Swim Team 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rewa tells what…Deepum laughs,,,Pixy tells plan is flop..Pixy tells when she joined the race Kanika tells Deepum If she not got more tacky and cheap band..Rewa tells Deepum brought sweetly..Jai tells his mother that it is Umang’s first race after accident..Mother tells Umang have to prove herself as its her first Race with Jugnu..Mother tells she didnt saw Umang such upset and low..Mother tells Jai to go and support Umang..Jai agrees….Pixy tells they will rock..All Girl says “Swim team”..Pixy,,Deepum and Kanika goes…Mother tells Umang not to be upset..Rewa tells Ritika she is soo scared about the race..Rewa tells she have to prove,,Jugnu tells Bhagat to clean the pool..Bhagat goes…
Next Morning Rewa tells finally the day has came to Prove herself..Rewa tells “Lets Rock”,,Jugnu tells TK lets ready for Toss..TK tells he will take tails…Jugnu thrown the coin and tells TK luck is not with him.,,Jugnu laughs,,,Jugnu tells Rewa mathur is finished..Jugnu tells he and his team decided to do butterfly stroke..Rewa is shocked..Rewa tells no..Umang is worried..Jugnu laughs..Umang tells Jai thtt she wanted to talk..TK tells Girls to be ready..TK tells to focus..TK tells all team is dependent on Rewa..Umang tells Jai she can do as she broked international records..Umang tells she is the best and she will win and she is “Umang tandon” And no one can defeat her,,
Rewa tells no one can stop her from winning the race..Rewa cries and tells how she will win with this pain in shoulder..Rewa tells she wanted to talk TK,,TK tells he known that Rewa is upset because of the race,,,Rewa tells she cannot swim as there is some other problem..TK tells that he dont want to listen the problem..TK tells they have practised alot Butterfly stroke…Rewa tells she hide something.,And she want to change the order..TK tells If they change the order and Jugnu came to known then they Swim team will loose.TK tells they cannot change…Rewa tells herself its waste to tell..Rewa tells she will swim at number four and Swim team will win..Pixy tells its about their team Self respect they cannot let TK down,,Pixy snatched Deepum phone,,Deepum tells to stop reading horoscope..Kanika tells stop it as its Race have to prepare..
Rewa asks If everyone is ready..Kanika tells yes lets do it…All girls comes and stands..Jugnu tells One side his team and anotherside Swim team. has to stand…Jugnu tells stroke will be butterfly..

Precap::Rewa swims with one hand..Jugnu tells that Butterfly stroke means two hands should be used

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Very nice epi…
    Precap is also good.
    Love Rewa Mathur :-*

  2. Thanksss Ansari Ma’m

    1. For update 🙂

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