Muskaan 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan gets cheated

Muskaan 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan hearing Aarti and crying. Tabassum threatens Suzaine and others about Muskaan and goes. Aarti cries. Rakhi says my son left me because of Muskaan. Muskaan says mum used to love me so much, why is she so angry now. Tabassum says so what if she changed, I m with you, I want you to become strong like others. Aarti cries and says I made Muskaan cry so much, not anymore, I have to do something than showing hatred to her, I can’t do this. She stops and recalls Tabassum’s words. She says no, I have to shed some tears to get Muskaan’s happiness. Aarti says I will try that you stay happy. Muskaan comes and sees Aarti sleeping. She writes a letter for Aarti and asks her to hug her for her sake. She keeps letter and goes. Aarti wakes up and reads the letter. Muskaan says I

know, Aarti will read my letter and hug me. Aarti hugs letter and cries. Aarti packs bags and comes to Muskaan. She hugs Muskaan and asks her to come along. She takes Muskaan with her.

Rakhi sees Muskaan gone and checks for Aarti. She shouts to Tabassum. Everyone comes and finds Aarti and Muskaan gone. Rakhi asks Tabassum if Aarti has run away with Muskaan and failed her plan. Tabassum asks her to stop it. She sends Ghosh to go and find Aarti and Muskaan. Aarti gets Muskaan somewhere. Ghosh says I didn’t get Aarti and Muskaan anywhere. Tabassum laughs. Rakhi asks what happened. Tabassum says Aarti has taken my happiness and peace, this time Sir ji will kill them. She dances with everyone and laughs. They get shocked seeing Aarti back. Aarti comes to them. Tabassum says I will decide everything. Aarti asks what. Suzaine comes to Aarti. Tabassum slaps her. She says you all will be shocked, Aarti took Muskaan and left her there on my saying. Aarti cries. Tabassum says you want to know details.

FB shows Aarti showing Muskaan’s letter to Tabassum. She says how will I hate Muskaan now, tell me. Tabassum says I will give you a chance to prove your love, do something, don’t ask anything, leave Muskaan there and come back. Aarti tells them that she left Muskaan at bus stop and came by excuse. Tabassum says Aarti has come here, Muskaan is waiting for her. Sapna gets happy and thinks I will get all chocolates and gifts. Suzaine asks how can you cheat Muskaan, where would be Muskaan. Aarti recalls a man asking her to leave Muskaan at other stop. Aarti says Muskaan is safe, she is taken care of by Tabassum. Muskaan waits for Aarti.

Aarti says a mum sees many dreams for her daughter, I m a bad mum. Suzaine thinks to tell Muskaan’s truth to Aarti. She says I want to say something. She tells everything. Aarti gets shocked.s

Update Credit to: Amena

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