Mr. Perfect (Swaragini) episode 8 (“So friends”)

Hii guys , I am Smiley again back with the next episode of Mr. Perfect. But nowadays, our relatives are coming to our house!!! So can’t give regular updates. So lets again continue into the story………………….

At night ,

Swara was heading to her private place. She was again shocked seeing the sight. It was fully filled with beer bottles.

Swara : This Sanskaar is crossing his limits!!!! He just spoiled my special place!!! Not a normal place but my secret place!!! (Revealed later) I just hate him!!! Hate you Sanky!!! You still didn’t changed!! Ur still the same egoistic Sanskaar!!!! How could I ever imagine my life with you after our marriage!!! I will immediately say no to papa!!!! I can’t bear him more.

Swara headed to Shekhar’s Room,

Swara: Papa!!! Mumma!!!!

Shemi: What happened beta???

Swara: Papa, I don’t want to marry Sanskaar.

She: But why you took this much early decision. Wait for few days.

Swa: Papa, he just spoiled my favorite place( Breaks down into shekhar’s arms)

Shekhar sighs Sharmishta to leave the room. Sumi leaves as she knew Shekhar can convince Swara.

She: Swara beta, just tell me what he had done till now???

Swara explains each and every thing about how Sanskaar teased her.

She: Okay now you said what he did to you. But now say What you did to him????

Swara after listening his question was shocked and bend her head down in shame.

Shekhar understood that and made Swara stand in front of mirror and asked her to look at the mirror. She was looking.

She: Swara, there is a special thing in which life is similar to this mirror.

Swa: How papa???

She: If we smile, the mirror reflection also smiles and if we see it angrily it also looks angrily to us.

Swa: What is so special in this???

She: Humans are also same like this. (Swara was surprised) Just like what we give is what we get!!!!(Swara nodes) Just once, give Sanskaar a chance. Just for a day, think him as a positive friend and believe me you will understand him.

Swa: But…………..

She: Don’t think that I am forcing you in this, this is for your good Swara.

Swa: Okay papa.

Swara left Shekhar’s room with a satisfaction.

She was thinking all night about it.

Next day,

As usual Sanskaar was thinking how to irritate Swara today. Just then wind blew across his face and then Swara’s entry in a beautiful baby pink saree. Sanskaar was mesmerized seeing Swara in saree. She was so beautiful. He was completely admiring her in his mind. Swara came to Sanskaar.

San: Beautiful!

Swa: What???

San: I mean you are looking gorgeous in this saree.

Swa: Thanks and I want to inform you about something.

San: Yes.

Swa: lets stop all this now it self. I mean this all sorts of irritating each other and be friends what do you say???

San: What is there for me to say??? Friends!!!( Showed his hand for a shake hand)

Swara forwarded her hand.

San: From now on wards no tom and jerry fights.

Swa: Okay!!

San: Hey!!! Can you show me Kolkatta??? I mean famous places??? As we are friends now lets celebrate????

Swa: Sure and also we need to buy some things for the wedding.

San: Sure.

Swasan were continuously talking and Swara was showing some childhood spots for Sanskaar. He was looking and was very happy. Even Swara. They went to the famous spots in Kolkatta like Victoria Memorial, Birla mandir, etc.

San: Huh!! Swara these places are awesome.

Swa: Yeah and now we need to go to shopping.

San: Of course.

Swasan went to the shopping malls and did a lot of shopping mostly Sanskaar as he has to buy some things for his friends. After shopping they left to a restaurant for lunch and also for celebrating their friendship.

After that, they are heading towards their car, when a boy came side of swara. Swara got irritated seeing the boy whereas Sanskaar was going front.

Swa: Sampooran!!! Plz leave me alone.

Sam: How Swara??? How can I leave you baby???? And your going to get married it sims.

Swa: Yes any problem for you.

Sam: How you thought that I will leave you so soon!!!

Sampooran held Swara’s hand and Swara was trying to free herself. Then, someone caught his hand and it was our Sanskaar. He pushed him so tightly so that Sampooran fell on the ground.

Sam: I will not leave you blo*dy rascal!!!

San: How dare you???

Sanskaar lifted Sampooran(not in arms) and throwed him into the dikki of the car. Swasan were sitting on the passenger seat and Sanskaar was driving the car. Something is roaming in his mind and he shared it with Swara. Swara agreed. Now both are talking loudly so that Sampooran can hear.

Swa: Sanskaar!!! Why are you bringing him with us?? He will take revenge for this also!!!

San: Oh really then when I went to city then I will kill him.

Swasan were suppressing their laugh whereas Sampooran was dying with fear.

Swa: But you will go to city after a week na then if he escape and do any thing to me.

San: Yay, you are right!!! Then let’s kill him now it self.

Swa: But how???

San: Is there any tanks or lakes in the city out skirts???

Swa: Yes there is one lake in the out skirts and no one goes there

San: Then its his finishing place.

Sampooran was wincing in fear whereas Swasan were enjoying.

They reached the destination. Sanskaar took Sampooran out of dikki. Sampooran was pleading Sanskaar to leave him and Swara was watching this all and was thinking what Sanskaar will do now????

Sanskaar left his collar and was bursting into laugh. Both didn’t understand why he was laughing.

San: Arey!! Tumhara naam???

Sam: Sampooran!!1

San: Arey oh Sampooran!!! If you like a girl and you propose her with this right then even they had the right to reject you if they don’t love you dude!! If you compel them or threaten them to love you, them that love will not last for a long time. So why will you waste the time???? Love will happen between two equals and I am sure there will be a girl you may like!!!!

Swara was impressed by this speech, and was very happy for this corner of Sanky.

San: Go and Good luck!!1

Sam: Thank you sir!!!!

Sampooran left. Swasan also left. Swara was on cloud nine. She can’t describe her happiness and she thanked sanky. In the whole journey she was staring sanskaar and was speaking to him.

They reached home. Kavitha immediately went to Swasan and was helping them. Sanskaar took some bags and immediately left.

Kav: Staring my bhai is a bad habit Swara!!!

Swa: No!!! I am not staring him.

Swara immediately left from there.

Kav: Your falling in love Swara!!! You are falling in love with my bro!!! I know he is so annoying but he even has a pure heart.


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