Raglak- Grow up my attitude kiddo (episode 15)

I came to my mom house and I can’t be regular. I mean although I started coming late now it will be more late bare me.

Laksh comes out from washroom and sees ragini standing with towel and smiling.. Seeing her cute smile he too smiles but ask why are standing here I think you already freshen up right.

Ragini:- Haa she makes him sit on bed and says. I want to dry your hair that’s why I was standing with towel..

She shows him towel and smiles..

While Laksh looks on and nodes his head.. She started rubbing his hair in excitement while Laksh lost in his thoughts..

Laksh:- seriously ragini you were the bestest happened in my life and the ways you choose to show care on us is really unique..

His thoughts were disturbed when he sees her waist and few drops falling on it from his hair. Without knowledge he started caring her waist and rubbing those water drops while she closes her eyes feeling his touch and his hot breath on her navel.

He look up by her tight hold on his hair and sees her blush face and closed eyes eyes he slowly moves and about to kiss her waist a knock. On door disturbs them..

Both comes in to senses she rushes from their into washroom and closes door she started blushing by remembering his touch..

Here Laksh wears his clothes opens door and sees utters.

Bhai where is babhi, I have doubt on selecting clothing.

She was in washroom utters you wait inside when she comes out talk saying this he goes and sits in hall with dayal.

After some time ragini was serving breakfast and Raglak were avoiding each other gaze but sees one after other..

Laksh waves his hand seeing ragini waving her hand to him when he about to sit in car…

Ragini lays on bed and thinks..

Is this way we feel when our loved ones touches us. Oh my God for a second I thought my heart will come out at any moment.. What will happen to me when to go to next level of our life. Is he also thinking like me..

In hospital..
Laksh nodes his head and says don’t remember her waist Laksh and what you did. What she might think about me. If uttara didn’t come I would have kissed her. I knew I am thinking to talk to her about next step but I too feel that she wants that only.
Uff relax Laksh… I will talk to her slowly..

Ragini stands in front of dadi who is plucking flowers.. She stares at her and says..

What you want ragini.. Say with out any dust Ok you were my special poti..

Ragini:- how to say to Laksh that I want special treatment from him and I am ready..

Dad I looks at her and says..

Just say to him what ever you were thinking or feeling and this matter is between you people no one should interfere.. Ok.

Ragini pouts and nodes her head.

At night.

Laksh was avoiding ragini while she looks at him.

Laksh:- ragini tomorrow we are going to my friend’s party and will you come with me.

Ragini:- what you want me to do. Shall I come or not and if I came, what you want me to wear.

Laksh:- I want you to come and what you want to wear show me I will select for you.

Ragini smiles and immediately hugs him making him loose balance both falls on bed.

He wraps his hands around her smiles and dozes into sleep by hugging each other..

Next day she got ready by blue mix pink saree.
She turns to Laksh who was standing back of her.

How I am looking.. He cups her face kiddes her forehead and says beautifull extremely beautifull.

Ragini:- you too.

Laksh:- what beautifull.

Ragini:- no.

Laksh:- handsome.

Ragini:- no.

Laksh:- then.

Ragini:- cute..

Laksh:- hi I am not cute.

Ragini:- for me you were cute..

Saying this she takes support of his shoulders and stands on her toes kisses his cheeks leaving him shocked..

They both goes to party…

All were meeting Laksh and ragini…

they both were talking a girl comes and hugs Laksh in front of ragini. While he gets shocked and sees angry ragini beside him he break hug and says.

Laksh:- hello miss. Sharma meet my wife ragini Laksh maheswari and ragini meet my Co doctor. Meena Sharma.

Sharma:- hi ragini so it’s you are that lucky girl whom Laksh married.

Ragini:- no we are lucky to get both..

Sharma :- hmm before marriage he used to escape from me when ever I ask him to dance. So I can take permission from you now right and he can’t say no also.

Ragini looks at Laksh while he pleads to her to say no.

Ragini:- but I can’t say yes to you because while taking vows in our marriage I said that I will only be his partner in all aspets in all ways see.
Sharma smiles and goes.

They both too dances.. Silently

Laksh:- why my talking queen is silent is she angry on me.

Ragini:- who is she and can’t you say no to her. What if I leave decision to you. Will u say yes.

Lakah:- she is good doctor ragini and my teacher daughter too. She used to like me in college days but I never saw her in that angel and she to respected my no answer.. That’s it now everything is friendly between us.

Ragini teardy eyes:- that means she loves you and your first love.

Lakah:- she loved me ragu and it’s not my first love its one sided that to from her side not from my side and why are you crying ragu, you knew a I love you.

Ragini:- but I don’t knew how much you love me..

Party gets over at that time.

Lets go to home Laksh plzz.

Laksh nodes his head in shock by listening to her answer..

But I don’t knew how much you love me

Precap:- consumation

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