Meri Hanikarak Biwi 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ira and Mishri meet with an accident

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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 22nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pushpa is shocked. Devina tells her to let it continue. Its good that we saw it with our own eyes. We wont find a better chance than this to throw this girl out of our house!

Pundit ji asks the groom to fill vermilion and make his bride wear mangalsutra. Mishri shouts against it. Ira tells her she fails to understand what’s happening. I only remember that I was in hospital with Kunika. Kunika calls her a liar. You always blame me that I married Akhilesh for his property. Today you are marrying an aged rich businessman of Dubai only for money! Ira calls it cheating. She throws the garland away. I don’t accept this marriage. She requests Pushpa to trust her. I have no clue what has been happening here. Kunika tells Mishri to understand her Mapu’s reality. Your Mapu dint even think of you before marrying! She only thought of money! She walks up to Ira. I really wish Akhilesh was here. He would have known what his ex-wife is doing behind his back! Ira calls it a lie. Pushpa says I hated you earlier and I hate you today too. You ruined my son’s life. Despite all this, I thought you are still attached to our family but you are dead for us after what you did today! Ira insists she isn’t in her senses. It’s Kunika’s trap! I don’t accept this marriage! She opens the gathbandhan. Her groom holds her hand. She asks him to let go of her. Only one guy has put vermilion in my hairline. It is Akhilesh! He tells her not to worry. The vermilion in your hairline is of that same man only! He removes his sehra and everyone is shocked to see Akhilesh. Mishri and Vansh seem thrilled whereas Kunika looks on in shock. Mishri hugs her Mapu.

Akhilesh tells Kunika he knew she was trying to trap Ira. I saw Ira on the stretcher in hospital too! If I wanted then I could have confronted of right then and there but I wanted to know your entire plan! Your ex-husband called me then. I found out that it is your and Sameer’s plan. I decided to play this game your way. Ira couldn’t marry that oldie but my relation with Ira has strengthened for 7 births! Pushpa asks Akhilesh and Kunika. Akhilesh offers to tell them everything. Kunika never got divorced in the first place! Even I did not know she was married. I saved her that day so as she isn’t insulted. I dint support Ira. I think it was my biggest mistake. Truth is that Kunika and her husband are bankrupt so they made this plan! She wanted to marry me for my money. She does not care about any of us. Not just this, she even fooled us with that eyesight drama. I am ashamed that we spoke badly to the woman who tried to save us from her! She has been trying to save us from this cheater since day 1! He holds Ira.

Pushpa walks up to Kunika. I trusted you blindly. My kids kept telling us that you aren’t fit for Akhilesh but I dint listen to them! I committed the biggest mistake by making you marry Akhilesh. You have played with my families, my trust! You are indeed Khalnayika! She slaps Kunika twice. Ira tells her against it but Pushpa tells her not to stop her today. She slaps Kunika again. Akhilesh is about to call police when Sameer holds his feet. Don’t call police. We did this as we had become bankrupt because of Kunika. I supported her against my wish in her plan. I dint intend any of this! Akhilesh says you could have asked me and I wouldn’t have said no. I will buy your company so you stoop this low in future! He calls out to Mishri who rushes to his side. He asks her what price she will set for his company. Mishri says 5. Akhilesh takes out his cheque book and writes 5 crores. Kunika tells Sameer not to accept it but he tells her to shut up. This guy dint call police and is buying our company in 5 crores! You will always remain greedy. I wont keep any relation with you now. She begs him not to do it but he tells her it is over and walks out. Kunika cries. Akhilesh tells her that one can earn money but not trust. Kunika tries to hit him but Mishri pushes her. Kunika tries to hurt Mishri but falls down. She holds her stomach in pain. Mishri tells her that Bajrang Bali protects her always. Mishri asks Akhilesh to come. Pushpa holds Ira and helps her. Akhilesh and Mishri support her too. Everyone else leaves as well. Kunika cries for help but no one is there.

Ira gains conscious. Pushpa feeds her water. She apologizes to Ira. It is my mistake as I have been misunderstanding you every time. I wouldn’t have forgiven you if I was in your place. She folds her hands before Ira. Lord will kill me if I doubt you ever again! Ira requests her not to say so. You are not at fault here. Your anger was justified. I have no qualms with you. Akhilesh asks her how she has such a big heart. I thought you wont forgive anyone after what happened. I am really sorry. She tells him that she has only forgiven Moti Ba. Your sorry has no place in my life. I cannot forgive you! I only came here to save you guys from Kunika and it’s done. I am leaving now. Pushpa requests her not to say so. I agree we made a mistake. We will take care of you. Don’t leave us. Ira shakes her head. Mishri tells her Mapu she has Bapu too now. Ira says your Bapu wasn’t like this. He loved me. He trusted me and my words. Who is this guy? I don’t know him. This guy says hurtful things every second. He does not respect me or my emotions. I cannot stay here. Akhilesh thinks it is time to make her meet that guy. Only that person can stop Ira from leaving the house now.

Ira has packed her bags and comes downstairs. Pushpa tries to stop her again but Ira stays put. Vansh asks Mishri to do something or her mother will leave for forever. Mishri refuses. She requests her Mapu not to go but Ira tells her to let her go. She pays her reverence in temple. Akhilesh enters in his old avatar and speaks in the previous slang. Mishri is surprised. I have never seen you like this before. He shares that that wasn’t him in reality. This is your real Bapu. I am just like you. They high-five. He turns his attention to Ira again. He admits all the wrongs that he has done (in sweet, old style). Mishri asks her Mapu to fix Bapu but Ira says I don’t have a solution for this. Mishri suggests her Bapu to apologize asap. Akhilesh asks her if she is doctor’s compounder. Mishri nods. Akhilesh kneels down on his feet. Ira ji, old Akhilesh Pandey got lost in the last 5 years. I was only breathing. My soul left my body the day you left this house! I have only thought of you in these past 5 years. There hasn’t been a second when I haven’t missed you. I might have changed but I couldn’t erase you from my memories. I love you very much. Every member of this family loves and respects you very much. Please forgive me for my mistake. Ira wipes her tears. Akhilesh says sorry to Ira. You will have to walk over my dead body if you still wish to leave. He lies down in her way. Vansh, Mishri and Pushpa lie down in Akhilesh’s support. All the eyes are pinned on Ira.

Ira tries to go from the other side but Bhavik lies in her way. Akhilesh tells Ira he will die if she leaves the house. She covers his mouth. Don’t you dare say that again. I did not like what you had turned into! I like my old Akhilesh very much who I fell in love with. Will you change again? He denies. They share a hug. Everyone smiles except Devina and Adi. They do a little happy dance around Akhilesh and Ira.

Love won again! Jai Siya Ram.

Devina receives Kunika’s call. Kunika cries that she lost everything. I lost money, Sameer and my baby! Devina says you dialled a wrong number and disconnects the call. Adi asks her what this is about but Devina blocks Kunika’s number. Kunika realises that Devina is also not with her now. It is all because of that Mishri. I wont spare her!

Pushpa welcomes Akhilesh, Ira and Mishri. They are holding an idol each in their hands. Pushpa asks them about it. Mishri says Mapu and Bapu are like Ram and Sita. I will become their Hanuman. I will keep them together like this. Ira does her grahpravesh. Devina says there are so many idols in our temple. Akhilesh suggests keeping them in the factory they have bought from Sameer. Kunika looks at them from a distance. I wont let you guys live at peace! You have snatched my husband and baby from me. Now Akhilesh will also have to lose one of his loved one!

Akhilesh stealthily comes in Sameer’s factory late at night. Guards are looking at the power level. Akhilesh ji’s daughter only should switch it on tomorrow. Kunika overhears it. Mishri wont survive! She snatched everything from me. I will take her life now! She notices the high power cable there and fixes it incorrectly. Mishri has killed my baby. She must pay for it!

Next morning, guard notices the wires and realises that whoever touches the lever will get shocked. He calls out to his fellow guard but Kunika hits him on his head with a rod. He passes out on the floor.

Pushpa is having a puja at home for Akhilesh’s family’s wellbeing. Devina and Vansh sit with her in the puja. Pundit ji lights the havan kund. One log falls out and the gifts catch fire. They douse the fire somehow. Pundit ji points out that it is a bad omen. It hints at something untoward. It can be serious. It might be that someone’s life might be in risk. Pushpa panics.

Puja happens at Sameer’s factory. Akhilesh asks Mishri to lift the lever to switch on the power of the factory. Mishri smiles. Kunika peeks at her from behind a fan. Mishri stops. Why should I do it? You own the factory after all. He asks her if they are different from each other. Ira makes Mishri understand that her Bapu will like it if she does it. Ira nods. Akhilesh receives Pushpa’s call just then. He goes aside to speak to her. She asks him if they are fine. He asks her why she seems so tensed. She repeats what Pundit ji had said. He assures her that everything is fine. We will return home asap. They end the call. Akhilesh wonders why Amma is getting such signs. Everything is going smoothly.

Pundit ji asks for Akhilesh. Mishri is reluctant and does not want to switch on the power when her parents are right there. Bhavik suggests Ira and Mishri to do it together.

Akhilesh turns and finds the guard lying unconscious there. He wakes him up. Guard shares that someone has connected electric wire to the power lever. Whoever will touch it will get shock. Akhilesh shouts Mishri’s name in shock.

Kunika smiles seeing Ira and Mishri inch closer to the switch together. Akhilesh runs to stop them and succeeds. He points at the electric wires there. Someone is trying to attack us. He sends the manager to bring the guard. Guard takes Kunika’s name when Akhilesh questions him. Akhilesh tells Ira that this family isn’t safe. I cannot risk your and Mishri’s life. Head home. I will handover Kunika to police today! Bhavik asks security to lock the gates.

Akhilesh sends Ira and Mishri in his car. Akhilesh and Bhavik look in every corner of the factory. Akhilesh notices Kunika leaving in her car and chases her.

Pushpa asks Pundit ji if the kids will be safe after the puja. He nods. It would have been better if all 3 of them were here. Pushpa tries Akhilesh’s number.

Akhilesh is chasing Kunika’s car. He overtakes her and confronts her. She tries to flee but he catches hold of her. You think I will leave you after seeing you try to hurt my family? It was my biggest mistake! I will hand you over to police now. She laughs at him. Mishri and Ira might not have got electric shock but my plan is still on! I never lose. I will take revenge. You may not know but I was pregnant with Sameer’s baby. I fell down while chasing Mishri and lost my kid! Mishri killed my baby. I wont spare her life today. Ira will die with her today! That’s when my revenge will be complete. He says I know you are saying this to scare me. She asks him if he thinks his family is fine after sitting in the car. The brake can fail. Call them once. They might be already dead if they wont pick your phone. Akhilesh calls Ira and tells her that Kunika has messed with the car brakes. He leaves to find Ira and Mishri. Driver confirms to Ira that the brake isn’t working. Mishri panics. Akhilesh asks her to meet her at one point. Drive slow. She agrees. Ira’s driver struggles with the car. Akhilesh notices their car and jumps on the top of it. the car is out of control. Ira keeps reassuring Mishri they will be fine. She asks Mishri to jump from the car. Mishri refuses. Akhilesh assures her that nothing will go wrong. I am here. Ira requests Mishri to jump. Akhilesh falls down and the car turns as it hits a bulk of sand kept nearby. It falls down the hill to a lower lane and catches fire.

Precap: Ira is in hospital. She is in post traumatic stress. Pushpa is also in hospital. Bhavik decides to use his invention to save Ira and Pushpa.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Enjoyed the episode… And now misry will turn robo.. I hope show doesn’t turn boring…

  2. Summer

    Finally Kunika is exposed! Somewhat find the revelation rushed! As for Devina, she gets away scott free as usual…Akilesh and Co should really see her true colours. As long as a rotten apple is still in the cart, happiness and harmony will always be short-lived!
    With reference to the precap, does that mean Mishri is no more? To save Ira and Pushpa, Bhavik invention creates Mishri robot to help them come to terms with their grief?

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