Muskaan 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Gayatri’s odd demand shocks Ronak

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Muskaan 22nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri asking Kajal to better kill her than killing her family. Kajal says nothing will happen to your family if you listen to me, Ronak will be surprising you and also calling Sir ji home, then Ronak will ask you about the surprise. FB ends. Ronak asks Gayatri how did she like the surprise. Gayatri says I got peace and happiness, just someone who dearly loves can do this, I know my son did this. Ronak says I felt so, but Muskaan loves you more than I do. He gets Muskaan to Gayatri. Gayatri worries and recalls Kajal’s words. She gets worried. Kajal signs Gayatri.

Gayatri says you ruined my day and turned it bad. She gets scolding Muskaan. She says I can’t tolerate this girl. Everyone looks on shocked. Gayatri shouts I hate this girl. Ronak says you were so happy just now, all went in vain on hearing Muskaan’s name, what’s this joke, can’t you see her efforts. Gayatri says yes, because I just hate her. Ronak says you just said that one who truly loves you will do this, right, then how can you say this, Muskaan truly loves you. Gayatri worries and sees Kajal.

She asks Muskaan can she do anything for her. Muskaan says yes, tell me what can I do. Gayatri asks Sir ji to give his pistol. She swears that she won’t kill anyone. She gives the gun to Muskaan and asks her to shoot herself and give her lifelong happiness. He says free me from your pain and sorrow, free my entire family. Everyone is shocked. Gayatri asks Muskaan to prove her love, why is she thinking much. Sir ji gets shocked.

Muskaan says my life isn’t mine, I have given a vow to my mum, I have to live for her and fulfill her dreams, you won’t get peace and happiness, you aren’t this, you aren’t saying this, you can never say this, I know I have made your day the worst today but one day will come when I can give you peace and happiness, I promise to do this, I have to live for that day. Gayatri cries and recalls telling Kajal that Muskaan will not do this, she has courage, she will not do this. Kajal says fine, don’t worry, I have to take one life. Gayatri asks who. FB ends. Gayatri says fine, my life has pain and sorrow, its better I shoot myself. Everyone gets shocked.

They all ask Gayatri to stop. Bua asks Muskaan to die and save Gayatri from dying. Sir ji scolds Muskaan. Everyone worries. Ronak asks Gayatri to keep the gun down. Muskaan takes the gun from Gayatri. Ronak stops them and snatches the gun. He points gun at himself. They all shout. He asks if this is some drama, if he is the root of all the problems, he will shoot himself. They ask him to keep the gun down. Ronak says you said you will shoot yourself because of Muskaan, its my mistake to support Muskaan, I will shoot myself first. Gayatri says no.

Kajal asks Gayatri not to play this bad game with mum and dad, don’t do anything to them. Sir ji says Kajal’s mental state is bad, don’t panic her more by this drama, what will she go through. Ronak says first promise me, this drama won’t happen again, else I will shoot myself. Gayatri and Muskaa promise. Sir ji asks Gayatri to come with him. Gayatri says I will stay with Kajal in outhouse, you go and take rest. Sir ji says I have to share many things with you. She says I have to stay with Kajal. Kajal thinks if Gayatri gets stubborn, Sir ji will doubt. Gayatri says I will be with Kajal. Sir ji says you look very changed, I m seeing you, you have no time for me. Kajal asks Gayatri to go with Sir ji, she will sleep alone, she is brave.

Ronak looks on. Kajal says I will sleep with Dolly. Gayatri worries and sees Dolly. Ronak observes the fear on Gayatri’s face. Dolly takes Kajal. Sir ji takes Gayatri with him. Ronak gives the gun to him. Ronak and Muskaan go to their room. Ronak says I don’t understand, someone has captured mum’s senses, don’t know what’s happening, I love my mum a lot, but I worry for you also Muskaan, I respect you a lot. Muskaan says I know you are doing a lot to make my and mum’s relation better, don’t do anything now, mum is very angry, we have to give time to mum, promise me. He promises her.

Kajal asks what did we decide today, we will play a game in school, you will shoot Muskaan down. Ronak gets shocked when Gayatri shoots Muskaan. He shouts Muskaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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