Muskaan 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Ronak finds Sandhya

Muskaan 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tabassum asking guards to catch Ronak. Ronak gets himself free. Guards catch him again. Sir ji says catch him, don’t let him go. Ronak threatens him. Sir ji asks where are you going. Ronak says my Muskaan is inside. They get shocked. Sir ji asks Tabassum is Muskaan inside, how did she reach there, no one comes here, how did you come here. Ronak says leave me, we are close to your secret. Gayatri says stop him, anything will happen to him. Sir ji says he is working here, explain him. Ronak falls aside. He gets an axe and threatens to kill Sir ji. He asks everyone to get back. Tabassum says he can do anything. Sir ji panics. Ronak says come with me. They come to the locked room. Ronak asks who has shut the door, Muskaan was here. Sir ji says Gayatri explain him. Ronak says I will break this door he hits on the lock. It thunders. Sir ji gets shocked.

Ronak and everyone get inside and see Muskaan lying unconscious. They worry. Ronak asks her to get up. Muskaan gets up and says ghost…. Gayatri calls hospital for ambulance. She holds Muskaan. Ronak sees the chest and goes to open it. A woman comes out of the chest and then falls back. Ronak gets shocked. Ronak gets the woman out of the box and sees her face. He says its some woman, not any ghost, maybe she was here since many years. He asks Sir ji and Tabassum is this helpless woman the ghost, how dare they lock her here. He scolds them.

They rush the woman to the hospital. Sir ji looks on. Ronak takes Muskaan in the ambulance. Doctor treats Muskaan and the woman. Tabassum asks Gayatri to explain Ronak, how much will he ashame Sir ji, how can he hurt his father. She praises Sir ji. She asks how can Ronak kill Sir ji. She says the day he knows the truth of his existence, he will be shaken up, he will just regret. Sir ji looks on. Doctor says Muskaan is much better now, let her rest for a while. Ronak apologizes to Muskaan and says sorry, I was scared, as if I lost you, you know my tantrums, its hard to tolerate me, just you can manage my tantrums. She jokes.

She asks about the woman. Tabassum says Sir ji did a lot for you, you left him, he didn’t leave you, he knew you won’t forgive him, even then he begged you, he had relations with other women, but he truly loved you, you and Ronak always hurt him, I didn’t expect this from you, I expected this from Ronak, as he is …. Ronak says that woman is also getting treated. Muskaan says I was much scared, I went to that room and saw the chest, someone hit me. Ronak says she isn’t a ghost but a lady, Sir ji has locked her inside the chest, once the lady gets conscious, we can know the truth. She asks who is she. Sir ji comes and says she is Sandhya, its not a secret. Gayatri slaps Tabassum and scolds her. Tabassum says this truth will never do good to anyone, so we had hidden this, you can tell anything and beat me, truth won’t change with your slap or argument.

Sir ji says Sandhya was a brothel, she was a dancer, she liked it, many people used to like her, she fell in love, then we know that she is pregnant because of her client, she got cheated in love, she gave birth to a dead baby, she was crying a lot, she wanted to commit suicide, she didn’t wish to see the sunlight, she went to some dark room, what’s my mistake. Ronak says its a good story, you have locked her in that room for years, since when are you fulfilling people’s last wish, do you have a heart. Sir ji says there is no secret in this. Ronak says you aren’t decent, and we aren’t fools that we agree to what you say, we won’t find the secret. Sir ji worries.

Sir ji says its the silence before the storm. Gayatri asks Bua what happened on the day Ronak was born. Bua asks what. Gayatri asks her to swear and say the truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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