Mr and Mrs. Maheswari Raglak episode 7

Ragini stands in between hall looking down while all ladies stands with confused faces while all male were tensed and worried for ragini.

While ragini lifts her head and looks at all while dayal looks at her worriedly.

Ragini looks up waheguru jii save me today.
She gulps and comes forward and says loudly..

Dad said that in tough time we should be able to save ourself first then only we are capable of saving others and its not my mistake he started argument then also I stayed calm but when he said Andrez and made fun of my language I got angry I am sorry that I beaten him. I knew I don’t knew hindi to speak fluently but I can understand it.
If you feel still it’s my mistake then I am sorry.

Harish turn around:- what I feel leave it. what you are feeling what you did was mistake or not.

Ragini:- first he behaved badly second he called me angry I hated it alot and secondly he made fun that I don’t knew hindi. Coming to angrez word only my dad has that right to call me as he calls me that with love.. So I won’t feel I was wrong.

Harish:- hmm you were right and your dad too when we can’t save ourself then we can’t save our loved ones.. And I proud of your act today.. He taos her head and goes.. While ragini smiles wide and goes from their leaving whole family shocked of dadaji talks towards ragini..

Arjun:- bhai I am watching is true or it’s my dream plzz pinch me.

Laksh:- Arey whom will pinch me then.

Suddenly arjun and Laksh shouts loudly and rubs their hands and sees back while dayal stands their laughing..

Laksh:- what dad u pinched me so hard.

Arjun:- pinched us bhai.. What dad.

Dayal:- Arey bhai you both are confused to pinch each other so I thought I will solve your problem that’s it..
He laughs and goes from their..

While these two also rubs their hands and goes from their.

In afternoon.
Ragini was sitting next to dad and talking with her.

Ragini:- so dad I how are you feeling now.

Pravathi:- I am fine and you knew what. When ever our were with me I feel more happy your presence gives me a feeling of someone close to my heart was next to me.

Ragini :- don’t say it loudly dad I, your paths will burn completely in Jeously.

Pravathi:- hmm every grand child loves their grand parents like that only. Won’t you love your grandmother like that.

Ragini:- I never got her love dadi. In fact except mom, dad, bhai loves i never get anyone love.

Pravathi:- why beta don’t you have family.

Ragini:- my parents have some issues with their family they abounded them and it’s result that although having family we were staying like no one is their for us and far from all in London.

Pravathi:- do you missing your family members.

Ragini:- i never saw them to miss them dadi and by the way I think your son and daughter was around you only so you won’t miss any one right.
Saying this she looks at dadi teardy eyes and says..
What happen dadi why your eyes were teary are you missing anyone or did I said anything wrong in that case I am sorry dadi saying this she catches both her ears and says sorry with puppy eyes and blinks them twice.

Pravathi smiles and cares her forehead saying your every feature remembers me someone close to my heart.i feel like I won’t miss her any more.

Ragini:- who is that dadi as I knew your son and daughter was with you only naa.

Pravathi:- I had another daughter ragini and stops realizing and remembering harish words.

Ragini:- what happen dadi you were saying something na say it clearly.

Pravathi:- nothing beta I feel like tired I will take rest you too take rest.

Ragini nodes her head and leaves from their disappointed. While leaving she sees laksh watering plants she thinks something and moves close to him.

Ragini:- it’s time for my strike and steps on tube by hiding makes water stop.

Laksh looks at tube and then back but doesn’t find any fault he even checks water tap and finds water coming threw tap so he keeps tube again and sees its not coming… So he leans his face close to tube and sees if anything struck in it.
Seeing time ragini realizes her leg and water comes on his face making him complete wet and he Jenks back by sudden water flow on his face while ragini laughs loudly bring his attention on her he takes tube in his hand seeing him she immediately starts running and he chasing her with water tube and tries to wet her but it’s not happening as she runs faster and tube length completes and it comes in to his hand.

Seeing this she laughs more he fumes and says now you were gone..

Ragini :- achaa how I will be gone.

Like this saying he threw bucket full of water on her…

She Jerks back and cleans her face huffing.. And shouting what the hell wrong with you and how could you make me whole wet.

Laksh:- o hello its you who started and I finished

Ragini:- it’s different I made your face only wet but you made me a girl whole wet metal fellow.

Laksh goes towards her by saying how dare you to call me mental fell..

Before he could speaks he slips due to wet floor and falls on ragini who tried to save him both looses their balances and he falls on her with a thud causing her to shout ouch he my back you heavy dumble get up.

Laksh who was lost in her by seeing real beauty by very close to her making him realize what he missed to see in her from these days with out responding to her questions..

She pushes him aside by applying full force gets up and goes to room by cursing him.
Here laksh falls back and says wow yar she was indeed beautiful. How I missed it.
What are you thinking laksh if you miss also nothing will happen now..
Saying this he too gets up.

Ragini changes her clothes and thinks by rubbing her wet hair with towel and says just ignore everything ragini you came here to bring mom and them close to each other and to knew reason behind why they did not reply after receiving letters from us about our births and even at mom health too..

Her thoughts were disturbed by Pradee who is waving hands from down.

Ragini:- hi bhai.

Pradeep:- what are you always doing in room come out..

Ragini nodes her head and passes from harsh study room but stops and comes back sees him taking with a photo which was not visible to her and his words as glass door was their.. She leans close to listen in that process she makes a sound making harish alert he immediately hides photo turns and finds none. He comes out from room and searches here and their finds none.. So he goes inside.. Ragini who is hiding in next room breathes heavily and leaves from their..

After that.

Hi what are you thinking asked Pradeep by bringing ragini from her thoughts when she immersed in past what her dadaji was hiding.

Ragini nodes and says nothing just thinking about family and sees all were seeing her.

Dayal:- if you miss them then call to them beta even we will talk to them as they sended you here for saving my mom’s love.

Ragini:- actually uncle I might called them but time differences you see.. Now their will be mid night and I don’t want to disturb them as mom health might spoil if I wake up her now.

They nodes.. While ragini thinks Thank God I didn’t said anything related to mom health and I should find about what dadaji is hiding and mom wrote many letters and dad too said that he called many times and spoke to them but someone from family lists the call and cuts without answering I have to knew I am wasting my time now it’s time to move a my first step. She gets up and goes from their leaving everyone confused.

Pravathi :- may be she is missing her family but she was OK until morning all of sudden what happen.

Laksh:- from when she came she used to roam whole house like tsunami what might happen to her without speaking she stayed calm.

Arjun:- what are you thinking bhai.

Ragini goes to room and calls to her dad.
Ajay:- Haa baby what happen.

Ragini:- dad did u listened to that voice who used to cut the call without giving to anyone.

Ajay:- no baby I never listened I used to call every Tuesday but no one lifted calls. These days it’s saying my number is blocked and I tried to call from other phone but it saying I’d calls not allowed.. I think they are avoiding me in all ways.

Ragini:- mom when she used to write letter. She also stopped by the time I decided to come here right. Then ask her to write one letter to me dad.

Ajay:- why beta..

Ragini:- I will say do it dad but ask her to write dadaji name only Ok.

Ajay:- hmm.

Ragini cuts call and says whether I am thinking too much or did someone really their in this house who keeping mom away from all Uff God I am getting head ache saying this she sits on bed holding her head.

Excuse me..

Ragini looks up and finds Laksh..

He says dadi is calling you in her room no need to come fast but still come saying this he goes from there leaving confused ragini.. She nodes her head murmuring idiot.

She goes and finds all of them sitting around ragini and finds dadi doing arjun champi while she smilies seeing his smile..

Arjun gets up and goes while dadi signals her to sit…
Ragini:- dadi it’s OK I will do it my self..
Laksh:- Haa leave it she will do it.

All glares at Laksh while dadi makes her sit forcefully and starts doing her champi..

Dadi:- see your head is so heat are you tensed about something.

Ragini:- nothing dadi work tensions that’s it.

Arjun:- my dadi hands has magic are you enjoying it.

Ragini nodes her head.

Dadi:- like you enjoy my champi in same way she might feels magic from her own dadi hands right ragini.

Ragini:- I never seen anyone from neither sides of my family dadi Imy world is so small. Dad, mom, bhai my favorite all time patner and my job that’s it.

All looks on while dadaji stops and lines by hiding from window.

Dadi :- why like that beta.

Laksh:- what might be the reason dadi they settled in foreign might forgot all and they also forgot them that’s it.. These days people on foreign states are not valueing…

Ragini:- stop it. When you don’t knew anything don’t speak OK and mainly about my family. My dad and mom went to states when their whole family abounded them for that mistake which they not done. They named their friendly relationships as bad one to save each other reputation to prove my mom character my dad married her and taking care of her like his mom and loving her as wife and respecting as women I am proud to be born to them I can loose whole world for them if you again speak anything about them without knowing I will also forgot you as human being and will teach you how to respect other families saying this she goes from their but stops and saying atleast don’t speak about my mom as her health was not good. Try to respect her as human.

All looks at Laksh angrily while he bends down his head accepting his mistake here outside dadaji gets teardy eyes and goes towards ragini room and sees her crying he knocks on door.

She wipes her tears and welcomes him.

Dadaji:- don’t take his words to heart beta he is possessive about the people around him he loves them alot. It took for me to understand for loving their No need of rules but for realizing it I lost every precious things in my life. But leave that are you missing your parents.

Ragini:- when we are far away from loved ones then we will miss then na Mr. Harish Maheswari.

You can call me dadaji.

Arey no its OK.

But beta..

It’s OK Mr. Harish Maheswari…

He nodes and leaves from their…

While ragini closes her door and sits in balcony thinking. I had to knew who used to lift call and now who blocked calls from London and letters how can I knew about it. I have to go to telephone department.

Next day..

She opens door and sees Laksh standing in front of her he smiles very uncomfortably while ragini looks on and asks do u need anything. For which he nodes and says I need your forgiveness for what ever I said yesterday frankly speaking I don’t want to talk about your family but it’s just came out of

Jeously right that I am saying your dadi as dadi anf your thinking that I will take your place. Unbelievable do you really think in that way calling her dadi is just giving her respect as I can’t call her with her name and why I am saying u all these it’s just wasting time she about.

I am asking sorry right then why are you trying to show attitude.. Just forgive me that it. Mrs. Saxena

When you really feel sorry then say it OK don’t think you were showing mercy on me by asking sorry and by the way I have some work outside if you move I will be Thank full for you Mr. Maheswari..

Laksh moves and she goes out in cab..
While Laksh nodes his head towards group who was witness these all and hits their heads..

Scene shifts.

How can you say that you don’t knew who canceled it. You should have their details na.

Mam one thing we can say that it was canceled by request of that family member only because we got call from them and Yaa we have recording but it will take time for us to sort it out as matter is few years before and we can’t say that we will get that recording or not.

Plss sir it’s important for me.. She gets from their being upset and goes out..

She sits in garden and talks to her bhai saying that she was really feeling lonely bhai.. I don’t knew whether I can trace anything or not. Can I bring these people to mom or not someone is between us who doesn’t want to met them by us..

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