Muh Boli Shaadi 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Muh Boli Shaadi 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ashok feeling happiness after getting Pratap arrested. Nikhil asks what happened? Ashok says you woke up now and missed the drama. He says I forgives you. Seema tells that Nana ji got Pratap arrested. Akhil tells that Pratap had compromised with his scooter. Ashok is happy and thanks God for giving him chance to insult Ratan Singh. Nikhil says you sent Pratap to jail so that you can insult Ratan Singh. Ashok says you get it right. Why you are upset? They are our enemies. Do you have any feelings for that girl? Nikhil says the thing is about right and wrong. It doesn’t look good to stoop to such level. Ashok says whenever he gets a chance, he will smash Ratan Singh’s respect. He asks Akhil to take bag as they are going. Nikhil worries for Anmol.

Anmol cries and blames herself for Pratap stay in jail. She says it was her idea. Ratan Singh asks Nidhi to take Anmol to the room. She will increase your troubles. Ratan Singh asks her to be strong. Anmol cries and blames herself. She apologizes to Mala. Ratan Singh says one man can take us out of this. Nikhil gets worried and tells that Ashok took the wrong path. He says Bua ji didn’t get major injury. He says it was wrong to sent him to jail. Seema says things have become complicated. Nikhil says he is Ratan’s damad now and wonders about Anmol’s condition. He says his phone is not working. Seema says shall I bring my phone. Nikhil says he will talk to her face to face. Seema asks what you will do now.

Nikhil climbs the balcony and goes inside the house. He wonders where is Anmol’s room. Nidhi sees him and asks why you are here? She says Anmol is blaming herself. Nikhil says she is not in her room. Nidhi takes him to Anmol’s room. Anmol cries. Nikhil comes and says he is with her. Anmol hugs him and cries. Nikhil asks her to stop crying and asks from where you stock up tears. Anmol says she did a mistake and Papa sent her upstairs. She blames herself for Pratap’s arrest. Nikhil says you didn’t do anything. Anmol says my bhaiyya loves me very much and I sent him to jail. I just hate myself. I failed in every relation.

Nikhil tries to console Anmol and says you are a good daughter, sister and wife. He says you needed free time. We are making each other understand and are together at the toughest time. She worries for Pratap. Nikhil says he will be back. I will take back police complaint and Pratap will be back home. Anmol says everyone will know about us if you takes back complaint. Nikhil says he will handle everything and asks her not to get tears in her eyes again. He says I can bear anything, but not tears in your eyes. He goes back to his house through balcony. He sees Pratap coming in Police jeep. Nidhi asks Anmol to stop crying. They hear someone informing that Pratap came back. Nidhi says Tau ji freed him.

Anmol and Nidhi get downstairs and see Inspector with Ratan Singh. Anmol identifies him to be the same Inspector who knows about her marriage with Nikhil. The Inspector assures Ratan Singh that he will dismiss the case. Ratan Singh thanks him. Pratap is sad. Inspector says big people go to jail and asks him not to feel bad. He asks Ratan Singh about his daughter. Ratan Singh calls Anmol. Anmol and Nidhi run to their room. She says she can’t go downstairs. Ratan Singh asks them to come. Nidhi comes down. Ratan Singh says she is Madan’s daughter. He asks her to call Anmol. Nidhi says she can’t come. She says she is preparing for Pooja to fulfill the mannat. Ratan Singh says his daughter is very innocent and worried for her brother. Anmol wonders what to do? She thinks if Inspector sees Nikhil then what will he do. Ratan Singh asks Nidhi to inform Anmol to come downstairs as Sushil is waiting. The Inspector Sushil says he will meet her next time. Neelam says she will bring Anmol. Nidhi says she will call her. She rushes to her room and asks Anmol to come down. Anmol gets tensed and wonders what to do now. Nidhi asks her to come and says God will save you. Anmol says she will be caught today.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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