Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 15th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 15th March 2013 Written Episode, Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 15th March 2013 Written Update

Everyone is at don’s house. Kaushiks, Paddy, Naina think of don’s weakness. Lovely says his weakness is gold. Naina using her powers creates a gift box and asks Paddy to tell don that’s the gift for him. Don comes with his 5 sisters. Sisters are in bride dress. Paddy tells don that she has brought gift for him and gives him the gift box. Naina gets worried as her magic went wrong.. instead of unconsciousness gas.. she put laughing gas inside the box. Don opens the box and gas spreads in entire house. Everyone starts laughing like crazy.

Masa asks Naina what did you do. Naina says by mistake she added laughing gas inside the box. Don takes his sisters in the mandap. Laughing gas made whole environment funny. Kaushik bros come in groom’s dress. Paddy’s daughter gets call from her father-in-law. Don asks her to disconnect the phone. Paddy says, more people attend the wedding, better it will be. Don says, let them come then.

Don’s sisters and Kaushik bros exchange garlands. All still laughing like crazy.

Lovely asks masa to do something and stop marriage otherwise everything will be over. Pandit asks couples to get up for the pheres. Pandit is also laughing and chanting mantras. Paddy asks her daughter to call her father-in-law.. and right then he comes with goats.

Kaushik bros are happy. They start fighting with don’s men. All bahus go behind don’s sisters and remove their garlands and stuff. They also reveal that they changed themselves into males and fooled don’s sisters.

Don fires a bullet and all goats leave the house. Don puts gun at bausa’s head. Paddy then comes and puts gun on don’s head. The line continues… and gets bigger and bigger. It ends with don’s man. Don says, that means we win. He asks his men to take guns away from everyone. Now Ammasa comes with a gun and asks Don to throw all the guns. She says, “Picture abhi baki hai”. “This budhiya (old lady) is very dangerous.. don’t mess with her). It turns out to be a toy gun. Don again takes his guns in his hand and tells his men to kill everyone except Kaushik bros, but then police arrive and arrest don, his men, and sisters.

Paddy asks Naina to stop this magic. Now everything back to normal. Naina says if she hadn’t done this thing, then no one would have got to see this crazy fight which never ever happened before.

Everyone hugs each other. Masa thanks Naina and Paddy for helping them. Paddy says this was nothing compare to what you did for us.

The fun show ends with the saying “Ant bhala to sab bhala” (if end is good, then everything’s good).

In last segment, Kaushiks back in their house and thanking God for saving them. Mrs. Kaushik.. title song plays in the background and we see each bahu. Ammasa and Masa praise their 5 bahus. Masa prays her family always stay together like this.

And lastly, they thank and urge audience to give same love to new zee tv show which will take Mrs. Kaushik.. place from Monday.

Update Credit to: DTB

  1. i like it tv pe ya nhi lagta ilike it very much

  2. mrs kaushit.. (cow shit) ki ass

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