Muskaan 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ronak learns Muskaan’s truth

Muskaan 12th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak beating the goons. A goon hits him. Many goons come. Ronak pushes a stall at them. They all fall down. He sees someone. Sir ji welcomes the foreign clients. Tabassum says we are preparing to get the moon here, you have come before time. She welcomes them. She says Muskaan is getting ready, her mum is adorning her, her trauma will work for us. Ronak sees some goons coming. He fights with them. Hanumanth asks Ronak to come fast, else Muskaan’s birthday will get over. They leave in the auto. Goons follow. Tabassum comes to Muskaan. She praises Aarti for making her ready well. Aarti says I will buy books for Muskaan. She goes. Tabassum takes Muskaan.

Many people come at the brothel. Hanumanth says we got saved, Tabassum is after our life. Ronak asks vendor about Muskaan.

The man says everyone wants to see her, its her birthday. Ronak says yes I know. He gets shocked seeing Muskaan’s pic on the walls. Sir ji welcomes everyone in the function. The men ask him to call Muskaan. Sir ji says she is no less than a heroine, she is a diamond, she had hidden her, its her 21st birthday today, lets see who gets her. Sapna performs on Laila…. with other girls. Everyone claps. Sir ji says wait is over, its my turn now. He praises Muskaan. Muskaan comes there. Everyone stares at her.

Tabassum asks Muskaan not to do anything wrong. She threatens Muskaan. Rakhi says its drama of few hours, then my daughter will be queen here. Ronak smiles seeing pic. The man says from this line to her brothel. Ronak gets shocked and asks did he say brothel. Hanumanth says he would have said Kothi, not Kotha, maybe Muskaan is very rich. Ronak says I felt she is simple and sweet, something is wrong. Hanumanth says we shall go. Ronak says I want some answers, shut up and follow me. They see guards. Hanumanth says if they recognize us, they will beat us. Ronak says I know how to trick them. Muskaan performs on Nagada sang dhol….

Suzaine is locked. She says I can’t let this happen. She cries and prays to Lord to send some angel. Ronak and Hanumanth hide face behind bouquets. Guard stop him and ask him to show face. Ronak makes excuse. They get in. Ronak and Hanumanth see Muskaan dancing on the stage. They get shocked. Ronak drops the gifts. Hanumanth says she is a dancer…. Ronak cries. Everyone claps for Muskaan. Tabassum stops Muskaan and goes on stage. They ask the people how did they like her dance. She asks them to see Muskaan, everyone have to give red roses to her. Muskaan looks at Tabassum.

Hanumanth says you should be happy that you got to know her truth. Ronak says I started loving her, why did she do this there would be some reason for her to do this. Ronak shoots in air. He lifts Muskaan and takes her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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