Mr Sanskar Maheswari Vs Mrs Sanskar Maheswari (RagSan) episode-12



All have slept..ragini stood on terrace looking at moon sadly while thinking about sanskar..she turned when she heard sanskar voice..
Sanskar: havnt u sleep yet
Ragini first feel happy but as soon as she turned her face..
Sanskar:y u havnt sleep yet
Ragini:go sanskar i want to be alone for sometime..
Sanskar (moves towards her):kya everything fine..
Ragini doesnt say anything..
Sanskar:areh bolo naa..
Ragini:where have u been sanskar
Sanskar:vo..vo..i was with my friend..
Ragini:i knw..u r could u do like that sanskar..
Ragini:dont try to cover urdelf sanskar…its my first karvachut ,how could u go leaving me like that..y did u do that..kyun sanskar..kyun
Sanskar:then..mein kya karu ragini..mein kya karu..i had only that option.. what is the need of me when u kept fast for laksh ,when u did karvachut for him…i had to go..kyun ki i cant see when u brk ur fast looking at laksh..i cant bare..
Ragini:its nothing like that.u r mis..
before she could her complete sentense..she feels dizzy..
Sanskar:ragini are u ok
Ragini about to faint sanskar held her..he immediately takes water which was there nd makes her drink water..
Ragini opend her eyes slowly..
Sanskar:tum teek hu
Ragini nodded.
Sanskar:still u didnt eat anything na..
Ragini(says in mind):How can i eat without u brking my fast..
Sanskar:what are u thinking
Ragini:kuch nay
Sanskar picks her in his arms..
Ragini:im fine sanskar
Sanskar:haan..i can see that..
Saying he walks..ragini looks at him..
He takes her into room nd makes her sit on bed..ragini looks on..
Sanskar gets food for her nd feeds her..ragini keeps on looking at him..
Sanskar:didnt u plan anything that makes laksh brk ur fast ..
Ragini looks at him angrily..
Sanskar:kya just asking..u have ur plans naa..
Ragini:enough stomach is full
Sanskar:eat somemore naa..
Ragini:im getting sleep..good night
Saying she lies on bed..
Sanskar:are u ok ragini
Sanskar:good night
Ragini was in kitchen lost in thoughts..she says to herself how can i make sanskar understand that my feeling has changed towsrds laksh..he always mistakes me..but i want to tell him..
Ragini:haan maa
Suji:does sanskar awake..
Ragini:haan maa kyun..
Suji:i need to talk to him.about last night..where he went leaving u..
Ragini:vo..maa chodiyena..thats ok..
Suji:kya ok..u kept fast foe him..nd he..i will not leave him..
Ragini:maa plzz..dont say anything to sanskar..
Suji:but ragini
Ragini:plzz maa
Suji:ok..did he brk ur fast..
Ragini recalls how sanskar makes her drink water when she faints..nd feeding food to her..
Ragini:jii maa
Suji:ok..but what emergency he had..he left..
Ragini recalls sanskar’s words “what is the need of me when u kept fast for laksh ,when u did karvachut for him…i had to go..kyun ki i cant see when u brk ur fast looking at laksh..i cant bare..
Ragini again recollect the words..her focus goes on last lines..
Suji:kya hua ragini
Ragini:maa ek minute..mein abhi avungi..
Saying she goes..
Ragini came to room nd sees sanskar getting ready..
Sanskar:haan ragini
Ragini:vo..vo..yesterday u said something na..
Ragini:u said u cant see when i saw laksh nd all.what that means
Sanskar:thats means i love u thats y i cant see..(he said in his mind?not to her)but how can i confess my feeling after knowing that u loves laksh..
Ragini:bolo naa..
Ragini:what that means..why u cant see..
Sanskar:vo..vo..mein..meri matlab..if anyone in family saw they feel..they must feel bad na..if they feel bad..i cant see
Ragini:is it?
Before Ragini could ask further..
Uttara:bhai bhabi..maa calling u both for breakfast
Sanskar:coming uttara
Uttara:bhai..ek minute
Uttara:bhai..did u keep fast for bhabi yesterday..
Sanskar looks at her shocked..
Ragini looks at him..
Uttara:u hadnt eat bf..nd laksh bhai said u hadnt eat lunch..nd night u went without eating anythig..kya baate bhai..
Sanskar looks at ragini who is looking at him…

Sanskar(looks here nd there):vo..vo..nothing like that..
Uttara:sach main bhai
Sanskar:dont think too much..i had my food yesterday..
Uttara:but bhai
Sanskar:chalo all must be waiting for us..
Uttara nodded..
Sanskar looks at ragini who is still looking at him..
Sanskar:y are u looking at me like this..
Sanskar:vo..its not like that..vaise..y should i keep fast for u..chalo
Ragini looks at him annoyed nd goes..
Sanskar relieved as he successfully hided the fact thst he kept fast for ragini yesterday..
@next day
Laksh comes home from office early nd chit chatting with Ragini nd swara..they trio are just having fun..
Swara:u both carry on..i will get coffee..
Saying swara goes..raglak just talking nd laughing..
Sanskar who returned home from office sees this..he could not able to take it..
Sanskar :so u came early for this stupid meeting..(he asked laksh angrily)
Laksh:kya hua bhai
Sanskar:there is a lot of work in office..u came home telling that u r not well..but what are u doing here..huh..
Laksh:but bhai
Sanskar:stop it..i dont want hear anything..
Saying he goes..
Sanskar comes to room nd Throws his blazer nd tie angrily..
Ragini came..
Ragini:kya hua sanskar
Sanskar:kuch nay
Ragini:nay..kuch tho hey
Sanskar:i said naa..kuch nay
Ragini:are u ok
Sanskar(shouts):nay..tho tume kya farak padata hain..U hates me naa ,
Plz stay away from me..
Sanskar:i said stay away from me..go out..
Ragini eyes got moist..
Sanskar:leave me alone ragini
Ragini leaves..
Sanskar makes himself cool..he recalled how he shouted on ragini..he is realized he is hurting her..
Sanskar comes to kitchen for ragini but not find her..
Swara:kuch chahiye sanskar
Uttara:kyun ki..she doesn’t want to be here..
Swara:uttara stop making him tense..sanskar she is lying..ragini is in garden..
Sanskar took deep breath..
Uttara:see naa bhai face..
She laughs
Sanskar( glares at her):i will see u later..
Sanskar came to garden nd sees ragini sat sadly..
Ragini looks at him nd turned her face..
Ragini:u said stay away na..then y did u cme sanskar sorry..
Ragini ignores him nd about to go..
Sanskar held her wrist..before ragini could speak..
Sanskar(forwarded coffee to her):im sry..
Ragini:i dont need anything
Sanskar:coffee or sry
Sanskar:drink this coffee na..i made it for u
Ragini looks at him surprised..
Sanskar:vo..vo..u want to see my cooking skills na..drink nd tell how it is..
Ragini:sach mein u made it with ur hands..
Sanskar nodded..
Ragini:sach mein??
Sanskar:haan baba..i only made that too for u only..
Ragini smiles nd take it from him..sanskar smiles..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:a..are u sure..i will be fine after drinking this coffee..
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini( smiles):sry..sry
She sips the coffee..
Sanskar:how is it..
Ragini:i have a small request
Ragini:dont make coffee again..
Sanskar grabs the coffee cup from her hand..
Ragini:hey..sry..sry..i just kidding..
Sanskar:i made coffee coffee for u..but u insulted my coffee..
Ragini:i said i just kidding was good..give me
Ragini pulls his mug slips from sanskar’s hand nd Coffee fell on ragini’s saree..
Ragini glares at him..
Sanskar:i didnt do intentionally..y r u looking at me like this..
Ragini:u did intentionally..i knw..
Sanskar:achaa..ok..i will clean it
Saying he took water pipe which was there in garden..
Ragini widened her eyes.
Sanskar laughs..
Ragini:no sanskar
Sanskar smiles nd comes towards her..
Sanskar nodded as no nd makes her wet through water pipe..
Ragini looks at him annoyed nd tries to grabs the water pipe from sanskar..sanskar changes water pipe from one hand two another hand..ragini moves here nd there to catch pipe..sanskar smiles at her..

Ragini stood quite ,When their lips slightly touched eo when ragini tried to take pipe from sanskar..both looks at eo..they have a eye lock..
Sanskar removes her wet hair strands from her face nd tucks them behind her ear..ragini looks at him intensely being lost in his touch..sanskar moves towards her to kiss her ,ragini closed her eyes..
Sanskar about to kiss her but stopped himself realizing that ragini loves laksh..
Sanskar moves back..
Ragini looks at him
Sanskar:vo..vo..lets go room nd change ur cloths..orelse u will get cold..
Saying he about to go..
Ragini:i need to tell u something..
Sanskar:vo..we will talk later..first lets go..
Ragini:sanskar plz listen..
Sanskar:chalo ragini..
Saying he walks..ragini stood sad..


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