Do you like the short leap in Ishqbaaz?

Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz has recently taken a short leap in its Redux version. The show brings the same track of house division once again. The villains tracks in Redux has been similar all the while. Tej’s conspiracies weren’t any different. The five year leap introduced brings a new side of Shivaye. He is seen as a sorrowful person, undergoing a lots of pain because of the broken relationships. The Oberoi family known for its unity breaks. Moreover, the Oberoi brothers also get apart because of Tej’s death. Shivaye is punished for killing Tej. The family hates him. Shivaye welcomes their every annoyance with a big heart. He hopes to change their hatred soon.

Anika becomes his dutiful wife, who is the only connection between him and rest of the family. Anika wants Shivaye to recover from trauma. She fears that Shivaye will lose himself because of his guilt. Shivaye tries to get rid of the guilt of killing Tej. He very well knows that the family will never forgive him for the biggest crime. Shivaye’s struggle in winning his family is seen. Do you like the short leap in Ishqbaaz? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    For me show ended when kapoor sisters and bua were put behind bars… Now this is just boring… I don’t like this show now…

    1. Areeba Batool Qureshi

      True. After the revenge game of Kapoor sisters was finished, whole base of Ishqbaaz was finished.

    2. True. After the revenge game of Kapoor sisters was finished, whole base of Ishqbaaz was finished.

  2. When they have no story ,they showed social drama
    Than showed redux
    Now again showing same track of villans
    Get ready for another redux/ rebirth when twists are over

  3. Nikita_jai29

    I want this redux end…

  4. NSK

    Its really painful to watch oberoi brothers separated💔 but the fact is the logic is absolutely OK because who would love his father’s murderer? Yes Shivaay had a good intention behind it and we,the viewers know that;but OmRu and Family aren’t aware of that and so their hatred can be justified. It’s gonna be awesome how ShivOmRu will reunite! But before that i want the entire family except Annika and Khanna to yearn for SSO’s love honestly. He shouldn’t forget the pain he had to go through easily.he didn’t stand for himself,what he did was for his Brothers, OmRu.but its OmRu who are hating him the most💔 SSO is getting punishment despite having a good intention,only Annika and Khanna are by his side.i wonder what he would have gone through if Annika wasn’t by his side.ShuvOmRu are the HeartBeat of the show and They are each other’s strength. yes they will reunite soon and its gonna be overwhelming.😊its gonna be grand. though the track is so damn emotional but yet its giving me positive vibes since their bond will become stronger than ever.✌
    All the best to The team because the hard work they are putting is clearly reflecting through their Fantastic acting.😄
    Thanks CVS and please reunite the brothers soon.😊
    Keep watching IB at 10 since its under scanner, if the show is gonna end,at least we can support the last phase of it.❤💝

    1. Agga4102

      Have u noticed the change in their room?????

      1. NSK

        Yes i have ! The blue room is finally back !!!! Yeaaaaaasssss👍

    2. Agga4102

      I really missed that room a lot…!

      1. NSK

        Same dear 😁 Blue room is very awesome😄😄

  5. Astmasiddika

    Well IB is my most favourite show , It’s difficult for me to stop watching IB but I controlled my self in some times like Shivika breakup , IB redux initial episode, More than that Rudy’s marriage were the character of Saumya was totally rottened ,
    But now I’m liking it even though it is sad & sorrow full I like it now because the brothers showed affectionate in the past but their brotherhood is not tested till now every relationship are tested to become more stronger in current episodes their relationship is tested & Obro’s should pass this test & should prove their relation. Since the basic moto of the show is even after the lot of test trials & tribulations the brothers maintain unbreakable bond between them yes we have seen their love now it is a time to see their hatred…

    1. NSK

      Finally got someone who’s opinion matches mine 😃 yay ! Really glad to know your positive thinking about the show 😄
      So agreeing to you 😊 keep watching IB 😆
      N yeah Ruining Saumya’s character was a bad decision fie me too😩

  6. Astmasiddika

    S even I want this track to end soon

    1. NSK

      Hmm but in a dramatic way …!!! 😀

  7. this show needs to be retired. it has lost it’s essence a long time ago

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