The Buddy Project 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 2nd August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with buddies in the classroom. Panchi tells KD that Kiya thinks KD knows her too well, Piddi luaghs at this and says that
in standard 8th when kiya got a boycut KD had said that he had seen that boy before. Panchi and RV tell KD to watch romantic movies so
that he comes to know what girls like and dislike . They decide to go to RV’s house for that.

Scene shifts to Kiya’s house.Kiya is very happy and dances around with the dress.And then anya comes into the room. She say’s to Kiya
that it’s a nice dress, Did your boyfriend give it to you ? Kiya lies to her that she bought it. Anya sees the gift bag , smiles evily and leaves from there.

RV’s house. The buddies are watching some movie. Rukmini complains

that she isn’t able to hear anything, Ranveer increases the volume. Panchi
says that let’s play Dumb Charades (Damsharaj) instead. They all play the game. After a while Panchi and KD leave from there.
While Piddi is acting the movie, Veeni share a cute eyelock.

Kiya’s Room. Kiya recalls her moments with KD. KD is watching Kiya photos on his phone and thinks about her. Panchi looks at her phone worriedly and STTC
that Avi hasn’t messaged her even once, they have even gone on a dinner date, But nothing is going right. Kiya STTC that she very excited for her first date
and hopes everything goes right . RV’s house. Piddi, KD and RV are sleeping on the couch, Ruku comes there and puts RV’s jacket over him. She STTC that
she wishes someday even ranveer takes her out for a date.

Next morning Kiya is busy packing her stuff and is about to leave when Anya comes there and asks sarcastically if Kiya is running away with her boyfriend.
Kiya replies that it’s nothing like that and she is just going to Panchi’s house for a night-stay. Kiya leaves from there. Anya see that she is carrying two bags with her.
After she has gone , Anya says to herself that she knew something is up with Kiya, and decides to find out all the details .

Scene shifts to ICC. Piddi is in canteen, chanting loudly that it’s KD’s wedding today and pretend to raise a toast. KD comes there and asks him what is he doing?
Piddi says he is practicing to raise a toast for KD’s reception xD KD asks him what his height is. Piddi replies it’s 5ft 5″ KD says good that you told me.
Now if someone asks me what’s the height of stupidity, I’ll tell them it’s 5ft 5″ KD is looking all tensed when RV comes there and asks him what’s wrong ?
Is he worried about the date ? KD replies nothing like that, He’s so tensed . He couldn’t even bath properly today, as hostel’s
water got over. RV tells him to that we should bunk college today to groom KD for the date.

Ranveer KD and Piddi reach RV’s house and RV introduces them to dodo. Rv says that KD didn’t want to go to salon so he got the
salon here .KD denies to do anything saying girls do this stuff but Piddi and RV forcibly make him do it. And thre at Panchi’s house, Ruku and
and Panchi are getting Kiya ready for the Date. Panchi asks Kiya if she knows where to stop on the first date. Kiya says yes, “Kiss”.
Panchi says that NO WAY! Just a peck on the lips, that too if it gets too hard to control. She also says that , “Kiss na badi kameeni cheez hoti hain,
Dikhti innocent hain, par baat ko kaha se kaha le jaati hain”

Scene shifts to RV’s house. KD is all ready for the date. RV tell him that he muct leave now, the car has come.He asks him
about various things to make sure he hasn’t forgotten anything. Piddi gives flowers to KD and Ranveer scolds him for not
freshening them up. Ranveer sprays some water on the flowers and gives to KD. And KD finally leaves for the Date!

Sorry guys, I missed the precap.

Update Credit to: Crazy..Life

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