Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 15th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 15th March 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 15th March 2013 Written Update

Renu says that she ate dried fruits and the doctor says that it was good Renu had it or she could have collapsed. Renu thanks sona and Chacha ji is proud of Sona. The doctor says that Renu have been given injection and all will be fine while Renu holds Sona. Neelam brings coffee and Chicku returns home from school and Chicku notices everyone’s face and asks what happened as everyone looks worried.

Suhnaina and Neelam try to change the topic while Chicku don’t wish to listen and Darshana breaks the news of Renu been admitted to hospital and Suhnaina scolds Darshana. Chacha ji calls back home and informs that everything is fine and they will be back soon where Chacha ji passes the phone to Renu and Renu speaks to Chicku.

Kanhaiya arrives at the police station while Sarala, Devika and Pandey ji come home and inform that the groom likes Devika. Suhnaina asks Neelam to bring the car to the hospital to bring everyone down while Sarala says that Devika needs to go out again and orders Neelam to go and prepare Devika and iron the clothes. Suhnaina gets angry saying that renu is admitted in the hospital and what they are doing is not good.

Sarala tries to convince Suhnaina and Sarala also informs that they have invited the groom side for lunch the next day and leaves. Kanhaiya is upset that Renu was admitted and no one informed him. Sona says that they were in a rush and they didn’t get to inform and Kanhiaya brings everyone back with the jeep. In the night, Chicku wants to sleep with Renu and Sona says that Renu needs rest and Chicku can stay sleep with her and Kanhaiya. Sona says to Renu that from now, Renu will need to listen to them and Neelam and Renu is happy. Chicku goes to sleep in Julie and Dimple’s room where Julie complains to Bindiya and Govardan while Govardan convinces her while she leaves.

In the night while sleeping, Julie receives a call from her friends who are waiting for her downstairs with a car. Julie calls Dimple to hold a cloth from the balcony and Julie leaves with her friends.

Julie and her friends are having fun and a motorbike comes by with the face covered and everyone gets scared. The motorbike leaves and comes back again going around them and Julie asks to leave from the place as she doesn’t feel good.

The guy on the motorbike says just wait and see how do I destory your life Mrs Allahabad. Chicku wakes up and Dimple tries convincing him not to inform everyone and Dimple gets call from Julie and Julie climbs up with the help of Dimple. Julie asks Chicku not to inform anyone. Kanhaiya and Sona are discussing about Pandey ji and his family while Kanhaiya asks Sona to not think of Pandey ji and think of both of them instead. If pandey ji is troubling her, he will chase them now and Sona stops him. Kanhaiya is praising Devika saying that she is pretty while Sona pulls Kanhaiya’s ears saying that Kanhaiya should never look at any other girls beside her and gets angry. Kanhaiya says I smell something burning and tries convincing her and she laughs. Kanhaiya sleeps in Sona’s lap.


Update Credit to: Visha

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