Muh Boli Shaadi 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Muh Boli Shaadi 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts where Anmol goes to eat the apple but she feel bad and says what if she had broken her fast and Nikhil doesn’t pass his exam. She scolds the apple and hopes Nikhil writes his paper. Nidhi stands at the door laughing and says Anmol Ratan Singh, who doesn’t wait for anyone to eat is remaining hungry for someone today, wow! Anmol says to leave her alone! Nidhi says ok you are not hungry, and takes away the apple and runs out of the room saying she is going. Anmol runs after her.

Nikhil’s Buaji is coming from the market but on seeing Anmol and Niddhi running together she drops all the vegetables. She scolds Anmol and Nidhi. Anmol goes to help her pick up the vegetables but the grandmother stops her. Buaji insults her and picks up her stuff, goes inside and shuts the gate on her. Nidhi sees Anmol feeling bad and goes to cheer her up. Niddhi teases Anmol with the apple and tlks to the apple saying that she is thinking about Nikhil but he is writing his exam. Would he think about her? Nidhi watches her craziness.

Anmol waits on Nikhil to come back home. She sees the apple and scolds it for making fun of her again. Anmol runs out on hearing Nikhil’s scooter. Buaji then comes out and Anmol hides behind the pillar. Buaji asks Nikhil why he is so late. He says exam got late and goes inside. Buaji leaves to go as well but spots Anmol behind the pillar. She says everywhere she goes Anmol is in front of her and insults her again. Buaji goes inside.

Anmol is angry she didn’t get to ask Nikhil how the paper was and so she can’t eat anything. She goes near the wall to see if she could see Nikhil. Niddhi comes behind her and asks her what she is looking at? Anmol gets scared. Niddhi asks her if she is spying and what will happen if someone sees. Anmol hushes her. She hears Nikhil shouts to Buaji to get food for him. She get angry and says she didn’t have anything to eat. Niddhi tells her to go as he is going to change. Anmol says she is not that kind of girl and that her love is true for him. Nidhi says ok well she will go. Anmol says to herself that it was Nikhil exam but she feels like she is being tested. She runs to her room looking into nikhil’s side of the house. Tu jahaan plays in BG…Nikhil comes out with his towel. Anmol watches him lovingly from behind the curtain. He then takes off his shirt. He spots her looking at him and he runs inside. Anmol laughs at him and she spins around with Nidhi in her room. She write in her diary Nikhil loves Anmol several times.

Amol is dreaming and looks and where Nikhil studies. Her father is calling her but she does not hear him. He comes and asks her if she thought he would not get to know what she is doing. Anmol gets scared. She stammers and says she could not stop herself. He drags her with him. She tries to make him understand. He makes her sit at the dining table. Her mother comes and says that she is dieting and her father is also worried about her not eating. He did not have anything since morning. Her father asks her to eat. She texts Nidhi saying the the deal will break to come and help her. Her mother tell her to eat. She says she will eat later. Her mother scolds her and is about to feed her. Nidhi comes and says anmol stop and scolds her for eating, and tells her all her hard work will go in vein. Her father asks what hard work. Nidhi tells him about diet chart. Her mother is upset with Nidhi and says Anmol is hungry. Nidhi disagrees. She says Anmol can only have fruits and she had already. Her father asks her mother if she had fruits. Her mother says she didn’t know she thought that Anmol didn’t eat anything. Her father is irritated and leaves. Her mother is upset with her. Anmol is sad.

Nidhi comes and asks Anmol why she is sad as she saved her. Anmol thanks her. Nidhi goes and tell her to complete her deal. Anmol sees Nikhil coming and tells him hi. He greets her. She asks him how was the paper and he says it was good. He turns away from her. She is annoyed and asks if he doesn’t give her a proper answer how will she eat. He asks what? She says she kept a fast for him. He asks what. She asks if he had never been to the pundit and don’t know what a fast is. He says he knows but why did she do it? She says she told him her reason already at the office. She wants to know why he is behaving like that. He says she is crazy and to leave him alone. She asks why should she? She got his book for him, woke him up so he could study and kept a fast for him. Nikhil gets annoyed. He asks her why she was secretly watching him while he was changing. She says ok she watched him but she loves him. But why did he turn around to look at her. There must be some reason. He could not answer. Anmol’s father calls her. Niddhi comes to call her. Anmol leaves. Nikhil is thoughtful.

Next morning Nikhil is looking for Seema and Buaji says she went for a Mehndi. Nikhil says he has some notes for her. His brother gives a new lock to his father. His father asks about money. He says that no money remained from buying it. Ashok curses Ratan Singh and his family. Nikhil remains quiet. His father continues to complain that he has to put an expensive lock because of the neighbours. Buaji tells Nikhil’s brother to go to school. A servant looking man comes and Nikhil sees his father giving the man bananas and some money and telling him to make trouble for Ratan Singhs car. Nikhil is annoyed. He begins to eat and remembers Anmols words about fasting for him. He tries to ignore it and eat.

Nidhi and Anmol(hiding behind pillar) look out for Nikhil. They see Nikhil coming. Nikhil also looks for her. He takes out his scooter meanwhile still looking for her. She watches from behind the pillar.He sees her. He tries starts his scooter and says its strange as it started quickly today. Anmol tries to go infront but Nikhil’s father comes out and asks Nikhil what happened. Nikhil says that his scooter is not starting. His father is unaffected and calls the boy who he gave the money too. He says looks like it will rain today. Anmol comes and teases him about his bike starting early. He says he was not stalling it for anyone. She says she knows whats goin on and that because of her his exams went well yesterday. That’s why he wanted to see her today. He denies it and drives off. His exam pass fall out. She wishes him all the best. She turns an sees his hall pass.

Precap: Anmol pulls in front of him with a scooter. He is angry with her. He tell her because of her he will be late for exams. And his career and future will be ruined. She tries to say she was calling him. He says for her to leave. He looks frustrated while she looks sad.

Update Credit to: starsanjana

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