Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, Mrs Pammi Pyarelal 2nd August 2013 Written Update

Kidnappers sees a letter.They saw “Rajveer Faujdar Bangalow no. 309″ written on letter n r shocked because they were supposed to go to Bangalow no. 306. They saw a photo of dadi showing pistol to a man. They become afraid. Param’s mother calls param.Param’s phone is in kidnapper’s hand. They ask param’s mom to give them 25 lac to save his son. Param’s mother is shocked.Bubly comes n asks what happened?Rahul n param places dead body on bed. Param says we should tell everybody. Rahul says then we will go into jail.. Param says i will tell them that he tried to rape me n he was killed by me in order to defend myself. Rahul says then there would be medical check-up n the secret of pammi will come out..Rahul n param covers the dead body with blanket. Door bell rings. Rahul

n pammi goes to the door n finds police there… Everyone comes at door..

Policeman introduces himself to the faujdar family. Policeman tells that the son of a rich man has been kidnapped n we found this address by tracing his mobile phone n tells that we want to check this house. Dadi tells that i m kamini faujdar,retired jailer..Policeman is impressed n says that i have heard alot about u n says i dont want to check anything…Dadi says u disturbed us at this time…Now u have to check the house…Rahul n pammi says let the police go..Policeman asks about rahul n pammi.Dadi says they r our paying guests..Policeman says then we will check their room. Dadi,rahul,pammi n police enters rahul n pammi’s room.

They found somebody on bed. Everyone is afraid. Amrita says that if police finds dead body in rahul n pammi’s room,then mohini would never become a superstar,her daughter would never get married. When the blanket is removed,there are pillows beneath blanket.Police says good-bye n leave…
Dadi asks rahul n pammi,why they placed pillows on bed. Pammi says rahul strikes his leg at night. So,i placed pillows in between me n rahul,so that baby would be safe..
Dadi is angry with rahul n slaps him..Dadi says i will beat rahul tomorrow,then he will never do it again. Dadi asks pammi to remind her tomorrow.Dadi goes.Rahul tells pammi,i wish ranjeet rape u,because dadi slapped me because of u.Pammi says that she did this to save themselves.Then they both wonder where is dead body???

Bubly calls kidnappers n says leave my brother.Kidnapper asks for money.Bubly says that we dont have money.Bubly asks kidnapper to marry her n leave her brother.
Kidnapper says that they want money n cuts the call.Dead body was in sitting position.Randhir comes near him n says who r u? why r u angry with me n not replying me???
He assumes that this man might be his illegal brother n maa has hidden him from them. He tells mohini about him.. Mohini n randhir come there but they found nobody there. Mohini says that u took ur medicine.It means that u even forget ur family members. He says that the man was not his familt member.Mohini says then u saw dream like in movie “Karthik calling Karthik.” Mohini says she would take him to doctor tomorrow.But now she wants to sleep. Kidnappers enters dadi’s room.Dadi is lying on bed with open eyes n she has pistol in her hand…
Episode ENDS!!!

Rajveer sees the body outside his room.He tells amrita.Rajveer n amrita comes out of their room..They feel that somebody is behind them…

Update Credit to: BissenKhalid

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