Muskaan 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Muskaan in trouble

Muskaan 22nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak getting conscious. He cries. Gayatri asks did Sir ji die. He nods. They all cry. Ronak says don’t cry for that man, he just wished bad for us, he made us away from my Muskaan, don’t know where will I find her. Muskaan is in some car. Maalik’s man drives the car. He sees a car following. Gayatri says I know you will find Ronak, have courage. Ronak says you also be strong. She says the time is tough for us, find Muskaan. Maalik’s man calls him and says a car is following me, what to do. Maalik asks what did you say Lallu. He doesn’t hear anything. Lallu thinks the car left. He gets shocked seeing the car in front. Ronak cries. He sees the brothel burning. Gayatri and everyone cry. Ronak looks at the sky. He sees a cctv fixed on some building.

Lallu points gun at the men. The man says if you want to get saved, then put the gun down. They attack Lallu. They take Muskaan. Lallu says Hukum has to pay for this. Lallu shoots at them. Ronak is on the way. He says nothing will happen to you Muskaan, keep courage. He sees two cars and some men fallen down. He gets down and checks the cars. He gets Muskaan’s saree cloth. He shouts Muskaan. He sees Lallu shot. He asks where is this girl. Lallu says Maalik. Ronak asks who. Lallu dies. Ronak says you can’t die, tell me. He checks Lallu and gets some id card. He says Lallu, Vidhangarh, it means they have taken Muskaan there, I m coming to you Muskaan.

Muskaan wakes up in the car and finds the car surrounded by so many men. She sees a girl beside her. They both get scared seeing the men. The man runs to Hukum and says I have seen a really pretty girl in our village. A man runs to Maalik and says two girls came in our rival village. Hukum asks his men to take weapons and come.

The men leave. Another man tells about the girls. They go to see who are the girls in the village, where its just men. The entire village gathers to see Muskaan and the girl. The men open the door and try to get Muskaan out. The man runs to Kuldeep and tells about two girls. He says Maalik called you both. Kuldeep says girls were to come in our village. They leave. The inspector gets hair massage. The constable comes and tells about the war between two villagers, there are two girls. Inspector says what, there are just 50 women in the village, this had to happen, let them fight, its their daily work. They leave. Muskaan cries.

The man says we know there are no girls in this area, we will decide by war. Maalik and Hukum declare the war. Ronak comes to Vidhangarh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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