Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik and Naira accuse each other

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vedika thinking of Kartik’s words. Doctor says this is Kartik’s card, he forgot this at chemist. Vedika says give it to me. Doctor says no, we will give it to him or his wife, its okay. She goes and gives it to Naira. Naira takes it and recalls Liza’s words. She goes and gives card to Vedika. She says sorry, I didn’t wish to come between you two. Vedika says still you have. She goes. Naira sees Kartik and cries. Aisa apna naata….plays…. She stops him and says I need to speak to you. Surekha says legally, Kartik, Naira and Vedika’s situation is complicated. Dadi says one who fakes death is not less than a criminal, Naira has done wrong, once Kairav gets fine, I will handle this matter. Kartik asks what is it. Naira says I think you should go home, I m here with Kairav, everyone must be waiting, Vedika is waiting for you.

He asks who are you to tell me. Nurse says its hospital, not your home, talk in low tone. Naira says you should leave. He says this is a hospital. I can’t shout, stay here, so that you can hear me and understand. She says I don’t want to hear. He says you left your rights. She says you snatched my rights. He says tell me, how did I snatch. She says you have snatched it. He says you are accusing me, tell me how. She says you doubted me. He says I just asked you a question. She asks what’s the difference, why did you ask me, are you done, I don’t want to talk to you, go. He says no, I will never leave Kairav with you, you will take him again, Kairav….. you didn’t even tell me what we are pregnant.

She asks why, so that you would blame me for child as well, you would have asked whose child is it. He says be quiet. She asks why, have you ever thought of my pain, your question broke my heart, you remember what you asked me. He says I didn’t forget anything, you were pretending to forget to take revenge, you made me suffer for five years, you have given me pain for lifetime, I won’t forgive you, my son…. for the first five years of his life, he stayed without his dad. She says you punished yourself, which woman would want her husband to call her child illegitimate, you were cheap at the moment you asked me. They argue. She says there is no scope for doubt in relationship. He says you changed a lot. She says not as much as you changed. He says you hate me right. She says I won’t lie and you won’t be able to hear the truth. He says you forgot all the vows. She says you also vowed to always trust me, you broke the vow, stop blaming me, you need not worry for Kairav. He says he needed me.

She says maybe Lord wanted me to answer your questions. He says you come on the same thing. She asks why not, these questions haunt me always, did you think about me, before I lose my mind, please leave. He says I won’t, I m not a coward like you. She says mind your tongue. He says you ran away from your mum and this time with me, you are a coward. She says shut up Kartik. He asks will you run away, what’s new in this. She says new thing is you have made me run away, your cheapness, bad mentality and that question made me run. They ask the ward boy to wait for some time and let them talk. Kartik says you could have been angry on me and slapped me, what’s this, you left the house and went to die. She says it was an accident. He asks why did you do the drama to die, I didn’t know about Kairav.

She says I had to fake my own death because of you and stayed away from family. He says I won’t forgive you. She says I won’t forgive you. He calls her wrong. She says one who is wrong always says this. They cry and look at each other. Yeh rishta…plays…. She goes. Manish says Kartik is busy with Kairav’s tests. Dadi says you should have got him. Manish says he isn’t a kid that we get him, don’t know how is he, knowing about Naira and Kairav, I don’t know how he is bearing all this. Dadi says I will talk to him. She calls Kartik and says why isn’t he answering. Samarth says it would be on silent, even if its on silent, he would say he can’t come. Dadi calls Vedika and says you are Kartik’s wife, bring him home right away, the two of you have to perform a pujsa. Suwarna asks what if he doesn’t come.

Naira and Kartik sit crying somewhere. Tera naam….plays… Vedika says will Kartik listen to me, I don’t know where to find him. She sends an audio message to Kartik. She says Dadi is calling us home, I will go, you see what to do. Naira says I should leave, don’t worry, I will leave, I m sorry, Kartik and you…. Kairav will get fine completely, everything will get normal, I can’t tell him truth now, he can’t bear this, I will leave on own when my child gets strong, we won’t interfere in your life, we will leave very far. Vedika cries. Naira goes and says sorry Kairav, I know you want dad, but its too late now, we have to go.

Dadi sees Vedika coming home alone. She calls Kartik. Kartik is with Kairav. He answers. He says I can’t come, even if you send anyone to call me, Kairav is most imp for me, think anything you want. Dadi worries. Vedika asks Gayu to get food packed for Kartik and Naira. Naira sees Kartik and says a third person has come, her life shouldn’t get spoiled because of us, we have no right to snatch someone’s happiness, I have to go.

Naira comes to Singhania house and says I have to rectify my mistake. Guard stops her. She says I have to tie rakhi to my brother. Naksh asks after five years?

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Vedika should think before acting something, not naira come between her and kartik, actually vedika you came between kartik and naira, and I like it today how naira gave fitting reply to kartik .

    1. How did Vedika come between Kartik and Naira? Wasn’t Naira suposed to be dead? I don’t think Vedika is wrong.

    2. Exactly Satya!

    3. I agree with you they were first couple and vedika is second wife so she had come between kaira

  2. Naira is right to hide his own mistake kartik is blaming naira.he did a very big mistake by doubting on her character.

    1. Oh really! How can justify Naira????? Even though both Naira and Karthik are wrong,,,Naira is the one who is at bigger mistake,,,,she should rot in hell for doing such things,,,,Karthik is also wrong,,,but the good thing about him was that he accepted his mistake infront of the family members and throughout the 5 years he had been repenting for what he had done,,,but this Naira will never do that because she considers herself to be DEVI!!!

    2. When Naira and Karthik separated for 2 years after Shubham’s death, it was Naksh and Keerthi who suffered the most…

      If Naira didn’t run away, Naksh and Keerthi, Samarth and Gayu, Mansi and Anmol will be suffering again…

      I don’t justify Naira, for what she had done!! However, this might be another angle to look about this situation….

  3. Athira Ramesh

    Both Naira & Kartik are wrong here. Naira punished her family members for Kartik’s mistake’ which I am not able to digest. Kartik couldn’t trust his wife…

    1. Exactly my thoughts!

    2. Athira Ramesh

      Hmm. Now Daadi’s drama will start to snatch Kairav from Naira.

    3. I agree with you they were first couple and vedika is second wife so she had come between kaira

  4. Yes there is mistake in both naira and kartik, this dadi lady is too much as a women she shod understand what naira i feels after that question instead of that she is trying to cover her pothas mistake and pointing out only naira. This dadi is black mark for women respect.
    Manish guy at one time he was praising and asking for help from naira , if we see on one point he is also reason for their separation. There was so many men in the house can’t take care of their business, don’t have right to show anger on naira.
    Vedika why is she so posessive? She knows kartik was ready to marry her it’s only because of dadi.
    Naira also don’t have any right to do that drama of fake death. Writers right such that family family , when the trouble comes why naira can’t go to family and share and take support, in India they say right family relationship elders are there to support couple not to divorce.
    In this serial naira will help others but she don’t take anybody’s help , writers please show the serial in a realty way don’t make her like mahatma and don’t show like other characters don’t have any importance, in everybody’s life’s elders are elders . We will give importance to them. Show this serial in a realty way.
    Try to understand naira state of mind and don’t show such a way that every body bombards her.
    Please don’t show after all this again there romance sequence it looks like too much.
    If you guys don’t have any ideas to create a story line just end this show with good note.
    Writers don’t try to fool audience.

  5. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Kartik doubted on Mihir… who’s to say that he would not hv doubted on who Kairav’s father was… Naira was correct and saved herself and Kairav from the scrutiny of that irrational family ? look now Manish wants to snatch Kairav… and Dadi will most likely agree with him ??? bottom line is that if Dadi says it’s ok for both Naira and Kairav to return then no one would even utter a single word against her… so Dadi is the main culprit in this web of cruelty that Naira had to face in the past, and now has to face going forward ???

    1. The story is heading no where. So bored and irritated of the recent sequences. Waiting for a happy ending of the serial YRKKH with Naira, Kartik and Kairav living happily.

  6. I dont know where this serial is heading to. All i want is kaira’s union with kairav. Remove vedika cos i cant imagine her with karthik. Moreovet, karthik does not love her. Dadi and Manish are too much

    1. same thoughts !!!!?????

  7. Hi everyone, I am new here. This is what I feel. They hyped about kairas love so much in the serial. With one question relationship is not broken. I think in practical life this is not done by anyone. She could have got angry and left to her mothers place or if that question hurtled her a lot she could have divorced him after telling him about pregnancy . That would have justified her stance. But running away like she did no one does in this world. All these stories happen only in serials. Writers show some practical content. Relations don’t break but gap comes by these questions. Naira is wrong in her decision because of which kairav did not get family love. At least he could have got maternal family love if not paternal.

    1. Welcome Navs!!! Good thoughts,,, that is what i had been trying to say all this while,,,Now when the whole serial is hyped about Kaira’s love,,why can’t they just show them to be mature couple,,,,why are they fighting like uncivilised human beings?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️,,,,they both should accept their mistakes and apologise to each other,,,,and this Naira is trying to do the same thing which she had done before by trying to make herself mahaan,,,run away with Kairav once again???,,,,please for God’s sake don’t do that,,,Kairav is weak now,,,but once he is well,,,let him know the the reality and then decide how he wants to stay with his parents,,,please Naira don’t take the decisions for your so called baby?? and do the wrong things again,,,which you have been always doing,,, you have no rights to snatch father’s love from Kairav once again,,,i wish atleast becomes Kairav’s becomes a matured person in futurenot like his so called mother,,who doesn’t know what she is doing,,,always thinks she is right,,,but yeah Karthik is right in this episode “Naira is trying to hide her mistakes by magnifying KArthik’s mistakes”????????

  8. No right to snatch fathers love? Really? What if Naira had informed abt pregnancy just before karthik asking that question. I bet karthik would surely doubted about the child as well.

    1. Arrey it was that Naira devi’s misunderstandiong to a certain extent?‍♀️??, you saw in the episode after which everyone thought that Naira that Karthik never really doubted on Naira’s character when Mihir came to give explanation,,,arrey if that a*sh*le Naira would have just some brains that time then she should have talked to Karthik and sorted the whole matter,,,,but wat she did was wrong!! And wat she is doing now is also wrong,,,she is trying to show herself to be mahaan when she actually is not, she has no right to santch other’s happiness by separting a father and son which she is doing right now!!!

  9. Good to see naira giving on spot replies to Karthik. She should ask same question to whole family instead of just crying full time. She should atleast now be shown as strong women as she lived five years. Her point is absolutely correct that a wife can take nonsense question but not a mother on her child’s identity. Karthik nicely married and now shouting w/o even thinking sensibly what to do. Where is his maturity.

    1. Athira Ramesh

      So what u r saying is that Naira’s running away decision was right?? She could have moved to her maayka rather than running away. She has punished the whole family for Kartik’s mistake..

    2. Shwetha,,,Naira doesn’t even deserve to be called Karthik’s wife aftert this,,,i agree that Karthik was wrong to doubt the relationship,,,but has no loving husband in the world ever asked such a question??? And if he was wrong then wasn’t it also Naira’s responsibility to correct his mitake and guide him in the right path as a good wife which is the true value of any relation,,, you can never justify what Naira has done because she is a bad wife and to a certain extent a bad mother and because of her doings only both Kairav and Karthik are suffering,,,and the way she shouted back Karthik shows her ego who thinks that she is always right,,,even after realising that she was wrong she never accepted it while Karthik has accepted his mistake and after he just asked a question of doubt,,,wat will say about the women who bear dometic physical and mental abuse of doubts everyday from their husbands,,,Karthik never did any of that and as he said the situation provoked him to do so,,,Naira should also have understood her husband’s state of mind when everyone are justfying her acrions,,,she is wrong!!!

    3. 100% right

  10. Athira Ramesh

    Any1 has any idea about Akhilesh & Lisa’s relationship??????

    1. bot sure what is going to happen about them
      But I think naira will handle this situation as she always does

    2. Athira Ramesh

      Haha.. ??

  11. stupid vedika should now that naira os Kartik’s first wife and she’s second so she has a first right

    1. Hi Badshah JAn, Vedika is not wrong, she is just asking for her rights as a wife which any woman would do,,,and here that disgusting Naira is responsible for her pathetic state too???,,,,had she just revealed that she was not dead a little earlier,,,all these complications would never have happened,,,even now she is the one who is asking Vedika to saty patient until her son is alright,,e=if she had thought about it before then why she didn’t reveal her thruth…at tat time,,,she wanted to play the mahaan and wished Karthik to move on!!! So Naira is the devil who is the cause of all the troubles here,,,andshe has no right as a wife as she never really understood or guide him when he was wrong rather she ran away,,,so I don’t think she is goin to make things right rather she will make herself shown to be a devi of sacrifice and show everyone else are wrong
      Even though i really hate Naira,,,i agree that Goenka Dadi is wrong,, she has no right to snatch a child from his mother,,,O God,,this serial is just increasing the complications???

  12. All these complications are simply set by that dadi.
    The one who is responsible is only dadi and no one else

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