Mere Sai 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Catches Keshav Inebriated

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Mere Sai 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rukmini gets tensed thinking if Chihu tai consumed Keshav’s liquor. Kulkarni walks into Chichu’s room and searches it, finds liquor bottle on bed. Rukmini walks in and stands shocked. Kulkarni says this bottle has alcohol, if she knew about it, then why did not she inform him.

Sai tells Prakash it is up to him how he wants to mould his heart, fire makes a person incompetent, be it anger, arrogance, ego, or adamancy of competing with each other. Prakash apologizes Sai for misbehaving with him. Sai smiles and says Alllah Malik hai.

Kulkarni walks to inebriated Keshav and gives him a tight slap and asks how dare he to enter house inebriated. He picks gun to shoot Keshav, but Rukmini stops him. He says he drank at arrack shop, many people would have known by know that

Kulkarni’s son is a drunkard, he wanted to make his son a barrister, but his son became drunkard. He picks stick and beats Keshav. Keshav holds stick and snatches it and shouts at him calling Mr. Kulkarni and says he is not a kid now. Kulkarni says nobody spoke to him loudly, he is insulting him in English and warning. Keshav says he is leaving his world and walks away. Rukmini runs behind Keshav, but Kulkarni stops her and warns to dare not stop Keshav, he does not have a place for disobedient son.

Keshav walks on road clashing with people and yelling at them, with wobbling gait. He clashes with Sai and insults him. Sai says he is looking very beautiful. Keshav continues insulting Sai. Abdul warns Keshav to mind his tongue. Sai tells he is pity on Kulkarni, what he must be feeling seeing his son inebriated. Keshav yells his father calls Sai a trickster and insults him a lot, even then Sai is showing sympathy, he is really a trickster. He collapses then. Sai asks Abdul to lift and take him to Dwarkamayi. Abdul carries him to Dwarkamayi. Lakshmi and Tatya get worried seeing Keshav’s condition. Keshav writhes in pain. Tatya says looks like someone has beaten him. Sai touches Keshav’s stomach and alchol glows. Sai asks Lakshmi to bring water and feeds Keshav. Keshav’s condition stabilizes and he falls sound alseep.

Precap: Keshav shouts at Sai to let him go. Sai drops him home. Kulkarni seeing Sai taunts Keshav that he is mingling with trickters now a days.

Update Credit to: MA

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