heart & behaviour are like his Mom matured , donno any thing about Rishabh, loves his family , his favourite is his little brother


Dadi the head of the Luthra family , loves her son , daughter in law , grand son, grand daughter in law , great grandchildrens , still she feels incomplete without Rishabh , hates her own daughter Kareena for sending her lovely grand son away from her

Mrs Rakhi Luthra & Mr Mahesh Luthra

Mr & Mrs Mahesh Luthra – the eldest & cute couple of Luthra family, loves their sons , daughters , daughter in laws , son in laws, special love for their grandsons, Hates Kareena for what she has done with them & their son , miss their 1st son a lot , treat Sameer & Kruthika as their own childrens , waiting for the return of Rishabh

Kareena Luthra

The main villain of the family , still believes only in money & status , hated by everyone one , was sent to mental asylum 5 years back by her own family ..

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