Love Everyone Like Yours – Episode 26 (Last)

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Thank you Jasmine, Anu, Sia, Shanaya, Varshini, Tanshi, Sneha, Riya, Priyanka, Shakshi, Zara and all silent readers. Thanks a lot for being with me in this FF. I am ending this FF today.


3 Years leap,


Adiya room,

Zoya is standing infront of mirror in  violet colour saree and filling her hairline. Adi hugs her from back. He settles his head on Zoya’s shoulder.

Adi: You are looking so beautiful today wifey.

Zoya: then other days.

Adi: other days also, but today your look pull me towards you.

By saying that he tightens his grip around her waist and starts carrssing her neck and shoulder with his face. Zoya closed her eyes in shy. He inhale her perfume. Suddenly their 10 months old baby cries. Both came to sense and rush to bed. Zoya take baby in her arms.

Adi: what happened my princess? See papa is always with you. I think she is hungry.

Zoya(craddle the baby): jojo…jojo. no, now only i fed her. Adi take that payal.

Adi makes sound with payal near baby’s ear. She slowly stops crying.

Adi: give her to me, i will keep her until she sleeps. You go and get ready. It’s already late.

Posh room,

Pooja rushes out from bathroom in hurry when she hears her 1.5 yrs old son crying. She slips, but Yash holds her before she falls.

Yash: Pooja you should be careful. Our princess is inside you. After giving birth to one child also, you are not watching your steps.

Pooja: if you take care of our prince, why i will come in hurry.

Yash: see i didn’t do anything, he is crying continuously.

Pooja: what happened Harsh baby? See mumma has come.

She hugs her son.

Pooja: see this Yash, ant has bitten him. This how you take care of him?

Pooja is literally in verge of tears when she his leg reddened. Yash take the baby innhis hand and make him lie on his chest and he patted him for 15 minutes. Baby fell asleep. He make him lie on bed and come to Pooja.

Yash(holds Pooja’s hand): see, Pooja don’t stress yourself for silly things. It will affect baby also.

Pooja: i don’t know Yash, i felt like seeing my dad when i see him. So i can’t bear anything happen to him.

Yash(keeps his hand on her womb): then what about your mom?

Pooja(wipes her tears): i won’t cry hereafter. Let’s go and see arrangements.

She kept pillows around baby and both went downstairs.


Swasan room,

Swara is getting ready. She accidentally sees her bracelet which bears Sanskar’s name. Her face fetches smile. She remember her anniversary, 3 years ago in which Sanskar presents her this bracelet. She go to Sanskar who is playing with their 1.5 yrs old daughter Janvi.

Swara: Sanskar show me your right hand.

Sanskar looks puzzled and showed her. He also wears a bracelet which bears Swara’s name which is gifted by Swara 3 yrs ago for their anniversary.

Sanskar to admires their wavelength.

Swara: i remember our first year anniversary. Unforgettable day.

Sanskar smiles at her.

Swara: if you don’t mind , shall i ask you one thing?

Sanskar nods.

Swara: why you till now accept Tej uncle’s apology?

Sanskar(angrily): Swara, will you stop taking his name? Don’t spoil my mood. Today, i am happy to see Noor and Arjun.

Swara feels bad and she fell silent with teary eyed. Sanskar feels bad for showing his anger on Swara. He went near to her and hugged her.

Sanskar: i am sorry baby, give me some time.

Swara: i just asked because you accepted Raj Veer.

Sanskar: Swara, Raj Veer becomes bad because of wrong upbringing. He was alone for 15 years. He longed for love. He didn’t want to lost his dad. He deceived Zoya and Arjun because of over space given by his dad. He realized everything when she starts to stay with us. I agree, even Mr. Tej also changed but my love for my mom stop me from speak with him.

Swara thinks you will definitely accept your dad, Sanskar.

Behir room,

Bela: Mahir come quick, we are getting late.

Mahir: 2 minutes Bela.

Bela: what do you want my son?

She takes feeding bottle and feeds her 2 yrs old son. Then, she put him on her shoulder and craddles him.

Mahir: Bela, where is my white shirt?

Bela: it will be there only Mahir, search it properly.

Mahir: you come here.

Bela: oh god, with this lazy.

She kept the baby on bed and went to Mahir. She takes and give him Shirt.

Bela: i told you to see properly na.

Mahir pinned her to wall and he wears shirt very close to her. She tries to move. He locked her.

Bela: what?

Mahir: i want Princess like you.

Bela: is this time for romance Mahir?

Mahir: i will romance whenever i wish.

Bela: oh really, then i will push you whenever i wish.

Yuhi room,

Mahi is in phone call.

Mahi: we will be there in half an hour ma.

Yuvi hugs her from back. Mahi gestures him to silent.

Mahi: haan ma, i am alright. Some times i feel dizzy. That’s it.

Yuvi: it’s only difficult for me ma. I can’t able to hug her properly.

Mahi disconnects the call immediately. Yuvi looks at her like innocent.

Mahi: what mom will think? Ouch

Yuvi: what happened baby?

Mahi: your son is kicking me.

Yuvi keeps his hand on her womb and he feels his baby’s kicking.

Yuvi: i think he will be a great foot ball player like me. But prince stop kicking, it will be painful to your mom na.

Mahi: it’s a pain of happiness.


Ajivish room,

Aji: sweet heart, listen to me. Don’t cry, then your mumma will blast me.

He is trying to console his 1.5 yrs old daughter.

Vish rush into room with feeding bottle.

Vish: Aji you are useless. Can’t even manage your daughter for few minutes.

Aji: give me that bottle i will feed her. See Vish she looks like my mom.

Vish smiles and kissed in his cheeks.

Aji: what a wonder?

Vish: I love you

Aji: I love my daughter.

Vish hit him playfully.

Raglak room,

Laksh: Ragini, how many hours you will take to get ready?

Ragini: Laksh, i am standing here only for 15 minutes.

Laksh: before we go, function will be over.

Ragini: just 5 minutes Laksh.

Laksh: Ragini, see our son also looking at you in disappointment.

Ragini: what disappointment for dad and son?

Laksh: you didn’t move away from mirror na.

Ragini turns to him and run to beat him. He hold her in one hand and baby in another hand.

Ragini: Laksh leave me.

Laksh: you only come near to me, not me.

He kissed in her neck.

Ragini: Laksh idiot, baby is watching.

Laksh: so what? I am kissing my wife only na.

She releases herself and take baby in her arms.


Three families gathered there with their kids. All elders are also there. RV enters that home with guilt. Still AdiYa are angry with him. They didn’t want him to wander outside freely. They wish to send him to prison along with Tej. But for Sehgals sake they didn’t make complaint on him. RV takes Adiya’s baby in his arms. Zoya went to Noor’s room. RV went near to Adi.

RV: I am sorry Adi.

Adi moves away from there.

Madhu: he still couldn’t recover from your cheating. Hope he will forgive you soon.

RV: I will wait aunty. I am the one who did wrong. Then i should bear everything na.what is baby’s name?

Madhu: Roshnaq beta.

He kissed her and give baby to Madhu. Noor and Arjun came down together with hand in hand. Everyone smiles at them.

Both stand in centre of them.Arjun takes a ring and slides it in her finger and kisses her arm. Then, Noor slides ring in his finger. It’s their engagement.

Arjun: i love you Noor

Noor (hugs him): love you too baby.

Everyone claps.


Tej is sitting under tree with co-prisoner.

Tej: beta, i have belief my son will accept me one day. I am telling you one thing, we should love everyone like ours. Then no one will decieve or do misdeed in the world.


I am sorry everyone, i have disappointed so many Bepannah, Naagin3 and Swaragini fans. Because i didn’t show any proper scene on any couple in this full FF. I am really very very sorry for that.



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  1. SunilSneha

    Ooh….. Anuva…. This is not fair dear…. Why you ended this so soon….. I am not at all satisfied with 26 parts…. I want more…. Plz… Dr………. Anyhow this episode was great.. Happy to see every couple’s baby

    1. Anuva

      I am really very very sorry dear… i have to prepare for my exams… also, i have to complete other 3 ongoing ffs… so i am really sorry to upset you. Thank you for being with me in this ff…

  2. Ohh…why did u ended it so soon dear…Plzz continue writing….I like ur ffs…can u Plzz write another ff on bepannah…. please….this episode was lovely….I am surprised to see every couples babies..adiya,swasan,raglak,ajivish,behir,yuvi and mahi scene was so romantic and lovely…the words of tej sehgal was so apt for the end….

    1. Anuva

      I am really very very sorry dear… as i said to Sneha, my exams are nearer… i felt difficult to manage everything… if possible i will start another ff… but i am not sure that i will be regular… thank you for being with me from the beginning… i am so happy that you like my ffs… thank you…

  3. Jasminerahul

    Adiya scene was very romantic.surprised to see adiya baby n their moments with the baby.poosh scene with baby n conversation was emotional.swasan too r parents.bracelet part was nice.sanskar apologizing to swara was emotional.behir n cute.behir scene was cute funny n romantic.yuvi mahi scene was mahi is pregnant.yuvi’s dialogues to te baby were cute.ajivish baby scene was cute n funny.raglak has a son.col.raglak scene was cute n adiya baby’s name is roshnaq.nice to see a changed rajveer.i wanted to see rajveer’s redemption on the show too.but it didn’t happen.arnoor engagement n conversation were swara even tej has hope that sanskar will accept him one day.will that happen?Will rajveer be forgiven?is there epilogue to this ff?loved tej saying that we should love everyone like ours. Then no one will decieve or do misdeed in the world.

    1. Anuva

      Thank you sissy for being with me from the beginning… i will try to give epilogue sissy…

  4. What why ??? ended this ff so soon ????? btw was nice chapter , is there an epilogue too ??

    1. Anuva

      Sia dear, you are so small. You are my sweet little sister. Please try to understand. I have to prepare for my exams. As i said above i will try to start another new ff. But i can’t be regular. I will try to update epilogue for this. Then, thank you so much for your support from beginning…

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