Sukor- Dard wala Love (Chapter-2)

Hey guys!!! I am back with my story Sukor Dard wala love!!!! I’m sorry for the inconvenience but from now I can’t give updates in regular sorry!!!!

Chapter -2:
Date Fixing :

Chakor was shocked seeing the man and the man as well!!!

Chakor: Hey Rani!!!! Is this duffer is your hubby???

Rani(shocked): Yeah by the way, do you both know each other before???

Chakor: Of course, this Rahul duffer is my bestie in Medical college!!!

Rahul: Chakor, for god sake if you call me a duffer again na then ur sure that ur dead in my hands!!!

Rani: Okay guys!!! Enough of these nok jhoks!!! Let’s go!!!

The trio left to the house.

Chakor: Oh! Rahul, you live in such a nice furnished house!!

Rahul: Yes chakor matha!!

Rani: Aren’t there any houses like these in USA.

Chakor: Of course, even our house is also a large one but I prefer staying in a flat!!!

Rahul: Oh!!

Rani : Come Chakor, I will show your room to you.

In Rajwanshi house,

Suraj was busy in his works when his Anamika called him.

Anu: Suraj beta, come down!! Every one are waiting for you!!!

Suraj: Yes mom!!!

Anamika and Suraj went down to find Chabra family along with a priest.

Everyone are sitting in either sides and Vimli was constantly shifting their gaze to each other. Priest after checking both the bride and groom’s Horoscpoe.

Priest: A nice date was there after 2 days for engagement.

Ranveer: Is there any other dates after this???

Priest: Yeah but after 6 months.

Vimli: ” AFTER 6 MONTHS”

Suraj: Yes after 6 months only!! Is there any problem???

Vimli bend down their heads in embarrassment.

Ranveer: Okay fix the date after 2 days.

Vimli were flying in sky and Aarav was teasing Vivaan.

Imli dad: But ji it’s very less time for arrangements and all.

Anamika: Raghav ji, you don’t worry about it!!! We are all there na and I also can’t wait to get Imli as my Bahu.

Ranveer: Yes ji, Anamika is right!!! Don’t worry much!!

Raghav: Okay ji let’s keep the engagement on that day itself!!!

Everyone are very happy for Vimli.

At night,

In suraj’s room,

Suraj’s POV:

Why I felt like Chakor was with me now??? Why am I feeling her always side of me!!! Even when I was taking the award, I felt just Chakor entered my life again??? Let’s see what happens!!!

POV ends.

Vimli’s phone call,

I:So vivaan happy???

V: Of course!!! Who won’t like to get married to their love!!

I: Yeah you know what??? I was missing one person in this!!!

V: And it was Chakor!!!

I: Yes I was missing her a lot. I know since childhood she craved for parental love and when she got it she left all of us.

V: Yeah I do remember!!! I wish that Chakor stayed with us.

I: Even me!!! Okay so did you select any outfit????

V: Hello madam!!! Today only we got to know about our engagement date and how will I do shopping that much early!!!

I: How mean???

V: Really, Drama Queen!!!!

I: Are you Drama King then????

V: How I will be Drama King????

I:(Dramatically): Because you will marry me na!!! Otherwise let me set out another king for me!!!

V:(Shouts): No!!!!!!!!

In Rani’s House,

In Chakor’s Room,

Sleep was away from Chakor. She was trying hard but she wasn’t getting it.

Chakor: What happened for you, Chakor??? Why can’t you sleep??? That to after this much journey??? Really I am becoming Weird day by day??? (Taking a breath) Okay!! If you can’t get sleep then at least think about tomorrow!!! Okay first, I will go to the hospital for the appointment!! Oops I forgot to ask about my appointment with Rani!!! Chakor!!! Concentrate!!! I really forgetting everything!!! I will ask Rani tomorrow!!!! Will it be right to ask Rahul about my appointment!!!! Okay we will see tomorrow??? Okay lets see tomorrow!!!

Next day,

It was a very nice morning for Chakor!!! Even she can’t understand why is it so????

She got ready in a green colour top and blue colour long skirt!!! She was looking breath taking!!!!

She went to the living room.

Rani: Oh so Chakor ji!!!! Here is your appointment letter.

Chakor: What???

Rani: Ha don’t you want to work!!!

Chakor: Of course but how do you know??? And it will be bad to recommend me in Rahul’s hospital na.

Rahul(fake anger): Oh so feeling it as recommendation!!!! Your throwing my beautiful friendship with a stupid work recommendation!!!

Chakor: I’m sorry but……..

Rani: Chakor don’t think it as recommendation!!!! It’s a help from us and we both knew how much good and famous doctor you are in USA!!!!

Chakor: Okay!!!

Rahul(happy): Okay come lets go saali ji.

Chani(Chakor+Rani): Saali!!!!!!

Rahul: Yes at least we must have some relation na saali ji!!!

Chakor: Okay Jijaji!!! Lets go!!

Rahul and Chakor left to hospital.

At evening,

Rani’s phone is ringing and she went to take it. It’s Imli’s call.

I: Is it Rani???

R: Yes it’s me only Imli!!! Any problem??

I: Yes a big problem

R(worried): Say

I: Actually some old friends forget me.

R: Really Imli,Vivaan kept a nice name for you!!! Drama Queen!!!

I: Just shut up!!!

R: Okay now say…………

I: Actually, my engagement is tomorrow!!!

R: What??? Tomorrow???

I: Yes

R: I mean you forgot to call ur friend na.

I: Hey!!! Yesterday only we got to know it. So I am personally inviting you both for my engagement!!!!

R: Me and ………………..

I: Of course your husband.

R: Okay , even I had a great surprise for you!!!

I: Really, Whats that????

R: Surprises won’t be revealed ma!!!

I: Will be waiting for it!!! Bye!!1

R: Bye!!!!

Rani cuts the call.

Rani: I know Imli, you loved Chakor more than ur bestie. So my surprise for you is Chakor!!! I will bring Chakor there!!!!

Rani was smiling then someone blind folded her eyes.

Rani: Chakor!!!!

Chakor: How did you find me dear????

Rani: For god sake, remember chakor!!! In this house we both only girls na.

Chakor: Oh ha.

Rani: Okay listen I had a good news.

Rahul: Whats that???

Rani: It’s mostly for Chakor!!!

Chakor: What’s that???

Rani: Tomorrow Imli and Vivaan’s Engagement!!!!!!

Chakor was shocked as she don’t know Imli was residing in Mumbai.

Rahul: Wow!! But how it will be Chakor’s good news???

Rani: You forget ha??? Imli is Chakor’s best friend!!!! Hain na Chakor???

Chakor was thinking something!!!!!!

Chakor: Will Imli forgive me????


So how’s the episode guys????

Why Chakor want Imli to forgive her whereas Imli was missing her???

To know that just Stay tuned..

With lots and lots of love,

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